How To Start An Online Pizza Delivery Business

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 29, 2024

How To Start An Online Pizza Delivery Business

Pizza was invented in Italy but is now popular globally. Whether it is about partying or celebrating a special occasion, the presence of pizza is common. That creates a lucrative business idea for those looking to start a pizza delivery business.

According to a survey by The Food Institute, about 98% of Americans love to eat pizza. This gives enthusiastic entrepreneurs a big reason to dip their hand into this profitable business. Starting a pizza delivery business can be a daunting task, but with the help of this guide, you can achieve your business goals.

In this blog, we have researched and mentioned some important and easy steps to start a pizza delivery business. Stick till the end because you are about to gain helpful knowledge to help you get started.

How To Start A Pizza Delivery Business?

The pizza delivery startup process requires deep marketing research. Let’s know the in-depth initiation process:

Market Research & Analysis

The first step is to conduct proper market research before starting this business. It includes a few important factors like verifying demands, strategy development, checking marketing needs, choosing a location, etc. Analyzing marketing research and trends will give you a glance of the pizza delivery business workflow and scope.

Competitor Analysis

This stage includes identifying competitors, evaluating their services, and analyzing their business and money-making model. Businesses can also identify their online platform and customers' insights. It can help identify any marketing gaps and create a business strategy to tackle them.

Choose Business Model

In order to start a pizza delivery business, it is important to know some active business models. Checkout the list below:

Full-Service Delivery

A full-service delivery mode allows businesses to establish a pizza store where they hire chefs to bake various pizzas. In this model, the pizza store receives orders from customers on an online pizza delivery platform and delivers them to the customer.

Pizza Truck

This model requires a vehicle to sell pizza. Businesses can target locations like colleges, malls, districts, towns, etc., and visit there in a timely manner. Creating bulk pizza requires less investment but more time, making it the best option to start a pizza delivery business.

On Demand Pizza Shop

It is one of the best-trending models nowadays that helps reach wide customers, increase revenue, create & apply business strategy, and many more. With this approach, businesses can reach their success goals.

Develop A Business Plan

Now that you have selected your business model, it's time to choose a business plan. It consists of types of pizzas & menus, pricing, offers, balance sheet, competition, capital equipment, etc. You should also decide your budget and funding and consider delivery logistics. A strong business plan is recommended to beat the competition and deliver the best pizza.

Take Legal Clearances

Here is the brief list of requirements:-

  • A general business license from the federal governor agencies.
  • An EIN from (Employer Identifier Number) from (IRS)Internal Revenue Services.
  • A delivery permit for delivering pizza from the US Department of Transportation.
  • Food establishment permit from city or country health department.
  • A food handler license for employees who are involved in food preparation and safety.

Build An Online Presence

After gathering crucial data, you can think of developing an online platform to start an online pizza delivery business. In this process, you can choose the color, brand name, logo, and platform (website, mobile app, or web app). Research the best visual design, implement UI/UX, and plan animations for different phases.


Whether it is a website or an application, the testing phase ensures that each & every corner of the platform is running smoothly. It also ensures features, UI/UX, categories, pixel qualities, security, and many more. A high-end QA and testing team is assigned to complete the job.


The deployment stage proceeded after clearance from the QA and testing team. In the case of a pizza delivery business website, businesses need to purchase a domain to complete hosting & deployment. If you are planning for a pizza delivery business app, it must also be deployed on global platforms like Google Play Store & Apple Store.

Marketing & Promotion

The deployment is not just the end; businesses have to think about a sharp promotional strategy to boost the reach of the platform. They should start by creating social media accounts. This platform will be used to publish timely updates, new offerings, new pizzas on the menu, and much more. You can use hashtags to reach your target audience while making a post.

Timely Maintenance

Timely maintenance for your pizza delivery platform is required to retain customers. Businesses can update any feature, add new pages and categories, and identify and reward loyal customers to incentivize users to continue using the platform.

