How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Raffle Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 24, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Raffle Platform

Playing lotteries has always been a trend, whether offline or online. The conventional ways were quite daunting; people had to wait long to purchase tickets. Moreover, they had to wait longer for the announcement of the results. This stressful and time-wasting phase is successfully replaced with online applications/platforms.

Raffle involves buying tickets for playing lottery games. It also acts as a great fundraising platform to raise money. With digital adoption, the craze among people is amplified to the ultimate level, leading to enhanced popularity. Businesses across the globe want to invest in such platforms to drive massive growth.

If you are looking to build an online raffle platform but don't know about the cost details, then contact our team of experts and get an exact price quote.

The online raffle platform development cost ranges from $30k-$80k. The cost will tend to differ depending on the project specifics and customization. Hyperlocal Cloud is a on-demand app development company that has helped entrepreneurs develop smart platforms at affordable prices. Connect with our specialists and get an in-depth cost breakdown. Take a glimpse at some salient factors influencing the project-making cost.

Factors Affecting Online Raffle Platform Development Cost

The price of developing an online raffle platform is affected by the following variables:

  • Development process
  • Company’s size
  • Integrated features
  • Tech stacks
  • Project complexity

Let’s dive deep into the details;

Development Process

Developing an intuitive and performance-driven platform is a strenuous task. The right expertise and skilled developers result in the ideal platform development. Considerable time and effort go behind the whole software development process. Here, we have mentioned everything comprehensively:


Our consultants help businesses reach their desired goals by talking about pain points, giving strong analytical advice, and solving problems.

Research And Planning

Our qualified researchers are capable of identifying market trends, performing competitive analysis and creating a well-thought-out business plan.

Designing & Development

Our dedicated team of designers and developers has a knack for top programming languages and advanced frameworks that lead to superior and responsive platform development.

Quality Assurance

Our software testers perform phenomenal testing techniques to remove bugs and errors from the developed platforms.

Launch, Maintenance, And Marketing

We will help you launch the platform on the dedicated server and offer post-maintenance services in case of technical glitches. Even our marketing services are matchless where we promote your platform on various social media platforms.

Development ProcessCost Estimation
Research And Planning$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance$5000-$6500

Company’s Size

The cost of developing an online raffle platform is significantly influenced by the size of the company undertaking the project. This is because the number of employees impacts the overall project expenses. Companies with a larger workforce incur higher costs due to the need to pay more salaries.

Company’s SizeEmployeesDevelopment Cost
Startups20 to 50$8000-$10,000
Medium scale50-250$10000-$15000
Large scale>250>$ 25000

Integrated Features

The features integrated within the platform steadily influence the online raffle platform development cost. It is completely dependent upon the client as to which features they need to add.

Ticket Purchasing

Helps in the swift buying of tickets online through credit/debit cards. The tickets are sold/distributed and winners are notified automatically.

Marketing Tools

Our online raffle platform comprises top marketing tools that help creators promote their raffles on different social media platforms and fetch more followers/customers.

Intuitive Dashboard

With a user-friendly dashboard, the creators are able to see all details like time duration, available/sold-out ticket prices, and sales/revenue growth through graphical charts.

Community Management

Such attributes allow platform owners to deeply engage within their community, through comment sections, chat forums, etc.

Device Responsive Design

With the fabulous set of tools, the design of the devices becomes extremely responsive, compelling users to purchase tickets.

Push Notifications

Our online Raffle platform comes with a push notifications option telling participants of forthcoming raffle results and key updates.

Technological Stacks

Tech stacks are the main elements of any platform/app development. These comprise programming languages, APIs, databases, cloud, front-end/back-end tools, frameworks, etc. It instills responsiveness. It provides an engaging browsing experience to the user with the scope for scalability at cost-effective prices.

Take a look at the table below:

Tech-StacksCost Estimation
Programming Languages$7000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$8000- $15000
Operating system$10000-$14000
Cloud storage$12000-$15000


Our online raffle platform development cost is open to personalization. Tailoring the platform according to the client's requirements is an add-on job. In this case, the overall look and the features can be modified to some extent. The main reason behind customization is to elevate the customer experience and make the platform look visually appealing. So, this process is going to affect the cost. Here, we have enlisted a few of them:

  • Security
  • Geolocation Access
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Tickets & donations
  • Real-time analytics
  • Transaction Management
  • Card management

Level Of Complexity

There are categorically three types of platforms i.e. basic, medium, and advanced. Depending on the complexity, the time and effort put in by the designers based on which the cost depends.

Design TypePlatform Development Cost

White Label App Or App From Scratch

It’s quite obvious that more intricacies involved in the project result in greater development cost. Predominantly, there are two scenarios; one is to build the platform from scratch, which may encounter certain complications leading to huge costs. On the contrary, a white-label solution is ready to deploy and does not require any major changes, thereby saving time.

Advantages Of Developing An Online Raffle Platform

Community Building

This platform aids in maximum community building that empowers users' greater sense of loyalty.

Key Engagement Metrics

With the option of tracking the no. of sold tickets and how many are left is calculated. These help gain much deeper insights based on which strategies are built to gain maximum profit.

High Revenue

The top engagement level by the users adds up to boosted sales. There is a perfect chance of raising money from the tickets sold, resulting in higher ROI.


With the automated fundraising feature, a massive time is saved as the platform offers digital payment methods with online receipts.

‍Community Feedback

The online raffle platform opens a wide section of opportunities that serve as fantastic opportunities for gathering feedback from community members. It helps creators to measure the participant’s input for future releases.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Raffle Platform Development

Hyperlocal Cloud is a reliable firm serving businesses with their quality services and world-class expertise Here, we have mentioned some of the facts that make us the favorite choice of businesses universally:

Adept In Advanced Technologies

Our experts are well-versed in futuristic technologies that help build intuitive, innovative and user-friendly platforms.

24*7 Technical Assistance

Our customer support executives are available all the time and are ready to resolve project-related issues and complexities.

Agile Methodologies

We follow a robust management approach where the project is divided into different phases to achieve better results while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Prices

We develop the platforms at affordable prices without hampering the quality of the project at any level.

Top Security Measures

We adopt advanced security protocols and measures to safeguard client’s information and confidential data.

Tech -Expertise

Our specialists have expertise in the latest languages like React, Flutter, NodeJS, Python, Java, etc.

So, Why hold back? Contact our business analysts and get a precise online raffle platform development cost.

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