How Much Does It Cost To Build An App like Impulse?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 05, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App like Impulse?

Understanding the development cost of an app like Impulse needs an in-depth guide to save your pockets. In the present digital age, apps like Impulse have transformed the way we communicate with and rely on technology, delivering flawless experiences for users to explore and buy products conveniently.

Before going into detail, it is crucial to comprehend the development cost of Impulse-like apps.

Impulse, a standout app in the industry, is renowned for its user-friendly interface and curated learning experience. Its unique features, such as the mind progress track, allow users to monitor their cognitive development over time and the personalized learning path that adapts to each user's needs, enhancing the user experience and significantly impacting the development cost. This app is a gateway to mental agility and cognitive enhancement, offering diverse scientifically-backed exercises. It's a brain training app that's not just another but a classy one built to sharpen users' minds and enhance their cognitive abilities. The app provides an engaging platform to improve focus, challenge memory, and boost problem-solving skills.

Whether you're a student aiming to enhance your academic performance, a professional seeking ways to optimize productivity, or a business owner looking to enhance your digital presence, understanding the cost of developing an app like Impulse is crucial. This app promises a journey towards heightened mental acuity and smart thinking, making it a valuable investment for your goals. The potential return on investment (ROI) of having an app enhances users' cognitive abilities and productivity and the impact it can have on their academic or business success.

No matter whether you want to develop an app similar to Impulse or want to add/ remove features and customize it according to your business requirements, the development team at Hyperlocal Cloud has expertise in building apps as required.

In this comprehensive blog, we're diving deep into the factors influencing the development cost of an app like Impulse. We'll provide detailed insights into design complexities, such as the need for a user-friendly interface and personalized learning path, platform selection, team composition, and enduring maintenance. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind the cost of developing a game-changing app like Impulse.

Read on to learn more about the Impulse app and how developing it would be a gold mine for your business goals. Let's embark on this journey together, unveiling the app complexities and debunking the cost considerations of app development like Impulse.

Understanding the Impulse App: Key Insights

  • The app has 50+ million downloads with a 4.7 worldwide rating, multiplying its footprints across 50+ countries.
  • In January 2024, the app generated a revenue of $5million.
  • The app's current users are more than 249.4K users.
  • The prediction says the brain training apps will hit US $ 30,511 million by 2028.
  • The active users of the Impulse app in the United States are 1.10 million.

Features of Impulse App

You must offer and mention exceptional functionalities to develop a custom brain training app that leads the competitive market. The top app development companies, such as Hyperlocal Cloud, develop Impulse-like apps, considering their features to include the best in your custom app.

Have a look at Impulse features:


Impulse includes umpteen brain-tricking games which entice players. These games put their memories to the test, engaging them on a platform for a long time. The app offers entertainment and exciting challenges, enhancing users' problem-solving and contiguous awareness skills.


The feature aims to learn step by step. It consists of small activities that stimulate your body and brain during a hectic day. These simple activities include diagrams and extensive guidance, ensuring users perform well. They are helpful for any age group.


Impulse is not only about playing games. It includes building a network as well. The feature allows you to schedule events with friends and others, connect with them virtually, and play games. The conversation assists you in remaining vigilant and attentive.

Push Notifications:

People need motivation when adopting new habits. Push notifications are the best way to get alerted for new games, and playing them is an incredible experience. You can set a time to send notifications to your users so they enjoy their games without interruption.

Personal Program:

This feature allows users to take rapid tests to establish a baseline in your core area after they set up programs accordingly. The app tracks their performance as they play.


The app asks players about the abilities they want to work on. After this, they undergo a three-game test to see their learning capabilities. The tests are difficult and conducted as competition between two people.


Users look for a central site to see their monthly subscriptions, recent activities, and players' progress. Ensure gamification elements such as user accomplishment rewards and leaderboards are easily accessible.

Daily Challenges:

Providing users with daily challenges retains more footfall. They come every day to meet and enjoy the challenge. The targeted skills groups are reading, communicating, understanding, writing, and arithmetic.

Navigation System:

This function in the Impulse app unveils a brain training menu that includes icons for different meditations, such as moving, focusing, or sleeping.

Track Habit:

Including the feature of tracking users' habits in your app, like Impulse, is a bonus. Tracking customer behavior helps you develop more games and entice users.

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Factors Influencing Costs for Developing Apps Like Impulse

Developing a brain training app like Impulse can be a significant investment for any business. Understanding the key cost factors is essential to ensure a cost-effective and successful development process. The app development cost relies on different factors, including complexity level, development platform, core features, UI/UX, and professional developers.

Development Platform:

The app type is the key factor influencing the development cost. Though Impulse has different business goals, you can build your app on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, or cross-platform, with a single code base deployed to multiple platforms.

App Complexity:

You can get an app that meets your business needs. The app needs various integrations and functionalities to develop a complete solution. Every integration and feature can add to the app's complexity and time to build it. The app's complexity level affects the development cost.

Development Experts:

Hiring professionals to develop an app like Impulse is paramount. Research for the best development team to fulfill all your requirements and develop the app with everything relevant to brain training activities.


The Impulse app has interactive UI/UX that directly impacts satisfaction and user engagement. Investing in an app with a user-friendly interface and a smooth user experience helps businesses gain more footfall, improving brand loyalty and revenue graphs. A compelling UI/UX sets the tone for future products and influences customer satisfaction.

Database and CMS:

Brain training apps have user-driven content like videos, comments, reviews, and images. Your app needs a database to store user-generated assets and a CMS to edit, add, or delete stored information. Both of them can increase the cost of your app development to a great extent.

