How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pickup And Delivery App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 30, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pickup And Delivery App?

Today in this fast-paced world, people enjoy getting everything at their doorstep, whether it is ordering food, booking a cab, ordering medicines, flowers, or anything. People nowadays don't want to leave the comfort of their homes and perform their daily operations from their respective places. One such thing that has played into it is the pickup and delivery app. In the worst situations, for instance, Covid, they have eased the lives of human beings.
There is much hype around the pickup and delivery apps. These applications are in great demand right now. That's why businesses want to invest in this opportunity and generate profit from it. If you are a novice in this field and want to build a pick and delivery app but are confused about how much it will cost? Don't worry; this article will provide a detailed cost estimation.

Stats For On Demand Pickup And Delivery

  • As per, 50% of the businesses are falling short on same-day delivery shipping because of the inefficiency of delivery processes.
  • The market size for on-demand delivery services is massive. By the end of 2027, this market is estimated to reach a gigantic sum of $20.27B with a promising CAGR of 10.8%. Fetchr alone 2020 made 15.5B deliveries.

What Is A Pickup And Delivery App?

A pickup and delivery app allows users to initiate a request for the pickup and delivery of items from one place to another. The ultimate objective of such apps is to build a connection among persons that can be individuals or businesses to deliver goods within a fixed network.

Fundamentally speaking, in this pickup and delivery app, the users are enabled to input pickup and delivery information. The other details include the locations, delivery time, particulars of the item, and so on. On seeing such specifications, the app automatically connects the user with the delivery provider that fulfills the requirements; after that, the request proceeds further.

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How Does An On-Demand Pickup And Delivery App Work?

The pickup and delivery app is a simple-to-use application that involves basic steps. Those are illustrated below:

Application Download

First and foremost, your user needs to download the app from the play store for the desired platform, like Android/iOS.

Profile Creation

Once downloaded, the user must sign in to the app by filling in details like email address and contact number for authentication purposes.

Make A Booking

The user will book/schedule a pickup and choose the form of shipment with the delivery address and then select the pickup date and time.

Pick The Delivery Method

The user selects the type of delivery method at their own convenience. The category of the delivery medium will decide the charges.


This will help the user get the complete details of the shipment, which will be monitored in real-time. It shows the shipment status, where it has reached(in transit), and delivery.

Receive Delivery Confirmation

On the delivery of the shipment, the confirmation is sent to the user, followed by giving feedback corresponding to its performance. The delivery man will collect an e-signature from the customer and also upload a picture of the delivered document.

Businesses That Can Invest In A Pickup And Delivery App

The new age digital world has been a reformative way of conducting business online. With the advent of the pandemic era, many physical businesses were shut down and have been like that ever since. The digitalization of businesses will make them run into calamities like these.

Now let us have a look at what businesses can invest in pickup and delivery services:

Restaurants And Food Outlet Owner

The food outlet owners can utilize a pickup and delivery app development to deliver fresh food to their customers.

Flower Business Owner

The flower business owner can utilize the trendy app designs we make to lure the customers into downloading the app and ordering from it.

Grocery Store Owner

The grocery store owner can allow their customers to get a reliable and robust app that will ensure rapid grocery delivery services.

Medicine Business Owner

Pharmacy owners can also use the pickup and delivery app development solutions to deliver medicines at any time of the day and night.

Alcohol Store Owner

Deliver liquor to your customers through a pickup and delivery app development service in your neighboring areas.

Gas And Fuel Station Owner

The gas station owner can also leverage high revenues through a pickup and delivery app and deliver fuel to needy customers.

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Advantages Of The Pickup And Delivery App

The ongoing popularity of the pickup and delivery app is not hidden from anyone. The attention that it enjoys is due to the advantages that it offers to the users. These users are the general customers and the business owners. Some advantages are raised under;


The regular form of delivery options is daunting, and on top of that, it's expensive. In response to that, these advanced apps are affordable and perform ten times better than the older methods. The cost-effectiveness of the delivery apps depends upon the cut-throat pricing and enhanced delivery routes. Therefore, businesses and customers find it a convenient and inexpensive way of delivering commodities over long and short distances.


These apps are supremely efficient and exhibit phenomenal features. The characteristic that separates it from the rest of the apps is the time tracking facility and the updates that are more frequently sent to the user. The users have full information about the products and are given the option of monitoring every detail. So, these constant updations regularly allow the swift transportation of goods and services as the customer is keeping a tab on the item. So, in comparison to the conventional methods, these apps are top-notch.


The topmost advantage of the pickup and delivery app is the ease with which it operates. The user gets all the information related to delivery in real-time from any part of the world. Gone are the days when traditional businesses were in existence, and there was no update regarding where the goods had reached. But with digitization, the individuals know where the package has reached. The usability of such apps is amazing, as one does not need to be a tech pro.

Improved Sales

The biggest reason for the businesses to develop an app is to basically enhance productivity. This criterion is very well maintained by these ultra-modern apps. Sales are tremendously increased in lesser time, and the resources are also less. This is when the companies outsource the application and focus more on the other areas of development.

Superior Customer Service

The customer service provided by the pickup and delivery apps is world-class. Time monitoring, in-built integrations, brilliant features, fast delivery service, user support status updating, quick loading time, and data privacy all play a key role in developing customer engagement, brand authority, trust among the customers, and distinguishing themselves from their peers by providing optimized services.

Must-Have Features Of Pickup And Delivery App

The pickup and delivery app we develop will have all the necessary features to ensure a seamless delivery experience for the customers. Let us have a look at some of them:

Flexible Customer Pricing

Let your users leverage a flexible pricing system so that they get the best customer experience.

