How Much Does It Cost To Create A Fiverr Clone?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 11, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Fiverr Clone?

Developing a mobile app is not just about coding; it requires proper strategy, marketing knowledge, and modern technology awareness. Talking about a Fiverr clone app, it works exactly like Fiverr itself but comes with many customization options. It is a lucrative application idea as it helps find the real talents of industry owners and business owners. Although it provides opportunities to talented people, there are higher chances that it will be adopted by many users.

What is the cost of creating a Fiverr clone? There is no need to worry because this blog consists of a Fiverr clone cost breakdown. At the end of this blog, you will be cleared of every doubt regarding the cost of an app like Fiverr. Let's get started exploring:

Future Of Freelancing Marketplace

Let’s assess the scope of having a Fiverr clone app with some important stats


  • The number of freelancers in the USA is expected to increase to 90.1 million before the end of 2028.
  • The freelance marketplace business is growing at a CAGR of 15%.
  • The revenue in the freelance marketplace is projected to reach $1.5 trillion before the end of 2023.

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Why Do You Need The Fiverr Clone App For Your Freelancing Marketplace Business?

An app like Fiverr can help you connect businesses with freelancers. You would be providing a platform to industrial business owners that will aid them in finding real, talented people who can complete their tasks efficiently. So here are some reasons we have mentioned why you need a Fiverr app clone for your freelance marketplace business:

Brand Recognition

By having an app like Fiverr, you will connect startups, SMEs, and multi-scale businesses at once. With a brand name on a custom Fiverr clone app, you will be marketing it across several business niches. That can increase your chance of gaining insights and sustaining the financial growth of your business.

Generate Revenue

A Fiverr clone can help you generate revenue by doing less. You will charge a tiny amount for each successful payment on your platform. You can add a subscription where you will be granting exclusive services for both the business person and freelancer in return for a monthly/yearly amount.

Increase Demand

Industries face the challenge of finding the right person to complete their job on time. But unfortunately, they are using the wrong formulas to reach. But, with an app like Fiverr, you will be granting convenience to industries to find the right talent pool. At the same time, a skilled person can create an account on your Fiverr clone app and find the job. Thus, creating a solution to the problem will significantly increase the demand for your platform.

Data Security

All information posted, stored, and used in the payment process is securely kept. Only the selected freelancers are granted access to the employer's details for further consideration and to learn more about their operations. Through encrypted chat rooms on the platform, employers and employees can communicate instantly and discreetly about project details and costs.


One of the key advantages of using the Fiverr clone app is the potential to save money. Our app is built to facilitate quick, affordable outsourcing. When used for business purposes, it can be an effective way to cut down on expenses related to hiring and payroll. An app like Fiverr offers a highly adaptable solution for completing work by paying freelancers on a task-by-task basis.

Must-Have Features Of A Fiverr Clone App

Features in your Fiverr clone will regulate its functionality and accessibility. Here are a few features that need to be included in an app like a Fiverr clone:

Fiverr clone

Adding custom features to your Fiverr clone app may result in higher development costs due to the need for more specific functionality. As an app's features increase, so does the cost associated with its development. For instance, apps that require payment processing, internet synchronization, or real-time GPS tracking are typically more costly to create and require the purchase of paid APIs to complete the integration.

Advanced Features To Have In The Fiverr Clone App

Features can help your app reach a broad audience in a short amount of time. Here are some advanced features to have in an app like Fiverr clone:

Manage Gigs

As an admin, you will have proper control over the gigs. You can also assign them to the right freelancers who match the job description.

Manage Requests

It will help you to manage a job request. You can either accept or decline it to be posted on your platform.

Professional Dashboard

A professional dashboard on the app will help you monitor your sales and manage your business with animations, charts, and graphics.

Refine Search

This feature will let the business person and the freelancer find the right person for the job and search for a job according to their skills.

Skills Test

It will let employers create questionnaires to test the skills of freelancers. It will help companies to hire the right skilled person for the job.

Private Chat Rooms

This feature allows employers and freelancers to chat privately and discuss the project.


It helps employers check a freelancer's total working hours and expertise. It also helps them to analyze performance and records.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create A Fiverr Clone?