Business Model:

The fundamental factors, such as target users, services, and business type, help businesses to frame the app budget. Always remember that the app development cost surges high as time goes on. It is so because app costs and time are directly proportional.

Other Hidden Factors Determining App Development Costs

Consider the following cost factors while developing an app:

Admin Cost: The development of custom APIs and an admin panel to manage the app's content, operations, and user profiles.

Support and Maintenance Cost: Additional costs to fix bugs, upgrade an application, or create future refinements.

Functional Costs: It includes third-party integrations, SMS, geolocation, push notifications, or payment gateways.

Infrastructural Costs: The payment for CDN, server, and integrations like Redis.

The time to develop an app like Impulse differs from social media portals like Facebook and Instagram.

Thus, if you want to develop an app dedicated to internal operations like Impulse, our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud are ready to help you get the best app with powerful user-experience elements.

Development Cost of Developing an App Similar to Impulse

Developing an app like Impulse varies significantly based on different factors, including platforms, complexity, UI/UX requirements, developers' costs, and features. A basic version of this app may cost between $10000K to $14000K, while more advanced versions with enhanced customizations and versions can exceed the cost. Additional requirements may include updates, maintenance, and server costs.

5 Cost-Saving Tips on App Development Like Impulse

To save big on the development cost of brain training apps like Impulse, you need to consider the following tips:

Begin with MVP Development

Validating your idea before investing in full-fledged development and launching with an MVP emphasizes the core essential features. Try to resist the temptation of score creep and deliver an early prototype to get market feedback instead of iteratively adding abilities. This fail-fast technique encourages saving resources on the app that could be better.

Use Open-source Tools and Frameworks

Capitalizing on the open-source community helps lower app development expenses. Leverage auto-generated admin Admin JS and Node.js admin panel, and utilize it as a basis for the backend that you can customize later according to business requirements. It diminishes the time and money spent building internal tools, marketplace management panels, or CMS from scratch.

Prefer App Development Company to Regions with Reasonable Rates

Look for app development partners where you can save big without compromising the quality. For instance, app developers in the United States possess advanced skills yet offer budgeted rates depending on your app requirements.

Allocate Sufficient Time for Testing and QA

Reducing upfront costs leads to exponentially higher long-term expenditures to address problems slipping into production. Quality assurance and testing are imperative to deliver a smooth user experience and improve brand reputation. Set adequate time and budget for exhaustive QA across devices, networks, and usage scenarios.

Take Professional Help to Recognize the Most Valuable Features

Experienced developers help provide invaluable guidance on the optimal minimum feature set in an MVP to validate product-market fit. It prevents unnecessary scope creep that drives up development costs on non-essential abilities.

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At Hyperlocal Cloud, the experts understand the uniqueness of app projects with their target users, objectives, and technical complexities. They acknowledge all apps are different; providing accurate development estimates without plunging into project specifics can be challenging.

By hiring the developers at Hyperlocal Cloud, you are tapping into over 3 years of expertise in creating successful web and mobile apps. Their full-stack designers and developers have handled complex projects and excelled in myriad industries- from brain-training apps like Impulse to food delivery platforms like Uber. This experience shows they can handle any project, regardless of its industry or complexities.

They develop apps and craft unique solutions tailored to your business requirements. Developers find innovative ways to optimize costs without compromising quality. By emphasizing your business goals to shape the optimal technical solution, they ensure your app, like Impulse, stands out in the market.

Contact us, and let's discuss how Hyperlocal Cloud's experts can help develop your next winning app within time and budget constraints.

Different Phases of App Development, Like Impulse

Building a successful app like Impulse includes several steps across the development lifecycle. The major phases involve:


Comprehensive research is imperative to develop an app as its process is tricky. The best is to decide what you want to build- the app like Impulse or want modifications. Answering such questions requires you to search the market, foretell the latest trends, and understand your users' requirements. This could involve conducting surveys, analyzing competitor apps, or studying industry reports.

Design and User Experience:

App developers understand the coding development script of the Impulse app to build a similar app. They ensure a user-friendly and responsive design by choosing a similar app's color pallet to UX elements.

App Development:

App developers combine their expertise to develop codes and stunning apps. They use different programming languages such as Java, Swift, or Python for app development, like Impulse, depending on the intended use case and target group.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Launching an app undergoes testing and quality assurance. Before launching, best practices, tools, and procedures are available to test your app. Quality assurance highlights several weak points in your app before letting users access it. You have undoubtedly created an Impulse-like app, but it still needs testing for flawless processing.

Deployment and Launch:

After you have tested and validated your app, prepare it for deployment. It means your app must be available for internal and external audiences, allowing end-users to download and use it. Remember certain pre-launch things that you must address to ensure a streamlined and smooth launch process.

App Maintenance and User Support:

In the post-launch scenario, a mobile app's faultless performance and functionality are essential. The best options include app support and maintenance. The lively evolution of applications has made it complicated to maintain them.

The Bottom Line

Apps like Impulse hold an important sales point and development cost factor. Apps are not just tools. They are a strategic advantage. Developing them helps you reach out to many potential customers, giving your business a crucial competitive edge and putting you in control of your market presence.

Developing an app is not a gimmick to gain temporary attention. Developers make a critical decision to develop an app like Impulse based on your market research, business goals, and customer behavior.

Rest assured, a mobile app is not a gimmick to gain temporary attention. It's a strategic decision that we help you make based on your customer behavior, market research, and business goals.

Our development team is proficient in creating feature-rich apps like Impulse with impeccable UI/ UX designs and multiple integrations. To learn more about our expertise, contact us

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