Alerts & Updates

Get real-time alerts on the pick up and deliveries and keep your customers updated with them regularly.

Proof Of Delivery

Admin can get proof of deliveries on all orders through mandatory upload of customer e-signature, delivery photos, and notes.

Delivery Zones

The pricing will be set as per the delivery zones and as per the business requirements. The pricing will also be affected during rush hours.

Optimized Operations

The operations will be optimized as per the business requirements for outstanding business performance.

In-App Communication

The pickup and delivery app will have the option for an in-app chat as well as audio instructions from the customer to the delivery executive.

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Parameters Affecting The Cost Of Pickup And Delivery Apps

The cost estimation of the pickup and delivery app depends upon several parameters. Some of them are mentioned below;

Complexity Involved In The App

Most of the time, while developing an app, various complexities come into the path of the development process. Sometimes there is a concern about security, data management, performance, functionalities, etc. The issues are endless. There are also cases after launching the app some technical glitches take place. So, to solve such issues, a drastic impact on the budget takes place.

Complications In The App

Cost Estimation







Technological Stacks

App building is not a piece of cake. The tech stacks are the foundation of developing an app. The front and back-end tools, programming languages, frameworks, operating system, web server, user interface, runtime environment, and more. The cost involved in accumulating these solutions stacks for the seamless functioning of the app differs based on the necessity.


Development Cost

User Interface


Operating System




Programming Languages


Feature Addition

A pickup and delivery app is accustomed to several features. Sometimes, the attributes are basic, medium, or complex. These include, for example, a perfect intuitive interface, navigation tools, push notifications, offers, discounts, security, flexibility, scalability, etc. The clients often want specific characteristics for their applications, so it requires effort, due to which the cost is on the higher side.



Cost Development


UI/UX Design, Standard MVP



Customized UI/UX, High-Speed Screen, Push Notifications



2-Factor authentication, Real-Time Tech Support


Location Of The Developer

This is also a key factor that sways the whole development cost of the pickup and delivery app. The place of the developer is crucial, as in which region they reside. Every country has set its own labor charges, so they are paid according to that. This is the rule, and it works like that. Mostly, the IT experts are picked from the major countries like USA, India, UK, European countries, Australia, and more.

Developer location

Development charges


$100 per hour


$35 per hour


$90 per hour


$80 per hour

Eastern Europe

$60 per hour

Western Europe

$50 per hour

Development Process

The development process includes various stages right from conceptualization of the idea to the launch of the pickup and delivery app. The steps are illustrated as under:

Development Phases

Cost in "%"


10-15% (depending upon the company)

Research And Development

15-20% (performed by researchers and analysts)


16-30% (on the basis of the project)

Quality Assurance

20-25% (for removing bugs and errors)

Launch And Maintenance

18-22% (for the public usage)

Type Of The Pickup And Delivery App

There are numerous categories of the pickup and delivery app. For example, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Flower Delivery, Courier Apps, and On-Demand Delivery Apps like Pizza Delivery, Liquor, Meat, fuel, medicine, etc. Now, all these applications are different from each other and have different audiences. It depends on how much an app is demanding at that particular time and which app you want to build.

App Category

Cost Estimation

Food Delivery


Grocery Delivery


Pizza Delivery


Liquor Delivery


Size Of The App Development Firm

The cost development of the pickup and delivery is highly dependent upon the size of the development company. There are firms that have just started their business, named startups; on the contrary, there are enterprises that have more than a decade of experience, and they are known as mid-scale companies. And in the end, there are organizations that have existed for like 30+ years; those are called the large-scale IT firms.

As the name suggests, they have different manpower, lesser manpower, lesser charges, and more manpower, more charges. This is a fundamental thing that is quite simple to understand. Let's understand this below;

Size Of The Development Firm

Cost Development





Large -Scale


The pivotal thing is that the pickup and delivery app delivery cost estimation mentioned above is all subjected to change. These are not fixed prices; that's why the range is revealed. Also, in case of any cost-related doubts, the business analysts and the developers will be the best people to talk to.

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Why Hire Us For Your Pickup And Delivery App Development?

On-demand apps are creating a great buzz in the market. Almost every development firm offers such services. But there is something unique and incredible in our app development process. To find out the reason, take a look underneath;

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Proficient Engineers

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Leading-Edge Technologies

The apps are developed by utilizing modern technologies with high-grade technological stacks.

Final Words

To conclude, a pickup and delivery app will help your users get their required package delivered to them from one place to the other as per their demands. Along with that, the admin will ensure the delivery details with real-time updates and notifications. Thus, it is quite obvious that the new tech world is full of hopes for small business owners to rise to fame with the power of digitalization. With pickup and drop services, users will avoid the hassle of traveling and can schedule their pickup or delivery.


Are there any person-to-person delivery services or apps?

Yes, there are multiple person-to-person delivery services as they are a great revenue generation source. If you are an entrepreneur or a startup, you should digitalize your business through a top-notch pickup and delivery app development solution by Hyperlocal Cloud.

How do I make an app for food delivery?

The best answer to this question is to hire an on-demand app development like Hyperlocal Cloud. We will ensure that the app is user-friendly and built with a top-tier UI/UX design.

How much does it cost to build a pickup and delivery app?

The costing is a complex process, but let us list some of the factors that affect the cost of a pickup and delivery app.

  • App Complexity
  • App Development Company
  • Ui/Ix Design
  • Technology Stack
  • API Integration
  • App Development Platform

Can I Build an MVP for the on-demand delivery app?

The MVP for a pickup and delivery service app will help you understand the feedback of the overall app, and later through that feedback, you can add new features.

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