Steps to Build an App Like Yuka

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 12, 2024

Steps to Build an App Like Yuka

Yuka, a 40 million-user app, successfully recognizes often-invisible health hazards that exist in the first place. It extends a helping hand to bring users to notice the sheer quantity of poisonous compounds and chemicals their bodies might deal with from their food and beverages.

The app uses a simple color to define whether a product is decent, outstanding, bad, or mediocre for your health. Every product includes in-depth information to help people better understand its quality.

In January 2024, the Yuka app revenue was $70k.

This significant number says a lot about the app's establishment in the market. It means you must be vigilant when you plan to develop an app like Yuka and expect the same numbers.

However, your app can be competitive if you know what it should be like. The development experts at Hyperlocal Cloud are proficient in developing an app like Yuka. Get connected today to get it in a shorter time.

In this blog post, learn how to develop a health and fitness app like Yuka.

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How to Develop a Health and Fitness App Like Yuka

Follow these steps carefully to get an app like Yuka and build your market.

Start with the Research

Raising brand exposure is imperative when you want to offer solutions to a specific problem, knowing why you want to develop an application like Yuka. Determine the following to know about it:

  • Define your goals, audience, and aims.
  • Ensure your potential customers know the benefits
  • Consider your app development idea to help your audience
  • Describe how the app produces your expected results.
  • Your concept must be feasible. Your research must include the needs of your prospective customers. Look for flaws and how your app can help resolve them.

Set Layout and Wireframes

Developing a simple structure, a wireframe, visually represents your app's flow and layout. It helps you resolve any queries about different graphic assets. Once you know your wireframes, you make high-fidelity mockups, designs, and prototypes.

Professional developers consider overall mockups and prototyping as a technique to experience how your app performs when users use it. If you want to get an app like Yuka and expect it to perform and earn the same, let the development team of Hyperlocal Cloud be your technological ally to help you transform and grow your business. Contact us now!

Emphasize Features of Yuka to Include in Your App

Yuka's features make it a big hit. You must incorporate them into your app to meet users' needs. Here are the top major 8 features to consider-


What works better to retain users is to offer them discounts. Yuka provides special loyalty cards that are essential marketing procedures. They help businesses like yours engage potential customers by rewarding them with loyalty points to use later.


The ability to scan supermarket barcodes for nutritional information helps users create better grocery decisions and track macronutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You can set the barcodes in your app to help users scan them for their weight-loss objectives and get meal plans.


This feature is a bonus to your app. Yuka allows users to take images of their drinking vessels and instantly log their water consumption. The app allows them to set reminders to consume water, and its graphs help them monitor their hydration.


Establishing categories assists in managing things by category and subcategory. It helps users choose the appropriate category.

Track Health Status:

This feature must be in the food monitoring app. It enables tracking an individual's health issues and vital signs, including calorie consumption and other factors.

Social Sharing:

Users can set up their accounts with social media support with only one click. It helps businesses endorse themselves in users' posts, unveiling their experiences of eating particular food items.

Push Notifications:

This feature helps users remember their medication and meals to consume at a particular time. Businesses notifying users about their diets gain more footfall. However, notifications should be manageable; otherwise, consumers prefer to uninstall the app.


Yuka ensures safety as it collects highly sensitive and secret data. Developers building a similar app must consider security and privacy and cover multifactor authentication and data encryption.

Color Scale:

The app features a color scale, which goes red, green, or in-between on the amount of harmful ingredients and chemicals in the food item. A green color indicates the product is good for the consumer, while red exhibits the presence of toxic chemicals.

Select Technology Stack

Once you decide on features, understand the app development. Developers are tailored to specific OS. They determine if the app suits iOS and Android depending on your requirements. It will necessitate:

  • A requirement of a big-budget
  • Each platform has its development team

Yuka is available for iOS and Android, ensuring appropriate usage of tech stacks. The imprecise technology stack of the app includes Swift for iOS app, Online Payments: Paypal & Braintree, Socket io for real-time notification, Google Maps, Kotlin for Android App, Google Directions, APNS, Facebook SDK for Facebook login, Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Postgres, MailChimp Integration, Cloud environment: AWS, Node.js for back-end, Google Places, Firebase, Elastic email, email notifications, and

Consider MVP

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a crucial component of every mobile application. Businesses can leverage it to test their app ideas with their target demographics. App development projects and MVPs are essential steps for small businesses or startups with insufficient capital funds.

Evaluating app concepts in the market before executing your idea is essential. If you are looking for a reliable healthcare app development company, contact Hyperlocal Cloud now!

