How Much Does It Cost To Create A Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 11, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart?

Are you tired of buying groceries while leaving the comfort of your home? Performing this operation every day is a boring task. Also, people nowadays are busy with work and hardly get time to purchase groceries. The grocery delivery app has acted as a boon for people like these. One can order groceries anytime at their convenience and also check the prices online. It's a great way for users to order the items in just a few clicks and receive them in a few hours. Many grocery apps are available such as FreshDirect, GoPuff, Shipt Shopper, etc. Out of all, Instacart is the one that enjoys the maximum popularity.

Before going into the details of the cost estimation of a grocery delivery app like instacart, first have a brief knowledge about what exactly Instacart is, why it's popular, and what features it possesses.

What Is Instacart?

Instacart is an on-demand delivery app founded by Apoorva Mehta, Brandon Leonardo, and Max Mullen. This application has different categories: food, pantry, seafood, dairy, baked goods, frozen food, alcohol, meat, liquor, etc. Simply talking, it is a grocery delivery service that allows shoppers to purchase for the customers and then deliver it to their homes. Its popularity has made it one of the USA's widely known grocery delivery apps.

Why Are On-Demand Grocery Applications Enjoying Popularity?

On-demand grocery apps had come to the rescue of people when people were battling the deadly Covid-19 virus. In that scenario, on-demand applications have eased our lives. Convenience and accessibility to services are the major factors that uplift the demand for such applications. The key players in the market are Instacart, Doordash, Postmates, and so on. This is one of the first-class industries in the current scenario, and in the forthcoming times, it is soon going to rule the online market.

  • Here are a few pointers that make them the hot favorites of customers;
  • Enables quick and lucid communication between customers and businesses
  • Low operational costs and timely delivery services
  • More effective and streamlined customer services
  • Accessibility to a diverse range of services
  • Personalized service for present-day consumers.

Now, it's clear these applications are in great demand and have completely replaced the traditional methods. From a business point of view, it is also considered a profitable business that generates revenue and creates opportunities at a large scale. Based on several applications, the features are different, and the use of technologies varies, due to which the business model is also distinct.

If you are a fan of Instacart and want to develop a platform like this but with slightly modified features, then you have arrived at the right place.

We, as a grocery delivery app development company, will let you know about the pricing details based on the business models. In case of queries, don't forget to contact our talented team.

At HyperLocal, we have a committed team of analysts that will guide you in the right way and clear your doubts in a precise manner.

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On-Demand Grocery Delivery App- Business Model

A business model is basically a plan that every firm creates to generate money. Such a business model has a definite set of strategies that are beneficial from the business perspective. It helps them in framing policies that are helpful in generating revenue combined with product promotion and generating sales.

From the on-demand perspective, there are three business model categories.Let's discuss them briefly here;

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model

The online grocery marketplace has become a massive success, and it is only due to the multi-vendor marketplace. There are several platforms that don't keep their own stocks but place them on the multi-vendor marketplace. These act as the bridge between the store owners and the customers. It is a perfect place for purchasing groceries straightway from the stores. So, no difficulty is faced as per shipping is concerned. This is because this shipping department is directly managed by internal logistics.

Shopping Model

Another prominent business model is the shopping model. Here, the user does not have the power to pick the grocery shops of their choice. Whenever the customers place an order, the platform automatically sends the request to the vendors that supply those items and eventually sends them to their respective destinations.

Hyper Local Marketplace Model

Such a business model helps in fulfilling the customer's demand quickly. The delivery takes place from nearby stores through an online platform. Here, the delivery of the food items includes groceries, alcohol, beverages, food, etc. This includes the market, which has reduced items, is practically self-sufficient, and caters to the needs of the locals. It is based upon the strategy of supplying the end product to the users in a short span of time.

Ecommerce Business Model

This ecommerce model is the best way of generating revenue via multiple channels. The subscriptions, service charges, merchandising, promotions, and so on helps in making more sales. The on-demand grocery apps utilize the network of personal shops to pick up and deliver the items to the customers. They can simply place an order for their favorite items through the dedicated app and then perform shopping. The products are delivered on the same day and within the scheduled time.

