How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App like Turo?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 23, 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App like Turo?

The car rental business has created a buzz due to its popularity and lucrative profitability. Looking at the current scenario, several entrepreneurs want to invest in this commercially viable industry and be part of this successful business. Apps like Turo provide drivers, passengers, and platform owners amazing features.

If you are planning to develop one but are confused about the overall project development cost, then you are in the right place. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the cost; for more meaningful insights, book a consultation with our experts and discuss your project.

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How Does the Turo Clone App Work?

A Turo clone app essentially operates on a P2P car-sharing model that connects car owners with passengers looking for rented vehicles. It starts with the successful user profile creation by all parties, including drivers & passengers. It requires valid photographs, descriptions, and other details that intensify trust and transparency.

Following this, the car owners list their vehicles on the app with details like model, availability, prices, etc. Renters can look at the specifications and choose the vehicle for the reservation. After that, the app securely handles the payment process and seamlessly coordinates pick-up and drop-off locations.

Our Turo clone app facilitates a smooth car-sharing experience, providing a convenient and flexible alternative to conventional car rental services.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Turo?

The Turo clone app development cost ranges between $20K - $80K. This is an estimated figure, and there are a lot of factors that play a pivotal role. Here, we have mentioned some of them;
  • Integrated features
  • Complexity involved in the project
  • Geolocation of the developers
  • Tech-stacks
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development Time 
  • UI/UX design

Let’s begin!

Factors Affecting Turo Clone App Development Cost

Development Process

One of the significant steps that contributes majorly to the budget is the development process comprising various stages. Every phase requires definite manpower, depending upon which the cost will depend.


Our consultants help businesses reach their goals by analyzing problems and offering strong analytical advice to solve them.

Research And Planning

Our team of researchers has the potential to identify market trends, perform deep analysis, and frame a mind-blowing business plan.

Designing & Development

Our skilled designers and developers are well-versed in advanced programming languages and frameworks which is responsible for a highly scalable and robust app.

Software Testing

Our software testers perform the latest testing techniques to remove irregularities from the developed apps.

Launch, Maintenance, And Marketing

We will help you launch the app on the dedicated server and even offer maintenance services. With our exceptional marketing services, our marketers will promote your application on different social media platforms.

Development Process
Cost Estimation
Planning And Research$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance

Company’s Size

While framing the budget, the size of the company also matters. The more the no. of employees, the more money needs to be paid off.

Company’s SizeNo. of employees
Development Cost
StartupsUp to 50$8000-$10,000
Medium scale50-250$10000-$15000
Large scale>250

Integrated Features

An app like Turo is embedded with mesmerizing features, which are also one solid reason to influence the cost. If the client needs some additional features, then the cost will vary accordingly.

Extensive Vehicle Selection

It helps users to browse through a wide fleet of vehicles, from simple to luxurious cars facilitating passengers with a perfect ride for every occasion.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive UI/UX design makes navigation a breeze and makes the whole process seamless for owners and renters.

Secure Transactions

Our app is built with robust payment gateways that guarantee a safe and secure financial exchange between all parties involved.

Insurance Coverage

The Turo clone app prioritizes passenger safety through comprehensive insurance coverage, giving assurance throughout the journey.

Real-Time Communication

With the built messaging system, the coordination among the drivers, admin, and passengers remains impeccable.

Flexible Booking Options

The Turo clone provides flexible booking options suiting the user’s schedule and budget for any time duration whether for a few hours or an entire week.

Transparent Ratings And Reviews

Help make informed decisions by reviewing all reviews and ratings, promoting transparency and trustworthiness.

Interactive Dashboard

With this feature, the app owner can review the reports and analytics to assess their sales and customer engagement levels.

Technological Stacks

Tech stacks form the fundamentals of Turo clone app development. They include front-end/back-end tools, databases, programming languages, APIs, cloud, frameworks, etc. These are responsible for amplifying performance, responsiveness, and interactive browsing experience at affordable prices.

Take a glance at the table below:

Tech-StacksCost Estimation
Programming Languages$7000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$8000- $15000
Operating system$10000-$14000
Cloud storage$12000-$15000

Complexity Level

With three different categories of apps, such as basic, medium, and advanced, the app development cost depends. Based on the complexity, the time and effort put in by the team directly affects the budget.

Design Type
Development Cost

Advantages Of Developing An App Like Turo

Revenue Generation

Turo clone app connects car owners with renters, and helps earn revenue via transaction fees, subscription models, or commission structures.

Cost-Efficient Scalability

With the significant user base growth, the fleet of available vehicles can be easily expanded without any physical infrastructure.

Diversification Of Services

Provides an extensive range of vehicles to cater to various customer needs and preferences. It encompasses budget-friendly vehicles to high-end luxury cars, appealing to a much broader audience.

Collaboration Opportunities

By collaborating with travel agencies, local businesses, and hotels, optimize the overall customer experience and entice more users towards the app.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Offers a user-friendly experience to build trust and loyalty among users (both car owners and renters). Satisfied users are more likely to enjoy using the app for future rental needs.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilizing the data gathered through the app helps gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and market trends. It helps make data-driven decisions, optimize the services, and stay ahead of the competition.

Brand Recognition

The Turo clone app can help create a strong brand presence, attracting more users and building credibility in the market.

Why Choose Hyperlocal As Your Ideal App Development Partner?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-notch company serving businesses with its quality services and world-class expertise. Here, we have mentioned some of the facts that make us the favorite choice of businesses universally;

Adept In Advanced Technologies

Our experts are well-versed in futuristic technologies that help build intuitive, innovative, and customer-friendly platforms.

24*7 Technical Assistance

Our tech support executives are available all the time and are ready to solve project-related issues and complexities.

Agile Methodologies

We follow a solid management approach in which the project is segregated into different phases to achieve better results while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Prices

We develop the platforms at affordable prices without hampering the quality of the project at any level.

Top Security Measures

We adopt advanced security protocols and measures to safeguard client’s information and confidential data.

Tech -Expertise

Our specialists have expertise in the latest languages like React, Flutter, NodeJS, Python, Java, etc. and have experience working with cutting-edge technologies.

So, hurry up and contact our business analysts and get a precise development cost for an app like Turo.

FAQs Related To Turo Clone App

How Does The Turo Clone App Ensure The Safety And Security Of The Vehicle During The Rental Period?

Our app ensures safety by implementing an insurance coverage plan for all rentals. It also allows transparent communication between owners and renters, maintaining a smooth and secure experience.

What Types Of Vehicles Are Available On The Turo Clone App?

There is a diverse range of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury sedans and SUVs, that cater to users’ preferences and needs.

How Are Rental Prices Determined On The Turo Clone App?

Rental prices are set by individual car owners based on several factors, like the vehicle's model number, year, and other features. The app includes dynamic pricing models with adjusted rates as per demand and availability.

How Does The Turo Clone App Handle Cancellations And Refunds?

The app has a cancellation policy under which users can cancel reservations and move further with the refund process.

Which Features Are Included In Our Turo Clone App?

Trip cancellation status, GPS integration, admin dashboard, and payment management are some of the important features.

How Much Time Does It Take To Develop An App Like Turo?

It takes about 2-5 weeks to develop the app, depending upon the project requirements.

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