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Advantages of Starting A Pizza Delivery Business

Planning to start a pizza delivery business is not just about opening a food store; it comes with various benefits for businesses they can claim. Let’s know more about them:

Huge Customer Base

Starting a pizza delivery business can attract many customers who love to enjoy their food at home or work. It helps them to save time and have pizza without leaving their home. Thus, it retains the maximum number of users in the business.

Low Startup Costs

Starting such a business requires minimum startup costs. A budget-friendly pizza delivery application can engage many users, which can help businesses climb the steps of success.

High Profit

Due to the increased demand for pizzas, starting a pizza delivery business can be highly profitable. By applying the right monetization strategies, businesses can ensure ROI.

No-limit Business

By offering continental, special, and different varieties of pizzas, businesses can increase their user base without any limitations. It can help increase the business reach beyond the boundary.


Timely updates, loyalty programs, add-ons, new features, etc., can increase sustainability in the pizza delivery business. Also, businesses can thrive against their customers by reducing their carbon footprint.

Must-Have Features In A Pizza Delivery Platform

The pizza delivery business app must be equipped with top-tier features to provide ease and support to customers, business owners, and delivery personnel. Check them below:

Easy Signup/Login

Business owners, customers, and delivery personnel can easily log in and sign up for the platform. Delivery personnel have to register their vehicle type and registration number.

Multiple Payment Gateways

It enables customers to pay the bill in different payment modes like credit/debit card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, cash on delivery, and more.

Easy Ordering

Users can order pizza in a few clicks without any hustle. A pizza delivery business platform must be accessible to any type of user, which increases the adaptability of the website/app.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking or an in-build map lets users track the delivery personnel status live on the map. It helps show some vital information like ETA, personnel name, vehicle number, etc.

Push Notification

A pizza delivery business platform provides users with real-time updates on their orders, such as time left for preparation, delivery time, payment status, and more.

Order Scheduling

With this feature, users can schedule the pizza delivery time subject to their availability. It asks users to fill in the time and date to receive their favorite pizza.

Pick-Up Against Delivery

Customers who prefer takeaway pizza can now schedule their pickup time with the help of this feature.

Customer Support

In case of any trouble, users can connect with customer support executives via call and message. They can also communicate with delivery personnel to get the best assistance.

Pizza Categorization

This feature lets the admin categorize the catalog of pizzas based on their taste, size, continental, etc.

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How To Make Money From A Pizza Delivery Platform?

There are several ways to make money from a pizza delivery business:

Commission on Sales

The most common revenue stream for pizza delivery platforms is charging a commission on each order placed through their platform. This commission is usually a percentage of the order value and is paid by the pizza providers (restaurants or chains).

Delivery Fees

Some pizza delivery platforms charge a delivery fee to customers. This fee can either be a flat rate or vary based on factors like distance, order size, or delivery time. The delivery fee may be shared between the platform and the delivery personnel.

Subscription Fees

Platforms might offer a subscription model where customers pay a regular fee (monthly or yearly) for benefits like free or discounted deliveries, special offers, or priority service.

Advertising and Promotional Fees

Pizza delivery platforms may generate revenue by charging for advertising space on their website or app. This can include banner ads, sponsored listings, or promotional deals for certain restaurants.

Data Monetization

Platforms can potentially monetize the data they collect about customer preferences, ordering habits, and trends. This data can be valuable for market research or targeted advertising.

Franchise Fees

In some cases, a pizza delivery platform might operate on a franchise model, where they charge franchise fees to the pizza providers for using their brand and system.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Platforms can increase revenue by offering additional products or services, such as beverages, desserts, or combo deals, alongside pizza orders.

Service Charges

Additional service charges might be added to orders for providing the convenience of online ordering and home delivery.

Bottom Line

So, as you’ve gone through the proper plan of starting a pizza delivery business, all you require is now to take the first step. So what is the first step?

Start by taking consultation from Hyperlocal Cloud. A cutting-edge on demand app development company that specializes in creating modern app and website solutions for different styles of businesses. We have a 150+ professional team of developers who can help you succeed in starting a pizza delivery business.

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