How To Build A Marketplace Like Walmart

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 16, 2024

How To Build A Marketplace Like Walmart

Are you dreaming of building a marketplace like Walmart? Well, the gate to your success is now open. Hyperlocal Cloud helps you develop a cutting-edge Walmart clone app with all necessary features, UI/UX functionality, header/footer, etc. We have thoroughly researched the market and have bought you a complete guide to building such an eCommerce marketplace.

Along with the development process, we will also delve into a few money-making strategies and business advantages of creating a Walmart-like app. So, let’s get started exploring:

Secrets Behind The Success Of Walmart

Walmart has gained immense fame in the past few years. Here are some reason that makes it apart from other marketplaces:

  • They offer a one-stop shopping experience at affordable prices.
  • They provide customer-focused services.
  • Their success varies due to external factors, but Walmart's workforce is skilled enough to help it succeed.
  • The efficient supply chain is also a point that makes Walmart stand out from the competition.

Walmart Clone App Development: Complete Guide

Developing an app like Walmart demands proper planning and creating strategies to get an exact clone. Know more by reading below:

Market Analysis

Analyzing current market trends can help the business get on the right track. This includes reviewing Walmart’s market performance, identifying the top-selling products and categories, analyzing consumers' shopping habits, and identifying consumer trends.

Examine The Competitors

Along with knowing the market, analyzing the competitors is also essential. This helps strengthen your business pillar and makes it more robust to stand out. You can search and browse their applications, read customers' comments, learn pricing and business strategy, and more. Try to identify any occurring gap and make a strategy to fill it.

UI/UX Design

The first technical step is creating UI/UX for a Walmart clone. We research and embed eye-captive UI in our application, which helps increase user retention. This process also ensures the size of the application and the in-app screen pages. Walmart has a dynamic user interface, but enhancing and cloning the application with modern UI/UX can increase app usage.

Walmart Clone App Development

The development stage of the Walmart clone needs to be developed smartly, which requires immense knowledge of front-end and back-end technology. Developing a marketplace like Walmart requires accurate planning, an effective plan for programming the app screens, modern tech stacks, and more.

Hire app developers from Hyperlocal Cloud and build your application to be budget-friendly and rich with modern UI/UX, get desired features, and so forth.

Testing & Refinement

It is essential to test the application's functionality. This includes determining whether each segment of the app is running as planned. The QA and testing team's expertise is required here. They analyze the developed application and report any bugs that occur.

Globally Available

Finally, your Walmart-like app is ready to be deployed on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for worldwide access. The code is stored in the GitHub repository and directly pushed to the production server.

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Profits Of Walmart Clone App

A retail marketplace like Walmart is very profitable for businesses. Here are some benefits it offers:

Next-Level Experience

Walmart offers an easy and familiar shopping expe­rience. Our Walmart clone app allows you to have similar fe­atures like making grocery lists, filte­ring products, and reordering items. This app would simplify shopping for busy pe­ople.

More Sales And More­ Customers

You could sell your products through an app or connect with multi-vendors to list products. This would allow more pe­ople to buy from you and help reach custome­rs who can't visit the stores. More customers me­ans more sales.

Understand What Pe­ople Want

The application gathers information on consumer purchasing patterns, which can be used to personalize promotions, manage inventory more effectively, and offer desirable products.

Keep Customers Inte­rested

The app can se­nd notifications to customers. It can have a loyalty program. You can message­ customers through the app. This kee­ps customers engaged with your brand.

Salient Features To Include In A Marketplace Like Walmart

Top-tier features attract a vast user base. Here are some features to adhere to in the Walmart clone:

Quick Signup/Login

This feature helps users enter the application by incorporating their Gmail or other social media accounts instead of manually filling in details.

Advance Search

This feature allows users to search for their desired product by entering the right keyword. It shows the related products, including their availability status, price, supplier information, etc.

Live Chat Support

An integrated chatbot is embedded to help users resolve their basic queries. It also helps track orders, get payment status, and connect with an agent.

Integrated E-Wallet

An eWallet can help users plan their expenses. When spending directly from wallets, users are entitled to cashback and coupons.

Flexible Payment Options

It lets buyers pay using various payment options, such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Strip, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.

Split Orders

While placing multiple orders for multiple people, users can easily split orders to the recipient and contribute to paying the entire fee.


The reorder feature helps users repeat an order. It also facilitates a single-click order as all required details are already saved.


We integrate maps into our Walmart clone. This helps admins determine a parameter of their service range.

Schedule & Pickup

This feature allows users to schedule a pickup of their favorite product from a nearby store adn visit at theri suitable time to take the product.

Update Availability

Admins or vendors can toggle the availability of a product that gets updated in the application automatically.

Manage Products

Business owners can manage product categories and modify listings according to their needs.

Multi-Lingual Support

This translates the entire in-app script into the targeted language, making the Walmart clone app accessible in every region.

Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard can help business owners monitor their ongoing sales, view revenue, see reports, etc.

CMS Panel

A content management system is implanted to maintain in-app changes without any need for technical knowledge.


Buyers can quickly call or chat with the custom support team to get their queries resolved.

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Money Making Strategies With An App Like Walmart

With a Walmart clone, there are multiple ways to make money. Checkout the list below to know more:

Transaction Fee­s

You can collaborate with re­tailers and earn a commission for eve­ry purchase completed via your application. This type­ of model encourages promoting diffe­rent types of products.

In-App Advertising & Sponsorships

It helps ge­nerate reve­nue without intruding. You can incorporate targete­d ads or collaborate with complementary brands on sponsore­d content, which provides valuable offe­rs to users.

A Subscription Model

It is another option to make money, granting pre­mium members exclusive­ perks like early acce­ss to deals, expedite­d delivery choices, or bonus loyalty program points. This motivate­s users to commit and creates ste­ady income.

Value-Added Se­rvices

Value-added services like prioritized in-store­ pickups or curated shopping lists could have fee­s. Users who appreciate conve­nience and personalize­d shopping may find these worthwhile.

Bottom Line

A thriving marketplace­ similar to Walmart's is within reach! Make the use­r experience­ simple and easy. Have clever ways to e­arn money. Use data to guide de­cisions. This formula can lead to e-commerce­ success. Yet, it's essential to know your audience­ well. Stay alert to changing trends, too. Don't stop finding ne­w ideas, either. Take­ these lessons to he­art now. Turn your dream into a real business. Ge­t ready for your marketplace to bloom and grow with Hyperlocal Cloud.

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