How to Build a Wine Marketplace like Vivino

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 13, 2024

How to Build a Wine Marketplace like Vivino

Vivino is one of the largest wine apps globally, with over 50 million users. As of January 2024, the anticipated funding is closer to around $221 million, with a total revenue of $67 million. These numbers are fascinating and play a key role in enticing entrepreneurs to invest in building such a marketplace.

It wouldn't be wrong to state that conventional marketplaces are successfully overtaken by online ones. Moreover, there are many wine aficionados who appreciate delicious wines. Catering to such a target audience is a nice move that would definitely lead to enormous profits.

What Is Vivino And How Does It Work?

Vivino is the best digital platform—a wine marketplace that connects wine drinkers worldwide while helping them make the right buy for their favorite drink. With crowd-sourced data, wine suggestions can be personalized for every user based on their preferences.

The first step is to create an account and choose the subscription plans. Users can customize their marketplace by choosing themes, creating logos, etc. After that, sellers are onboarded adequately on the platform, where they can list their wines for purchase. With setting up the proper configuration, the marketplace is open to all, and continuous tracking of performance metrics takes place to improve the user experience.

Launch a Wine Marketplace like Vivino

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Salient Features Offered By Our Wine Marketplace Like Vivino

Designing and developing a wine marketplace is a strenuous task. Integrating top-notch features elevates the entire performance and improves efficiency to the next level.

Extensive Wine Selection

Allows users to pick from a huge collection of wine varieties based on their choices while considering the cost.

Detailed Descriptions

It includes detailed information on every wine, including tasting notes, vintage/new, and alcohol content.

Ratings and Reviews

Helps buyers to take advice from the buyer community while making wise purchase plans.

Advanced Search Filters

Provides results to the buyers while filtering out wines from the huge collection based on varieties, region, prices, etc.

Personalized Suggestions

Offers tailored suggestions to the buyers as to which one they should go for depending on their purchasing behavior.

Wishlist and Favorites

Enables buyers to save their favorite wines for the future and also reorder them.

Seamless Checkout

The buyers can perform seamless transactions with multiple payment options and secure payment gateways.

Order Tracking

Enables buyers to track their orders in real-time, from placing orders to delivery.

Customer Support

Offers 24*7 technical assistance to the buyers to resolve inquiries and find solutions to problems.

Top Revenue Models Associated With Vivino Like Marketplace

Building an entire online marketplace helps businesses generate additional income and sales. It also helps improve customer satisfaction and encourages repeat orders.

Commission-Based Model

This model collects a commission each time an order is completed via the platform. Marketplaces charge sellers a certain percentage of the sales price, known as a “commission fee,” for using the platform as a channel to sell the wines. This model motivates the marketplace to be imperative in making sales and boosting revenue growth.

Subscription Model

The subscription model indicates offering tiered subscription plans for those sellers who dream of listing their wines on the marketplace. These sellers vary in subscription fees since each plan has different features and benefits. Premium subscription tiers may include additional features such as more prominent appearances, above-the-fold listings, or more detailed analytics.

Listing Fees

Another income structure item is the sellers’ payment for the presence of their wines on the marketplace. Sellers pay an upfront fee to set up and publish the wines’ listings. Through this model, the marketplace gets a predictable source of income and encourages sellers to adhere to the quality of services.

Advertising and Promotions

The marketplace can earn an income by introducing advertising opportunities to wineries, sellers, or other wine-based companies. Sellers can pay for sponsored listings, banner ads, or promoted content to increase visibility and lead audiences to their goal. The marketplace can also collaborate with brands for promotions, branded content, or featured spots.

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How To Build A Wine Marketplace Like Vivino

Creating a wine marketplace like Vivino entails thorough planning and implementation stages. Hire a talented tech company to help you achieve your goals and turn your ideas into reality.

Market Research

In-depth market research is crucial to establishing the wine industry's inner operations, such as consumers’ preferences, market trends, and competitors. Look for the features, user experience, and business model to single out important insights to help build a fantastic marketplace.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Define your target audience, pick a niche, and consider your unique selling points. It could be a wine-curated pick of the rarest wine brands, the use of technology to personalize these recommendations, or a focus on a specially selected region.

Choose the Right Technology Stack

Decide on the technology stack for your marketplace development to ensure scalability, security, and seamless integration of various programming languages, frameworks, coding techniques, data storage, etc.

UI/UX Interface

An attractive and user-friendly interface is extremely important for a wine marketplace like Vivino, boosting customer satisfaction. Easy navigation, smooth browsing, and visually appealing elements are the prime reasons behind a successful user interface.

Ensure Compliance and Licensing

Another pivotal consideration is adhering to the lawful and regulatory requirements for online alcohol sales in your target market. It includes gaining relevant licenses and permits and adhering to age verification laws and pervasive norms.


Thorough testing is used to help locate bugs, detect usability/ performance issues, and fix them. Every necessary testing type is used to strengthen the performance and responsiveness of the developed marketplace.

Launch and Marketing

The final step involves launching the platform for public use and beginning to market and quote the brand. Use digital marketing techniques like social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations to attract customers and increase visits to your platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wine Marketplace Like Vivino?

The marketplace development costs start from $20k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost;

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

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