Go Rapid Food By Hyperlocal Cloud

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 10, 2023

Go Rapid Food By Hyperlocal Cloud

Go Rapid Food is set to overflow your homes with mouth-watering dishes right at your doorstep.

It is a food delivery platform developed by Hyperlocal Cloud that connects restaurants to their customers through timely deliveries. Go Rapid Food is loaded with interesting features and a user-friendly interface that helps to drive high customer engagement. There are several interesting features of Go Rapid Food:

Monthly Subscriptions: Go Rapid Food offers monthly subscription plans for customers to enjoy free food delivery and save on in-restaurant dining.

Efficient Search Bar: Choose from a variety of outlets and get your food fresh and on time.

Multiple Payments: Go Rapid Food has various payment options, which can be both cashless, through UPI, card, or simply by cash.

Live Delivery Tracker: Track your food till it is delivered safely to your doorstep through our GPS tracker.

Discounts And Promo Codes: Get the best deals and discounts on your favorite choice of meals through daily offers and promo codes.

Intercity Food Delivery: Go Rapid Food will let you order dishes from famous restaurants outside your location.

To simplify, Go Rapid Food will let you buy whatever you wish from wherever you want.

How Does Go Rapid Food Work?

Single-Vendor Marketplace

Customers can leverage a simplified relationship with one supplier and get reduced supplementary costs while maintaining regular deliveries and efficient inventory control.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Customers can get the option to purchase from multiple suppliers to expand the ability to fulfill the high-demand fluctuations of your business.

Multistore Marketplaces

Our customers can benefit from a single central database monitorization and get custom experiences through multiple store coordination and distribution centers.

Get an improved UI and bug fixes through Go Rapid Food and its spontaneous set of services.

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