Restaurant App Development Consultants: Launch Your Innovative Solution With Experts

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April 11, 2023

Restaurant App Development Consultants: Launch Your Innovative Solution With Experts

In the busy world we live in, time is of great importance. People rely on mobile apps more than visiting stores, whether it's about groceries, clothes, electronics, or anything else.

Ordering food from a mobile app is no exception. It lets people get food as and when required from their favorite restaurants without leaving the couch. As a result, food delivery apps or restaurant delivery apps are paving the way for restaurants to bloom. They can manage staff, sales, customers, orders, and more using mobile applications.

If you are a restaurant owner and still don't have a restaurant app, then this blog is a must-read for you. Here we have cooked a recipe for success for your business and let you enjoy a great chunk of market profits. If you are still in a dilemma, you cannot deny these stats;

  • The entire food delivery app industry is expected to reach a $320 billion market size by 2029
  • Millennials and Gen Z are most likely to use delivery apps, with 63% of individuals between 18-29.
  • Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is projected to reach U.S. $339,257 million in 2022.
  • Restaurants with an online ordering system are able to raise their takeout profits by 30% higher than those who do not.
  • About 92% of all top-performing restaurants offered mobile order-ahead and loyalty rewards programs or a combination of both.
  • There was a 54% increase in direct online order volume, year over year.
  • Nearly 60% of restaurants can expect more sales when they offer online ordering.
  • About 43% of people say they order online because they don't feel like cooking.

Surprised to see all these. Now time to find out why you are lagging behind. Time to shine in the online restaurant food delivery business with your restaurant app.

Lets discuss everything about the app and how our restaurant app development consultants can help you in detail.

Benefits of Creating a Restaurant App

Uplift Brand Value

Modern customers love to see their favorite brands on an online market to enjoy their food while sitting at home or in the office. Your restaurant app serves the same purpose and allows them to order and get food without being restricted to a device. Hence, a perfect way to keep in touch with your food lovers!

Better Customer Experience

Mobile applications designed by Restaurant App Development Consultants cater to all your customer needs. From selecting food to ordering dishes, quick payment, and tracking orders, everything is designed as per your end-user experience. Also, a well-written API helps the application run uninterrupted for all operations.

Improved Payment Processing

The most critical step for business owners is when the users make online orders. But food delivery apps are integrated with third parties that allow payment processes from anywhere. Businesses can also check or diversify various payment options from apps with a single click.

Better Response to Bookings

Restaurant apps are not restricted to delivery, but the users can book dine-in or takeaway slots too. Using a dine-in slot, they can book a table and enjoy the meal. It helps your business to make necessary seating arrangements in case of heavy footfall.

Loyalty Benefits

You can offer loyalty benefits to your trusted customer on certain occasions. For instance, you can serve free dessert on their birthday or anniversary or offer an attractive discount on festival seasons. A push notification can help you to convey your message.

Transparent Feedback

One-to-one feedback from customers on dishes or service lets you know the positives as well as the negatives of your business. It also helps business owners to modify or improve their services.

Let Your Business Meet Its True Potential

Leverage our food delivery app solution and build a market-leading app.

Types of Food Delivery App Development

Here we have a list of various food delivery apps, choose what suits your business.

  • Food delivery apps
  • Single/multi-chain restaurant apps
  • Aggregator apps
  • Customer apps
  • Delivery agent apps
  • Restaurant management apps
  • Cloud kitchen solutions

Must-Have Features For Your Food Delivery App

Here we have curated features of top-rated food delivery apps. You can integrate these features into your mobile restaurant app also.

Customer App

  • Check Restaurant Menu
  • Push Notifications
  • Coupon Management
  • inApp Payments
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Social Media Login
  • Order Tracking

Driver App

  • Profile creation/editing
  • Manage Orders
  • Order History
  • Realtime Tracking
  • Realtime Requests
  • Availability Settings
  • Delivery Information
  • Payment History

Restaurant App

  • Profile creation
  • Menu Management
  • Manage Orders
  • Real-time Tracking of Driver
  • Manage Offers & Discounts
  • Payment History
  • Push Notifications

Admin Panel

  • Customer Management
  • Driver Management
  • Payment & Commission Management
  • Menu & Timing
  • Delivery zone Management
  • Analyzing & Reporting
  • Promo codes

Essential Attributes for Your Restaurant Food Delivery Business

We power-pack your app with advanced features to enjoy business in full swing. Here are more features for your platform;

Send location-based deals

To best leverage the GPS system of your app, you can send location-based deals to particular customers. You can also send exclusive deals and discounts for new downloads. Apart from this, GPS can also help your customers to get reservation options and driving instructions on their app.

Share Reviews Via Social Media

To empower your customers to share real-time restaurant reviews and services for food options, social media integration is a perfect fit for them. The feature is designed as a powerful marketing strategy for online restaurant food ordering.

Handle Customer Database

The restaurant app dashboard contains all the essential information, such as who viewed your profile and the number of people who visited and downloaded the app. A robust platform can help you to gather essential information and craft targeted marketing campaign strategies accordingly.

Quick Menu Display

Designed with attractive images and interactive features, we add an easy menu display with a dine-in solution. You can give your users the ability to mark their favorite foods through advanced filters designed according to price, cuisine, and taste preferences.

Quick reservations

Real-time updates can help your customers to check seat availability. It helps in reducing waiting time, especially during peak seasons. We help to achieve the benefits through intuitive reservations.

Maintain Event Listing

Restaurant app development solutions enable your app to maintain a calendar of restaurant events such as food festivals, cuisine days, jamming nights, DJ events, and more by including this special feature in your app.

Convenient checkout

Select your favorite food, then click on the cart, pay, and checkout. These simple four steps can complete the whole food ordering process. Also, if the users reserve seats, they will get a notification on time when the table status gets vacant.