App Testing

App scrutinization needs your awareness and involvement. How you react to the app's performance determines how long your application lasts. The app testing includes-

Functional testing defines whether the application is accessible and corresponds to the developers' goals.

Usability testing includes app evaluation for ease of use, performance, and compliance with industry standards.

Compatibility testing focuses on how your application behaves and how other apps in the phone operate together.

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How is Yuka an Independent Platform?

Yuka's objective is to help customers make better choices for their health. Business owners and entrepreneurs thinking of having a similar app can build independent apps and offer the following valuable characteristics Yuka has:

Ad-free App:

Yuka contains no ads. No brand can advertise their products on the platform.

No Influence:

The app doesn't rely on third apps to influence it. Yuka obtains scores and recommendations independently.

Data Safety:

Yuka ensures data safety and doesn't sell or process user data.

Advantages of Building a Health and Fitness App Like Yuka

Developing an app like Yuka has numerous benefits. It has reliable product ratings based on dietary restriction filters, scientific research, user data privacy, frequent database updates, barcode scanning abilities, and the provision of healthier alternative food item suggestions.

The Yuka App has gathered a considerable client base with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database. It offers a helpful way to check item barcodes and get moment input on their fixings, dietary quality, and potential impact on well-being. This feature-rich app has undoubtedly changed numerous users' lives by empowering them to make more beneficial and better decisions.

Like several apps, the Yuka App comes with its claimed points of interest and restrictions. From the precision and comprehensiveness of item information to potential over-reliance on the app's proposals, there are variables to consider when assessing its utility.

The advantages of the Yuka App offer users and businesses a lot. Make sure to utilize them. This impactful analysis will assist you in choosing whether the Yuka App meets your objectives for more gains.

Pros of The Yuka App

Independent and Reliable:

Yuka's independence and impartiality in its reckoning, evaluations, and product endorsements distinguish it. With no in-app advertisements and no collaboration with brands seeking promotion, it sets up credibility and realism.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Yuka App offers a straightforward and natural interface that appeals to clients of different ages and specialized proficiencies. It prides itself on being accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Comprehensive Analysis:

With one speedy scan, the app assesses products concurring with additives, dietary value, and natural dimensions. Each fixing is relegated to a level of hazard based on current scientific research, encouraging well-informed choices.

Personalized Proposals for Healthier Alternatives:

Yuka gives more advantageous substitutes for scanned products, helping clients make better choices for their dietary needs and tendencies.

No In-App Promotion:

Yuka's income comes from its premium version, free from commercial stress, guaranteeing that the app's suggestions and assessments stay impartial.

Get to the In-depth Information Page:

For each product, clients can access a comprehensive data page that reviews and composes the product and clarifies why an item has received a particular rating.

Support for Healthier and Sustainable Choices:

The Yuka App fosters a broader movement towards healthier living and sustainable consumption by offering insight into personal health and encouraging informed decisions.

Objective Evaluation Criteria:

Rest assured, the app's scoring procedure is based on thoroughly analyzing a product's ingredients, ensuring that all suggestions and evaluations are completely impartial.

Yuka Premium Version:

For those who want to take their health-conscious journey to the next level, the premium version of the Yuka App empowers you with unlimited scans, the freedom to search products without scanning, alerts tailored to your specific needs like gluten or vegetarian diet, and more.

Global Availability:

Yuka has created an app and a global community of health-aware consumers, with its presence in numerous countries across Europe, North America, and Australia.

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Development Cost of a Health and Fitness App like Yuka

Various factors determine the cost of creating a health and fitness app like Yuka. These include the platform on which the app will be built, its functionalities, its complexities, the technology stack used, and the location of the healthcare app development company you hire.

These factors influence the development cost of an app similar to Yuka, typically ranging from US $8K to $12K.

Suppose you're looking for an accurate quotation to set your budget; reach out to Hyperlocal Cloud. Our team of experts, with their extensive experience in developing custom healthcare apps like Yuka, can help you determine the precise cost.

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Wrapping Up!

Investing in the development of an app like Yuka holds promising potential. Thanks to its detailed product evaluations and intuitive design, business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage it to enable informed decision-making.

However, database limitations and occasional analytical inaccuracies hinder its utility. Consider the case of a buyer selecting a sunscreen; utilizing Yuka, they effortlessly determine a non-toxic option, yet the ideal product may fail to complete them due to an incomplete database.

While Yuka offers significant benefits, it is important to balance reliance on it with comprehensive product research, ensuring a well-rounded approach to consumer decision-making.

Transform your business with a reliable tech-driven app like Yuka with the development team of Hyperlocal Cloud! Reach us now!

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