Getting a full-cycle Fiverr clone app ranges between $35000 - $55000. Be certain about the pricing before delegating the task because the reflected amount is higher or lower depending on various factors. Here, we have mentioned some factors that can increase the development cost:

  • Additional features
  • Paid UI framework
  • Paid APIs
  • Location of the development company
  • Type of the business model

The mentioned factors above are the reasons that can increase the development cost. But there can be additional elements that attract the increment in the cost.

Tech Stack Required To Create A Fiverr Clone App

Tech stack also greatly impacts the development of an app like Fiverr clone. The more complex an app will be, the more advanced the tech stack it will demand. It can also increment the size of active developers on the project. So, let’s view the tech stack required to create a Fiverr clone:

                                                          Data & Functionality Development
JavaScriptTo collect user input, app responsiveness, and server communication.
PythonCreation of web mobile app, desktop GUI, and integration with AI/ML
ReactDynamic apps and native mobile apps, and reduce loading time.
MongoDBDatabase management of the application.
Android SDK
To make the app operable on Android OS.
Swift UI
To make the app operable on iOS.
RubyAutomation, web scraping, and data processing.
RedisStream rich media, caching data, and queue maintenance.
HadoopManages storage and large data processing.

Enhance cloud and networking services.

                                                                                   Adding Utilities
Google AnalyticsProvides user’s behavior data
ElasticsearchAltering engine, spell checker, and auto-correct spelling.
PayPalPayment gateway for almost every global currency.
Twilio SendGridEmail marketing tool.
MixpanelCreate invoices, custom reports and provide analytics.
Swagger UIDocument scanning and verification.
                                                                                Business Tools
SlackConnect freelancers with clients on a single platform.
JiraProblem tracking, bug detection, and project management.
G-SuiteOnline document editing, calendar management, and video meetings.
InVisionAllow clients to create tests & quizzes for freelancers.
IFTTTConnects multiple devices on a single platform.

These tech stacks mentioned above are dynamic and support every operation in a Fiverr clone app.

Cost To Create A Fiverr Clone App: Development Location

The development location for an app like a Fiverr clone plays an important role when it comes to determining the cost.

Europe$100 - $150
Gulf Countries
$40 - $80
North America$35 - $75
Asia$25 - $60
Hyperlocal Cloud - New York<$25

Each and every country has its own parameters for determining the development cost. So, it is important to check the company’s location before choosing one.

Cost To Create A Fiverr Clone App: Company’s Size

The size of the company you are adopting for development can also affect the development cost. The larger the workforce, the higher the cost. Here is a brief overview of cost according to the company’s size:

Company SizeTeam StrengthCost
Small Scale Company50-200$3,000 - $6,000
Mid-Scale Company200 - 1000$8,000 - $12,000
Large Scale Company1000 - 10,000$20,000 - $30,000

It also depends on the size of your project. You will need multiple hands of talented people on the floor for a big project.

Cost To Create A Fiverr Clone App: Platform Expansion Cost

Technology is evolving in each sector of our world. It is shaping the world rapidly and has been successful for a few years. To get a working app, you will require a team that adheres to advanced technical knowledge to create futuristic applications. Here are some technical platform expansion and their cost based on hourly work:

Development StageHrsCost
Web Development200$9,000
Testing Q&A450$15,000
Mobile App Development500$35,000

Dodge hurdles coming in your business goals and get a ready-made Fiverr clone app now.

Who Can Join Fiverr? Is There Any Limitation?

No, creating a Fiverr-like app offers freelancers a platform where they can manifest their skills to solve challenging tasks in an industry. In return, they get paid their determined amount. Almost every person who is an expert in technical knowledge and has a legal age of 18+ can easily join and earn from your Fiverr clone app. The candidate should be proficient in computer handling and must acquire a skill that has been mentioned below:

  • SEO content writer's
  • Resume and CV creators/editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Podcast writers
  • Logo designers
  • Web developers & designers
  • App developers
  • Software technician
  • Voice artists
  • Scriptwriters
  • Translators
  • Photo/video editors


Before creating a mobile app similar to Fiverr, it is important to consider several basic factors that can affect the project's cost. While this article provides helpful guidance, the final price depends on your business needs. If you would like to receive more detailed information about the cost of creating an app, you can reach out to Hyperlocal Cloud, a top mobile app development company that can customize an application to meet your requirements.

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