Revenue Models

Commission Model

Several commission charges are levied on various goods. These charges depend upon the products in trend, basically in demand.

Subscription Model

This revenue model is implemented when other facilities are offered as per the subscription plan.

Service Charges

Profits are earned through online stores whenever a transaction takes place.

Features Included In The Grocery Delivery App

The features to be added to the grocery delivery app vary as per the customer, delivery boy, and vendor. This is because the role of all these is distinct. If you want to be at the top of this niche, you must add functionalities that are much better than instacart. Also, they must work at a top-notch level.

Customer App

The customer app will include all the features that make it look exquisite. More emphasis is made on the user interface and the experience. No compromise is made on that. Some of the features are stated as under;

Sign -Up

The basic feature is to make a person use the app, so the sign-up characteristic is extremely important. For that, the customer needs to fill up the details like email and phone number. Now, there is another option where social media integration helps in the smooth login of the application.

Search And Filter

There is a search bar that helps the customers in searching for particular items. The filter options remove the unnecessary things that the user doesn't want. The combo of these features is the best thing ever.

Tracking Orders

The constant updation of the items is the requirement of the customer. They want to know where their orders have reached. For that, the customer is updated about their order status in real-time.

Vendor Panel

The vendor needs to have proper handling of the items, orders, and discounts that are applicable to the products.

Order Notifications And Management

The vendors get to know about the latest orders in real time. The facility is also offered to the vendors to add orders, make a proper listing, check the status, and monitor everything regarding the amount.

Tracking Payments

The vendors can add their account information and view any pending payments.

Rejecting Orders

This feature is handy if the item is unavailable or out of stock. So, if the order comes, this attribute clearly rejects the order.

Delivery Boy App

Order Request

It facilitates the delivery boy to decide on accepting or rejecting the request, depending upon the availability/non-availability of the item.

Route Optimization

This feature shows the best route, i.e., quick and shortest at the same time to reach the destination.

Chat feature

In case of any issue the customer faces, this feature allows smooth communication between the driver and the customers.

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Cost To Create A Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart

The cost of a grocery delivery app like instacart depends upon numerous factors. some of them are illustrated as under;

Depending On The Location

Location plays a key role in deciding the budget of the grocery delivery application. So, while starting the development process, the location of the developers is kept in mind.

LocationDevelopment Cost
Europe$50 per hour -$120 per hour
US$60 per hour- $150 per hour
India$10 per hour - $80 per hour.

Development Process And Complexity

The grocery delivery app development process is a sequential way of performing development activities. It includes everything from project ideation, research, planning, development, designing, quality assurance, launch, post-maintenance, etc.

Development ProcessBasic AppMedium AppAdvanced App
Research & Planning$1000-3,000$3000-$5000$5000+
Designing & Development$2000-40,000$45000-60,000$80,000+
Launch & Maintenance$2000-5,000$5000-10,000$10,000+
Business Analysts$2-4,000$4-8,000$8000+
Project Manager$4-6,000$8000-10,000$10,000+

The important thing is that this is just an estimated price. Depending on your requirement, the budget will be fixed.

Also, it is to note that complexity also plays a pivotal role in deciding the application prices. If the app design is simple, the complications will be lesser; similarly, if the design is advanced, the rate will fluctuate accordingly.

Another thing is that the integrated features also decide the development cost. If the client wants the basic features, the time invested will be less, hence low charges. On the contrary, if customization in the features is needed, then the extra charges need to be paid.

Now, the whole development operations and the stages included have distinct prices. There is also the inclusion of the people involved in the whole project, such as business analysts, consultants, project managers, sales, marketers, and more. They all own a sufficient amount from the entire development process. Everything is considered while brainstorming on a budget for the grocery delivery app.

The important thing to note down here is that this is just an estimated price. Depending on your requirement, the budget will be fixed.

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