How To Build A Home Service App Like Handy?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

July 19, 2023

How To Build A Home Service App Like Handy?

Nowadays, people are doing anything to make their homes clean and beautiful, whether it is a small house or a big one. It is common nowadays to have the best furniture and decorations in the house, along with other electrical appliances. That’s why domestic service providers are working towards installing essential equipment and making the house beautiful.

A home service app like Handy can help people manage their busy life by providing home services. Such an app provides every service, from home furniture settlement to home cleaning, freshness, purity, and sanitization. So here in this blog, we will discuss how you can build a service app for a home like Handy and boost success in your business. Read till the end because you are about to gain interesting knowledge. Let’s start:

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Future Of Home Service

Now, let’s understand how safe it is to invest in a home service app business. We will explore what could be the economic growth in this industry:

  • The home care market revenue will rise to $31.31 billion before the end of 2023.
  • It will grow at a CAGR rate of 2.71% between 2023-2028.
  • It is estimated that before the end of 2028, the revenue from in-home services can grow to $35.79 billion.

How Does A Home Service App Like Handy Work?

The Handy app connects users with professional cleaners, handy workers, and other service providers. These types of apps are one of the most crucial. Users can choose their service person based on the ratings and reviews given by other users. So let’s take a clear look into the working process of the Handy app in 6-steps:

  • Users Download the app and create an account
  • Users Browse through the list of available services 
  • Read reviews of the previous customers
  • Book an appointment with the service provider
  • Service provider arrives at home on schedule time
  • Users pay for the service and leave review based on their experience.

Unlock The Potential Of A Home Service App Like Handy And Upgrade Your Business Operations

We are ready to deliver a top-notch home service app for your business to generate leads and boost sales.

Monetization Strategies For Your Home Service App Like Handy

Suppose you have deployed your application, which is ready for use. So how can you earn money with your home service app? To solve this query, keep reading:

In-App AdvertisementIn-app advertising is the most common but highly effective strategy to use that helps generate revenue. How? You can allow other brands and organizations to advertise their services in your application, and with each click or view of that advertisement; you will be making money. Easy to use, easy to earn.
SubscriptionsThis model lets users avail of some premium features & services offered in your application, like priority home service, one-day work complete, etc., in return for a monthly or annual fee. This also helps your brand to be effectively identified among users, who will feel prestigious by taking a home service from your business.
Commissions This model allows you to have a cut from the generated income on each booking from the vendor. It is one of the best ways to monetize your business without charging the users directly.
SponsorshipA sponsorship model lets you partner with other brands to promote their services on your application. It can help you reach a large number of users without any boundaries. On each sale of a promoted product, a tiny amount of the generated income gets credited to your account.
FreemiumA freemium revenue model is all about:-”let them taste it for free, then charge to serve them again. This model allows you to offer some premium features to your users for free, and by the time of the expiry of free sessions, some of the users will get converted into paying customers. It is a lucrative way to make money in your business.

Necessary Features To Have A Home Service App Like Handy

Here we have mentioned some essential features of having an in-home service business app:

For Admin

We provide exclusive features to admin that match their work role:

Platform Management
This feature lets an admin manage activity on their platform, like new user sign up, themes, registration of new vendors, and the addition of new services.
Vendor & Customer SupportAdmin can connect directly with the vendor or any customer anytime via call and message.
MarketingThis feature will let an admin attract customers and sales. With this feature, an admin can offer free trials, discounts, loyalty, and referral programs.
DashboardThe dashboard will let an admin monitor the activity in their business and the activity record of a vendor. It will also show generated revenue daily/monthly/yearly.
Performance Report
Admin can select a specific vendor and review their performance report. Also, they can track how much revenue has been generated from a specific location of service. An admin can also track whether a vendor is meeting their goals or not.
Payment Management
This feature will allow admins to accept payments, view processing payments, track payments, and generate invoices on the total payment scheduled.
MessagingAdmin can connect with a vendor directly via messages. They can write a report, generate a receipt, and send that as an email. There will be an exclusive message corner that will connect two parties together instantly.
Rate Card

With this feature, the admin can decide the rate for a property on what range they want to sell the services. It also depends on the location type, property size, and number of services offered.