Re-order and take away

Repeating orders takes no more time and energy. Your customers can quickly order the same food using the Reorder feature and make it easier for your customers. The Takeaway feature helps customers to order without standing in a queue and takes them offline from the restaurant.

Manage profile

The dashboard can manage as many customer details as possible, add or remove more columns and integrate new modes of payments. It allows users to manage a complete profile.

Restaurant App Integration Services

Here are some mobile restaurant app integration services offering a blend of interactive, engaging, and scalable features.

Referral Feature For Boosting Loyalty

Offer bonus points to customers at various levels, such as when they dine in or order from your app. Create a block of certain points on every order and give them the opportunity to redeem as and when they require. It boosts business revenues.

Multiple Platform-Compatible Apps

To attract customers from all around, building a platform offering cross-platform features works as a great assistance. You can attract customers from both ends, such as Android and iOS users.

Attention-Grabbing Push Messages

To keep your customers engaged with what is new in the restaurants, push messages to work wonders to promote your sales. It aims to build personalized experiences and boost repeated orders.

Embeddable High-Quality Media Content

We embed high-resolution images, videos, animations, and other media content into your app, easily. You can add your restaurant pictures, nearby landmarks for easy navigation, food menu pictures, and images of special events in your restaurant to entice visitors.

Discount Vouchers And Coupons

To keep your customer engaged with software, we embed discounts and coupons. You can also offer seasonal coupons, promo codes, and referral codes in the form of incentives to keep customers happy!

 Various Payment Options Integration

To keep your platform one step ahead of competitors, we integrate multi-payment options such as e-wallet, online transfers, card payments, coupons, redemptions, etc. It enables a smooth ordering experience and encourages food ordering.

Help and Support

Our designed app involves one-tap customer support features that address all your customer's issues. We embedded an AI-based chatbot that answers their query when your executives are busy.

Advanced Technology Solutions For Modern Restaurant App Development

To draw users' attention, we craft a solution integrated with modern technologies. These are;

Voice Assistance

We know how to bring AI and machine learning together, and you know why these are important for your business. Voice Assistance integrated system assisting the food orders of your customers using voice technology.

Augmented Reality

To give your customers a live restaurant, food, and other items experience, we embedded AR technologies. Our experts are skilled in integrating lively preview features for the best online experience.

Artificial Intelligence

If you are looking for restaurant chain app development, our AI integration will help you with accurate mining and managing customer data. You can also find the latest food ordering details to offer the hottest deal on your app.

Our Restaurant App Development Process


As a leading Restaurant App Development, we start by gathering all your requirements, customers' needs, market expectations, and how a solution can benefit your business. Our experienced developers create a suitable roadmap for the same.

Requirement Analysis

We analyze your business requirements and understand features and functionalities before integrating a solution. It helps our experts to draw effective development plans for your business solution.

UI/UX design

Once we have all the necessary information, we create a cutting-edge solution with an intuitive UI design. We focus on creating simple and convenient user experiences. We work on blueprints designs and database designs to understand them precisely.


We craft a software prototype of your platform that helps you to understand your app. Once you finalize the prototype, we step toward the developing stage.

Restaurant software and app development

Our app development team focuses on developing high-quality digital products for your organization. We aim for each function to work properly and deliver effective results.

Quality assurance

Once our development team develops the platform, our testing team starts functioning to check your platform from all ends. We use updated tools and technologies to remove bugs and find errors.


The deployment stage involves employing standard protocols on various platforms to enable platforms to be easily accessible to potential audiences.

Support and maintenance

All digital solutions require time-to-time support and maintenance. We support our clients by offering post-maintenance services.

Why Choose HLC As Restaurant App Development Consultant

We are a leading food delivery app development company with the expertise to craft instant solutions using solutions like Uber Eats clone. We design and develop platforms packed with the latest features and functionalities that meet your customers' needs and market demands. Here are some reasons to choose us;

High-end Security

Being a top restaurant mobile app development consultant, we follow end-to-end security norms that prevent all kinds of risks and unauthorized access.

Tailor Made Applications

We create customized mobile applications based on your own brand information. From color, font, theme, or design, everything matches to your style and business motto.

Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-language features let you enjoy customers from various regions and cultures. We embedded the feature to stand out your app from the crowd.

Third-Party Integrations

We integrate all the necessary third-party tools that empower your platform and can build better relationships.

FAQs For Your Assistance

How can I improve my food delivery app?

If you are existing app user customer and want to improve it for a better experience, just follow the below tips;

  • Validate your food delivery idea with experts.
  • Focus on offering a unique experience.
  • Carefully choose your target audience.
  • Research existing mobile apps
  • Built an original and unique experience. For quick app development, you can use an Uber eats clone - an affordable and fastest app development solution.

How much does it cost to build food delivery app like uber eat?

The cost of a food delivery app can range between $70000 to $90000, based on the features involved

  • UI/UX Design
  • App Platform (Android, iOS, or web.)
  • The Technology Used - frameworks and APIs
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • App Maintenance
  • App Hosting
  • App Security
  • App Testing

How long does it take to develop a restaurant food ordering app?

The time to develop a restaurant food delivery app depends on its complexity. It can take only 2-3 months if you choose a simple online food ordering app. For advanced features, the app can take around nine months.

How to choose the right tech stack for your food-ordering app?

The choice of technology stacks depends on your app requirements. Here are the technology stacks mostly used in such applications:

Admin panel and API: React.JS in Frontend and NodeJS in the back end.

Delivery and user app: Java, Kotlin, or Android Studio for Android development, Objective C, Swift, and Xcode for iOS development, and Flutter for cross-platform app development.

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