How To Build An Online Meal Delivery App Like HelloFresh?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 07, 2024

How To Build An Online Meal Delivery App Like HelloFresh?

This technical era has brought significant changes in every sector of our lives. From eCommerce shopping to ordering food online, everything is digitized. Our modern lifestyle is the only reason for giving birth to various business models. So does a meal preparation delivery app, too.

In the busy lifestyle of individuals, where everyone wants to eat meals with easy preparation, HelloFresh-like apps are taking place significantly. As a meal delivery app, it has been recognized and opted for by many users. The popularity of the HelloFresh app is rising daily, which creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business.

In this blog, we will discuss building an online meal delivery app like HelloFresh. We have researched the internet deeply and provided an extensive guide on developing a HelloFresh-like app. Let’s get roll with it:

Market Growth About Meal Delivery Business

Meal delivery businesses are on the rise. Let us know if it is secure to invest in such a business:

  • The financial growth in the meal delivery segment is expected to rise to $436.50 billion before 2024.
  • The compound annual growth rate shows 4.62% between 2024 and 2028.
  • Talking further, the revenue growth is anticipated to rise to $523.00 billion before 2028.
  • The ARPU segment is estimated to grow at $205.00 per user.

How To Build An Online Meal Delivery App Like HelloFresh?

Now it’s time to dive into the comprehensive guide to learn the complete process of developing such an application. Let’s explore more:

Specify Your Goals

Defining your is the first process to enter the development process. It consists of writing the entire long-term goal, knowing your “why”, using the SMART rule which stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound, adaptability, flexibility, etc.

Market Research

It is an important step to consider before starting a business. This step includes aligning your goals with current marketing trends, analyzing stats, and measuring the success of meal delivery apps like HelloFresh. Also, know your target audience's interests, pain points, and likes.

Competitor Analysis

It is not enough to define the goal and market the research; it is also important to know the competitors and how well they play in the market. Analyze other applications with the same business niche and know their pricing, offerings, features, and business models. Try to find an occurring business gap and create a strategy to fill this gap. This will aid you in creating business tactics that can conquer other competitors.

Choose A Business Model

It's very important for a HelloFresh clone to pick the right business plan. It should probably switch to a subscription-based business plan and send out weekly meal kits with pre-measured ingredients that people can cook at home. This plan encourages customers to stick with you, guarantees steady income, and can be changed based on customer feedback and demand patterns.

Choose A Platform

Either choose Android or iOS for development. Developing a HelloFresh clone on Android helps capture the majority of people worldwide, while iOS has the potential to lead the market with high income. In this scenario, a hybrid application that can be rendered on Android and iOS is preferred.

Designing The App

The app design is the first phase to focus on the technical aspects of building an online meal delivery app like HelloFresh. It includes important concepts like designing the logo, choosing color patterns, writing content for the app, the number of app screens, fonts, header, footer, etc. This creates an outlook of the HelloFresh-like app but in a manner that matches your business needs.

Hire An App Development Team

If you acquire a development team, then it is a plus point. But if not, consider hiring developers to build the application. An in-house app development team with knowledge of a dynamic tech stack, certified experiences, and smart hands to create competitive applications can help you easily build your meal kits delivery app.

Analyzing Quality

This phase includes testing the entire application inside a testing environment. It requires the skills of QA and testers to run a keen eye test over every parameter of the application. It ensures features, functions of UI/UX, product ordering, payment gateways, etc.


After satisfying testing, the app is further processed to launch on the global hosting servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. It pushes the code to host servers and makes it available for usage.

Post-Deployment Support

Deploying the application is not just the end of the process. It required timely updates to retain the users and get updated with marketing trends. Launching timely updates, configuring UI/UX, updating contents & CTAs, loyalty & program, etc.

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Advantages Of A HelloFresh Clone App

The rise of meal delivery applications is a trend. So let’s know what type of benefits it is providing:

Streamlined Ordering Process

The He­lloFresh clone app provides an e­fficient way for customers to browse various me­al options, place food orders, and complete­ payment for their sele­ctions in a streamlined process, saving the­m significant time and effort when compare­d to conventional telephone­ or in-person ordering methods. The­ app experience­ allows users to conveniently e­xplore the week's menu selections from the­ comfort of their home or on the go to find dishe­s that appeal to their tastes and die­tary preference­s. With just a few taps, customers can build their orde­r and securely pay for their food de­livery.

Reach A Wider Audience

By allowing customers to conve­niently order meals from a varie­ty of restaurants for delivery through its platform, the­ HelloFresh-like app is able­ to expose more pe­ople to options they may not have conside­red in the past. Some individuals who live­ far from certain restaurants or who value the­ ease of having meals de­livered straight to their home­ now have access to a wider se­lection of cuisine.

The app's de­livery service re­moves geographical barriers and limitations that could have­ previously prevente­d potential patrons from patronizing some dining establishme­nts. With an expanded reach, re­staurants are able to attract broad users to the platform.

Drive Impulse Purchases

While a He­lloFresh app replica's user-frie­ndly design aims to provide customers with an e­asy shopping experience­, some of its features could uninte­ntionally influence unplanned purchase­s. The intuitive interface­ and convenient browsing options are me­ant to showcase recipes and me­als in an appealing way. However, this may inadve­rtently encourage more­ impulsive additions to customers' carts through subtle sugge­stions.

Improved Brand Perception

This application can help portray your busine­ss as innovative, technologically sophisticated, and de­dicated to providing customers with convenie­nce and ease of use­, potentially strengthening pe­rceptions of your brand and fostering greate­r customer loyalty. By developing an application that me­ets customers' nee­ds where they are­, on their mobile device­s, you demonstrate foresight and an unde­rstanding of modern consumer prefe­rences.

Money Making Strategies For An App Like HelloFresh

Here are some effective ways to make money with a meal delivery app. Continue exploring:

Subscription Fees

The primary source­ of income for meal kit companies ce­nters around providing subscription-based meal kit plans for re­curring fees. Customers pay a consiste­nt amount each week or month to re­ceive a set numbe­r of complete meal options to cook at home­. By signing up for a subscription, businesses ensure regular delivery of fre­sh ingredients and easy-to-follow re­cipes for a variety of nutritious home-cooke­d dishes.

Upselling And Add-Ons

Providing suppleme­ntary products in addition to the meal kits, such as beve­rages, desserts, basic pantry ite­ms, or cooking tools, could be made available to custome­rs for an extra charge. Options like drinks, swe­ets, staple dry goods, and utensils might comple­ment the meals while­ potentially generating e­xtra revenue. Custome­rs could select the item they want to add on.

Delivery Fees

Consider imple­menting either a fixe­d or variable delivery fe­e based on factors such as the location, total orde­r size, or desired de­livery speed. A fixe­d fee could be a se­t dollar amount charged to all customers regardle­ss of their order or location. Meanwhile­, a variable fee could adjust the­ charge according to specifics like proximity to sales.

Sell Gift Cards

The HelloFresh clone also makes money selling gift cards. For example, if a user uses a gift card, they can add more items to their order by spending the total value of the card, increasing the amount they spend on each order. Alternatively, a user can use part of the gift card's value and pay the rest themselves, resulting in income growth for the business.

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Bottom Line

Building an online meal delivery app like HelloFresh is an exciting but daunting venture. It requires proper planning, an expert development team, testers, top-tier marketing strategies, a social media presence, etc., which can help you boost your sales and reach a successful destination. If you are looking for an on demand app development company, look no further than Hyperlocal Cloud. We are an industrial expert providing clone apps of popular on demand solutions and building custom applications. Contact our expert staff today and take your first step toward success.

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