How To Build A Multi-Service App Like Grab?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

July 12, 2023

How To Build A Multi-Service App Like Grab?

A multi-service app like Grab is an application that fulfills all on-demand needs like taxi services, 2-wheeler to 4-wheeler taxi booking, package delivery, food delivery, and grocery delivery. It allows users to use various services without going through any other app.

Getting such a powerful all-in-one multi-service enterprise-level application can be a profitable way to generate revenue and thrive in the on-demand industry.

So here in this blog, we will talk about how you can build a multi-service app platform like Grab, its features, benefits, monetization process, and the total cost of developing a multi-service business app. Let’s get started.

Are you looking to build a multi-service app like Grab? If yes, then Hyperlocal Cloud can help you achieve an exclusive multi-service app to elevate your business to the new heights of success.

Stats Of Multi-Service Apps

Nowadays, people want a platform where they can obtain almost all types of on-demand solutions. In such cases, a multi-service platform like Grab can be very useful to help your users attain everything from one platform. It can also help you increase your business with a broad number of sales. Let’s take a look at how safe it is to invest in the multi-service app market:

The worldwide market of multi-service applications is projected to grow at the CAGR rate of 23.9% between 2023 - 2028.

During the pandemic, they were used widely. That’s when people became aware of the power of such applications and the on-demand industry.

As per the application’s overview, the B2B segment of the multi-service business is expected to become the largest segment in the global market of multi-service apps.

The future of multi-service apps is bright. With the current numbers, it seems to be a secure and profitable way to invest in an app like Grab.                                         

How Does A Multi-Service Business App Work?

This type of app is increasingly popular as it offers convenience and efficiency for users. A multi-service business app typically connects users with service providers in their area. Apart from taxi-hailing services, it also provides other services like grocery delivery, food delivery, and wallet services that let users perform transactions on different platforms.

Let’s understand the workflow of a multi-service business app like Grab step-by-step:

  • An admin here is the owner of the complete marketplace. Admin has the authority to create categories, list products, launch or hold a product and provide services to the customer. Once an admin owns the app solution, they start connecting with service providers to join their platform.
  • Every service provider uses the ‘service provider app’. It allows the service provider to create and manage their profile. They also highlight major details like what type of service they offer, price range, and descriptions.
  • Now, admins can advertise in the marketplace among customers, which will help increase the customer base.
  • Any customer willing to join can sign up through the customer app.
  • Customers can access the list of services provided by the vendors, and they can place their orders.
  • If the service provider accepts the request, a customer can track the status of their order.
  • After complete service, the customers can pay via multiple methods and write their reviews.

Monetization Strategy For Your Multi-Service App Like Grab

In-App AdvertisingThis is a common but effective strategy to earn income in your multi-service app. An advertiser will connect you to endorse their brand on your platform, and in return, they will pay an amount. With this strategy, you can achieve bigger results and reach more of your target audience.
In-App PurchaseThis strategy allows users to purchase extra features or goods within your application. For example, you can offer in-app purchases for premium features, virtual goods, and subscription services.
Premium SubscriptionPremium subscription in a multi-service app will let your users avail of some exclusive features and services. Adding premium services like customer first and scheduled delivery can work.
Affiliate MarketingThis strategy involves promoting other products or services through your application and earning a cut on each sale that will be generated. It is a good alternative for apps with a large user base and can drive a wide range of traffic to your site.
Freemium SubscriptionThe freemium model of any application is a scalable option because it attracts users without any overhead cost. You can offer them the ‘try before you buy’ option. It will let your target audience taste your premium service for a limited time.

Increase Your Customer Engagement With Multi-Service App Like Grab

Hyperlocal Cloud can provide you with a multi-service app that acts like a Grab app to get you started with your needs.

Reasons To Have A Multi-Service App

An on-demand multi-service app is an accumulated solution for all types of on-demand services. A super app like Grab or other on-demand marketplace apps generally offers different services on one platform. So let’s understand how you can benefit your business with our multi-service platform:

Increased Customer Reach

Multi-service apps can help businesses reach a wider audience by offering various services in one place. It can especially benefit your business by targeting specific niches or demographics.

Improve Customer Service

A multi-service app can help your business in improving customer service by granting a centralized platform for users to interact with your business. It can make it ingenious for businesses to resolve customer problems and provide better support.

Increased Sales

Having a multi-service app in your business can increase sales by offering various products and services that customers can avail in a single click. It benefits in selling products or services complementary to buyer and seller.

Improved Efficiency

A multi-service app can help businesses improve efficiency by automating tasks and providing them with real-time data insights. It can help businesses save time and money and make better decisions about their operations.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Hyperlocal Cloud helps you attain a multi-service platform, which can enhance brand reputation by providing customers with a positive, user-friendly experience. It can lead to an increase in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Essential Features Of A Multi-Service App

With useful features & functionalities, your multi-service business app will retain many customers on your platform. So let’s get to know what can be some latest features of a multi-service app:

Real-Time Tracking

A real-time feature lets users track the process of their order or any other service in real time. It is especially helpful for food delivery or ride-hailing services.

Voice-Activated Commands

The voice-activated command feature will allow users to request any service using voice. It can be useful for users who are driving or have their hands busy.

