How Much Does It Cost to Build A Medicine Delivery App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 09, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Medicine Delivery App

The pandemic has shown us multiple things, from the bad times to the real use cases of the digital era. When everything was shut globally, there were very few things open. One such industry is the healthcare industry and the medical shops. The demand and the necessity of the medicines have shown how important it is to get medicines at doorsteps.

The era of digitalization has shown the importance of and also created the opportunity for the medicine delivery application.

Grab the opportunity and develop a high-end medicine delivery app with excellent features and generate a good amount of revenue.

If you are considering developing a medicine delivery app, you must have a few queries about the product. Those curiosities can be what features you should keep on your platform, how much it costs to build a medicine delivery app, and ways to earn money from a medicine delivery app.

Hyperlocal Cloud is the leading app development company in US. We have delivered more than 200 applications for our clients, and 3 out of 4 applications are with 10 million+ users. For the cost effective medicine delivery app development, contact our experts.

Let’s see how much it costs to build a medicine delivery app and what are the must-have features of a medicine delivery application.

Medicine Delivery App Development Cost

The application development cost depends on various things, including the features you want to keep in the development, the software you want to use, the application's complexity, and the size of the company you are hiring for the medicine app development. Each of these things impacts the medicine delivery app development cost.

Medicine Delivery App Development Cost (Technical Things)

Designing Cost10K To 20K
Outsource Software Cost$25K To 30K
Deployment Cost$10K
Integration Cost$10K
Maintenance Cost$1500 To $4000
Project Manager Hourly Cost$25-$50/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team And Testers$5000-$10,000

Medicine Delivery App Development Cost (Size Of the Company)

What size of the company you are hiring for the development of a medicine delivery app also impacts the development cost. Let’s see what could be the approximate cost that depends on the size of the company.

Company SizeCostManpower
Small Size Company$5,000 to $ 15,00050-200
Mid Size Company$20,000 – $30,0001000-10,000
Large Size Company$30,000 to $50,0001000-10,000

On Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Cost (Complexity)

Level Of ComplexityDevelopment Cost
Basic Level Application$10K to $20K
Average Level Application$20K to $35K
High-End Application$35K to $50K

Medicine Delivery App Development Cost (Region Of Company)

Another aspect that impacts the development cost of any application is the region of the company you are hiring for the application development. The living standard of each of the regions impacts the cost of the development.

RegionHourly Costs
North America$25-$75
Gulf Countries$70-$120

The cost mentioned above is the approximate medicine delivery app development cost as per the company standards. It may be subject to change as per the requirement of the features and demand of the application.

To know the complete and exact on demand medicine delivery app development cost, you can get in touch with our experts. We are available 24*7 at your service.

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Must Have Features Of Medicine Delivery App

If you are planning to make a medicine delivery application, then knowing the application's features that should be there is really a requirement. On a large scale, the application's success depends on two things; first is the USP of the platform, and second comes the features.The features of the medicine delivery platform should be reliable and user-friendly so that even someone who is not so aware of using a smartphone can also use the application easily.

Panels For Customers

Here are some of the features of the user panel that will help them use the application more easily.

Social Signup and Login

The platform registration option should have multiple options where the user can register on the platform either with their email, phone numbers, or social media accounts. You can also keep the option of the guest user.

Profile Management

With the profile management features, the user can create their profile and also upload their regular requirements for medicines. With this feature, the user can also manage their previous orders, etc.

Upload Prescriptions

This feature will need access to the camera and gallery of the user, by which a user can upload their prescription easily.

Filters for Category Search

Definitely, your platform will have thousands of accessories, medicines, medical equipment, etc., and it is difficult for any of the users to search for any particular things from thousands of projects. The feature of filtering by name, category, or newest will enhance the user experience.

Medicine Details

With the medicine details, the user will get the complete information on drugs used to make medicine, manufacturing date, when the medicine will expire, and other information from this feature.

Chemist Or Pharmacy Stores Panel

The next panel that is necessary for the medicine delivery application is the chemist or the pharmacy store panel, who will register themselves on your platform.

Manage Drug Details

With this feature, the chemists will get access to add or remove medicines and other medical items from their store panel, which is not so much in demand or the products which are currently out of stock.

Order Tracking & Notifications

The next one is order tracking and push notifications on mail and smartphone so that the chemist can track their order.

Digital Prescriptions

The digital prescription will help the user to upload directly on the platform, and the chemist will have a record of whatever demand for medicines they are receiving.

Manage Discounts

Discount attracts users and improves sales on the platform. The chemist can manage the discount coupons from their panel so that they can make loyal customers on the platform.

Order Management

The next thing is the order management of medicine and medical equipment delivery, where the chemist can manage the orders as per mutual convenience.

Track Payments

With the track payments features, the chemist can have a look at the money they are making through the application and can also see the commission they are paying to the admin for using their platform.

Online Pharmacy App – Admin Features

The admin panel will be a centralized control where the admin can look at the complete platform with ease. The admin will have access to the platform and can control everything from the commission to the sales on the platform.

Inventory Management

With this feature, the admin can keep a keen eye on all the products on the platform, the reviews given to the chemist by the user, and other details of the platform. You as the admin, can also control all the orders and deliveries.

Marketing & Promotion Tools

The admin will have control of the marketing and promotion tools through which you can control which chemists should be on the list, either by their ratings or if someone is paying you more money to be on the top.

Access & Generate Reports

You can generate reports of the sales, demands, which of the chemist or medicines are highly searched, etc. These reports will help you to know what is going on in your platform and how you can engage users onto the platform.

Commission Tracker

The commission tracker will help you to track the commission from the sales and how many pending you have. With the help of the commission trackers, you can also generate the auto-debit of the commissioned amount instead of going individually.

Delivery Executive Panel

The delivery executive panel should be with excellent features. Delivery executives play a major role in the goodwill of the company. Always consider that the delivery executives are also the direct marketing executives as well. Here are some of the features that will help the delivery executives.

Location Tracking

The location tracking of the user who has ordered the medicine will help the delivery executives to find their location easily and with the call details with the feature of number masking will help the delivery executives to get in touch with the user. The benefit of number masking is a good option, as the users’ data will be safe.

Income Information

This feature will help the delivery executives to know how much they are making through your application.

Delivery Updates

This feature will help the users, admin, chemist, and delivery executives as well. With these features, each of the panels will get a real-time update of the order.

Push Message

Push messages will help the delivery executive to text the chemist or user in case they are not receiving the call or are not able to find their location.

Transform Your Business With On Demand Medicine Delivery App Solution

Benefits Of Building Medicine Delivery App

Time Saver

Users won’t have to take out extra time to get the medicines for them or for their loved ones. With the medicine home delivery app a user can get the medicines at their doorsteps, or any place they want to get it delivered.

Advance Booking

A user can also make the pre-booking of medicines on your platform, which will omit the shortage of the medicine. This will be a beneficial option for those who are on regular medication.


You can also build the medical assistance app on the medicine delivery app] so that the users can get the consultation from their home only and use the same platform for medicine.

Hyperlocal Cloud is also capable of making two way focused applications. You can also make separate panels for the medical consultation. Ask our experts how.

Schedule a meeting now.

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Cost Effective Medicine Delivery App Development Cost

We are offering the most reasonable development cost for the medicine app. We are also providing free of cost consultations where you can get to know about the complete scope of the platform and revenue models as well.

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