For Vendors

Our home service app, like Handy, comes with all the necessary features for vendors:

Profile CreationVendors can sign up with their credentials, like name, contact number, location, type of property, and estimated price range.
Review BookingVendors can review an upcoming booking request. They can easily view requested services, required tools, and locations. They can also accept and decline a booking.
Call & ChatThis feature will let vendors connect with their customers via chat or call. This improves customer satisfaction and engagement.
CalendarAn in-built calendar feature will let a vendor view their upcoming bookings for the month. They can also glance at their previous bookings for any type of home service.
Regular Service UpdateThis feature can help a vendor add a change in service or any service updates like addition in knobs & locks, fixing drains, faucet replacements, etc.
Rate SettingVendors can set a price range for offered home services according to a customer. The service factor can be determined based on property type, room services, ornamentations, and any other type of electronic facility.

For Users

We develop a home service app like Handy which helps a user with all their booking-related features. Let’s explore them:

Booking SectionAn app like Handy will help users choose different types of services, categories, or any additional home facility they would like to avail.
Booking HistoryThis feature will let users track their booking history and used services. It includes data like the name of the booked service, price, and time & date of booking.
Help & Contact UsCustomers can connect with the service provider to solve their queries and booking-related doubts via live chats. They can also connect with the vendor by calling them directly.
Invoice GenerationOur application helps users to attain invoices on provided service in PDF format. They can just simply download it from the booking history section.
Search & Filter
This feature helps minimize the search input by providing filtered results on the basis of date, time, location, type of home service, etc.
Review & RatingA user can share their experience over the app on behalf of the serviceman’s behavior and quality of service by writing reviews and star ratings.
Multiple Payment Options
This feature will allow users to pay in different payment modes. This way, a vendor can attract more customers from different places.
Push Notification
Push notifications will let a user update their booking. It will keep them informed about new changes and booking availability.

List Of Categories To Cover In Your Home Service App

To have a service app that can serve every home, you must have a category of services listed in your app. Allow us to help you to add some essential service categories to your app:

General Handyman
Appliances Installation
TV Mounting
Big Sweep Cleaning
RepairWi-Fi SetupDeep Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Home TheatersSanitization
Outlet Replacement
Amazon EchoHousekeeping
Bike Rack InstallationComputer, Printer, Scanner
Same-Day Cleaning

How To Build A Home Service App Like Handy?

Are you ready to know how you can build a home service platform like Handy? Yes? Let’s get started:


Planning is the first step in getting an app like Handy. It consists of planning the business model, required workforce, and investment. Start analyzing your competitors and how they are granting services to their users. Also, try to understand the needs of your targeted audience.

Additional things that must be considered are:

  • Identify your audience
  • Fill the market gap, if any
  • Define the goal and priorities of your app
  • Take a short review of the technical viability

Add some unique home services like pet sitting, landscaping, and pressure washing services to attract many customers to your business.


Understanding the UI and how users can monitor the application is important in this process. A proper UI design with buttons, easy navigation, font styles, attractive and catchy business lines, number of pages of services are decided in this part. The motive for conducting this part is to create a prototype for the application that could engage with users effectively.


The development process of home service apps like Handy ensures that all the design blueprints of the application come to action. It is the phase where developers showcase their coding skills and fill life in a UI design. The development step is divided into 2 parts:

The front-end development of an application is the process of building components like buttons, links, applications pages, headers, and footers. It requires tech stacks like HTML, CSS, Js, React, Angular, and Node to complete the development process.

On the contrary, the back-end development process of an application builds all the processes behind the UI. It requires a technology understanding of Python, PHP, .Net, Swift, C#, GO, Dart, etc. This process includes server security, API fetch & request, payment processing, and a firewall.


Testing ensures the application is working properly. Our QA experts eliminate bugs and errors that can hamper the performance of the app. It also ensures all the features are working properly by verifying the application's workflow.


After completing development and testing procedures, your app qualifies to go live. Choose a day and check all processes of your home service app by yourself. You can also take assistance from someone to test that application for you. After complete satisfaction, we deploy your application on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Get A Proper Consultation On Home Service App Like Handy From Hyperlocal Cloud’s Experts

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Home Service App Like Handy?

The cost of building such an app can vary depending on several factors, including the app's complexity, the features you want to include, and the location of the development team.However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 to build a basic home service app like Handy.

Please note that the mentioned price can rise and decrease depending on several factors during development.


Not just about Handy, but any home service app like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit can give your business a competitive edge. Nowadays, everyone wants comfortable facilities in their homes, and that’s the reason the demand for home service apps will increase in the coming times. Hence, this is the right time to invest in an app that can be profitable and useful in the upcoming year. An on-demand home service app like Handy can fulfill an individual’s needs, or else they will hustle here and there in search of professionals.

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