In-App Chat

An in-app chat feature lets users communicate with service representatives, cab drivers, food delivery restaurants, etc. It can be done in both ways, like chat and on call.

Payment Integration

The payment integration feature lets users pay for their orders or any other purchased service in your multi-service app. The payment methods are credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and cash.

Virtual Assistant

This feature helps users connect with a virtual assistant who can help them with order tracking, deliveries, payments, and refund. It will make your multi-service app more engaging and special.

Push Notifications

The notification keeps a user updated about their orders and services. For example, users will be notified when the order is placed and the driver's arrival.

AI Recommendation

The feature analyzes past activities and orders of a user and recommends them accordingly what they should have. It will let your users interact with your app and oblige them to use it for services.

Currency Converter

The currency converter feature will let users display fares on preferred locations so they do not have to visit any exchange store for manual conversions.

Elements of An App Like Grab

Grab follow-up with every standard structure that a multi-service app should have. Let’s take a look:

App For Drivers

Grab has an exclusive app for drivers, allowing different types of vehicle drivers to register and execute bookings.

App For Riders

Grab allows users to ride their favorite vehicle by booking it from anywhere. It lets users find cabs near them and call for a ride with a single click.

App For Merchants

Grab lets other merchandise holders partner and sell goods with them. They take the ordered product from the merchant and take responsibility for delivery.

App For Business

The app allows industries like finance express to collaborate and boost business. Grab also helps secure funding, and manage business rides, corporate gifting and on-demand package deliveries.

Admin Panel

An admin panel is a way for the owners to control every activity in the application.

Uplift Sales & Generate Revenue With A Multi-Service App

Developed with cutting-edge technology, we supply a multi-service app for our clients that matches your business's requirements and needs.

How To Build A Multi-Service App Like Grab?

So after complete knowledge of multi-service apps, important features, and how they work, are you ready to build a multi-service platform? Yes? Let’s get started:

Market Research

Before initiating the development process, it is essential to do proper market research. Try developing a strategy, analyze other multi-services and find out where they are lacking. Create a solution to a problem and conduct a SWOT analysis to find better strategies.

Select A Platform

You can choose out of 3 platforms; iOS, Android, and both. As multi-service apps like Gojek, Grab uses the tech stack to offer compatibility with both OS. Let’s help you determine the platform:


Most of the users in the market use the Android operating system. It requires tech stack like Kotiln, React Native, Flutters, Angular, Felgo, etc.


Despite mass users of Android; iOS is a fast-paced, growing operating system for everyone. It also requires a different tech stack: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Flawless, Parse, etc.


You must consult an experienced on-demand multi-service app development company to make your platform work on both platforms.

Design And Development

The design and development phase to build your multi-service apps like Gojek or Grab consists of deciding on the color panels, navigation, font integrations, etc. The motive to for this process is to fill life in the design. It is divided into two parts:

  • Front End development, comprises of UI segment, page navigation, animation, product listing, and all the visual elements of the application.
  • Back End development involves server security, API integration, internet protocol requests, payments & order management, and saves user data in storages.

Proper Technology Stack

Choosing a technology stack for your multi-service business app is important. An old technology stack can cause lags, bugs, and glitches in your application. Hence, choosing the latest technology for developing your multi-service app is important.

Technology plays a major role in an application. So let’s know what should be the successful technology stack behind a multi-service app:

TypeTechnology Name
Interactivity/UI designFigma, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD
Front End DevelopmentHTML, CSS, React JS, Ionic, NPM and Node
Back End DevelopmentPython, PHP, .Net, Swift, Objective-C, Dart
APIsGoogle APIs, Maps API, Social Media APIs

Testing And Launch

Your app must go through a testing phase before the deployment of your multi-service app. This process ensures that the application is bug-free and accessible to all users. Our development & testing team helps you build a multi-service platform and deploys it on the server after conducting proper testing.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Multi-Service App Like Grab?

Overall the development cost ranges between $20,000 - $60,000, which tends to go higher or lower depending on the requirements.

The development cost depends on several factors. Some major principles affecting the cost are-

  • Native app development over iOS and Android
  • Complexity of design
  • Active workforce
  • Frontend & backend development
  • Framework or paid API integration
  • Testing & Launching

Bottom Line

A multi-service app is the next generation for every hyperlocal business. It offers an all-in-one solution for almost every on-demand service. A multi-service app works on a multi-vendor marketplace platform because multiple industries collaborate on a single platform to provide services to customers. There is going to be high demand for multi-service apps in the future, so if you are thinking of building a multi-service app like Grab, it can be the right step toward the success of your business.


What Type Of Services Does Your Multi-Service App Offer?

Our multi-service app offers every type of service that Grab offers like ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery and digital wallet. We also implement advanced features and custom services according to your demand to cater for the needs of your business.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Grab Like App?

Hyperlocal Cloud can help you achieve your project in 2-3 weeks. The duration of the development depends on the complexity of the app.

What Is The Cost Of Building A Grab Like App?

The development cost for such a multi-service app is $20,000-$60,000. The reflected cost is uncertain and tends to increase and decrease based on the requirements, complexity, and other development-related components.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For A Multi-Service App Like Grab Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has 3+ years of experience in the development of all types of on-demand apps. We have served 1200+ worldwide clients and fulfilled their requirements. We are capable of delivering you top-notch services.

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