Boat Rental App Development

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 09, 2024

Boat Rental App Development

The rise of thrill in transportation is never going to be older. Despite having so many luxurious transportation modes, people still look after the best of the best. Boats are one of the most demanded and entertaining transport mediums, allowing travelers to explore the unbound ocean, river, lakes, etc. Now, if you are looking for a boat rental app development guide, then your fate has brought you to the right spot.

This blog comprises comprehensive knowledge of developing a boat rental app. We have researched and provided step-by-step for developing a boat rental app. So stick till the end of this blog and gain accurate knowledge on boat rental app development:

Future Of Boat Renting

It is important to peek into the future of boat renting before investing. Here are some stats that show the lucrativeness:

  • The revenue segment in the boat rental market is showing growth of $31,530 million between 2024- 2029.
  • The CAGR in boat renting is growing at 5.3%, and it is increasing annually.
  • Asia, Europe, Germany, and America will be the leading countries in the boat rental business.

Boat Rental App Development - Workflow

Here's a general overview of the workflow for a boat rental app for renters, boat drivers, and business owners:

For Renters

  • Search and browse available boats based on location, type, size, and amenities.
  • View boat details, including photos, pricing, availability, and owner ratings and reviews.
  • Select desired dates and times for rental, and submit a booking request.
  • Communicate with the boat owner or rental agency to confirm details and ask questions.
  • Pay for the rental through the app and receive confirmation and rental agreement.

For Helmsman

  • Receive and review rental requests from potential renters.
  • Communicate with renters to address any questions or concerns and confirm the rental and ticket details.
  • Coordinate with the boat and rental agency to ensure that the boat is ready for departure.
  • Meet with the renters at the designated location and time to take command of the boat, provide safety instructions, and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed.

For Business Owners

  • Manage boat listings, including adding new boats, updating availability, and setting pricing and rental terms.
  • Receive and review rental requests from renters and respond promptly to confirm or negotiate details.
  • Coordinate with helmsman to ensure smooth handover of boats to renters.
  • Handle payment processing, including collecting rental fees and security deposits and disbursing earnings to boat owners.
  • Manage customer service and support, addressing any issues or disputes that may arise during the rental process.

Boat Rental App Development: The Complete Process

To develop an application for boats, you must conduct thorough market research, analyze competitors, set pricing & ranges, and many more. Continue reading for a brief description:

Market Research

Start by conducting proper market research. Analyze the area where you are going to serve your boat rental service and know how many people are used to visiting there. If you live in a fast-growing city, then you have to also know people’s interests, their weak points, and other competitors in the area.

Competition Analysis

Analyzing competitors for boat rental app development is standing as one of the most vital factors. It helps align your business idea with other key players in the same business niche. Business owners can start by examining the competitor’s app, their offerings, subscriptions, pricing, etc., to satisfy their vision. Also, try to read users' feedback and comments to bridge any gaps occurring in the boat rental business.

Choose A Platform

It is necessary to decide on the right platform for your boat rental mobile app. There are generally two types of popular platforms existing: Android and iOS. Now, you can decide on what platform you need your app to be built. An application on Android offers independent customization, open-source, easy costing, etc. On the other hand, iOS applications come with faster development time, fewer errors, high ROI, and many more. Businesses can also go with a hybrid boat rental mobile app development, which can be rendered on both Android and iOS.

Boat Rental App Development

The process of developing a boat rental app needs proper strategies & tactics to implant features. It also requires the latest tech-stack awareness based on the platform selection. First, it should undergo a designing process, which includes wireframing the application model with logo, colors, content style, fonts, pages, and many more. Then, the development stage helps it make life by coding & programming.

It requires the cooperation of both the front end and back end developers to maintain the UI/UX and security of the boat rental app. By completing these processes, the app can be sent to process further.


The testing phase of the boat rental app inspects the development and checks if each and every feature, page, and UI/UX has been developed as expected. A professional QA and testing team is assigned to do the job. They go deeper into each page of the renting app and verify every piece of code and app section.

It is their job to identify any bug or problem and report it to the developer to fix it. After satisfying testing, they create a report, and the application moves forward to the next stage.


The deployment stage of the boat rental app is hosting it to make it globally available. This process includes publishing the entire production code to worldwide servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. In this phase, knowledge of the latest version control technologies like Git, SCM(Source Code Management), and RCS(Revision Control System) is required.

We admire your presence here and provide free hosting on the Google Play Store and Apple Store after boat rental app development.

Marketing & Promotion

You need to think about a trailblazing marketing & promotional strategy after deploying and developing a boat rental app. We recommend you start by building a social media presence and creating a business account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Use hashtags to reach your targeted audience easily. Also, try creating unique banners that advertise your app and hang them somewhere near beaches, rivers, seaside, etc.

Timely Maintenance

Timely maintenance for your boat rental app is quite necessary. You might want to add a new variety of boats, new services, travel programs, etc., to sustain your business. In such cases, having a CRM panel becomes important. With the help of a CRM panel, admins can maintain changes and modify in-app categories without any need for technical knowledge.

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Must Have Features In A Boat Rental App

Features in a boat rental app must be spearheading, cutting-edge, updated to generation, and catering to public needs. Here are the list of some top features:

Quick Signup/Login

This feature lets users easily sign up and log in using their social media accounts. It brings all data, like name, age, date of birth, and location, in a single click.

Search & Filter Option

With this feature, users can easily search for their preferred boat type, such as yacht, cruise, pontoon, jetboat, etc. They can also modify the search by entering the number of sitters.

Availability Status

This shows the availability of a boat on a given date. It incorporates the calendar and manifests the date of availability of a boat.

GPS Tracking

Users can track the boat live on the mobile application even if they are on board. It helps them track how far they have come and where to head when they want to return.

Nautical Maps

It is a navigation tool that helps users to navigate through the sea. It can be used for a variety of activities like sailing, recreational boating, fishing, and boat racing.

Secure Payment Gateways

With this feature, users can pay the entire boating fee with different payment options like credit/debit card, net banking, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Rating & Reviews

A user can write a review and give a star rating based on their boating experience. It also helps in improving business operations.

Category Management

The category management feature lets admins create categories of boats based on their size, passenger capacity, speed, and use motive.

Professional Dashboard

The professional dashboard helps businesses to show the live status of their business. It aids in tracking active boats, managing payments, generating invoices, and viewing analytics.

Customer Support

Users can connect with the team of customer support executives anytime, even if they are on board. It allows them to call or chat using the boat rental app.

Benefits of A Boat Rental App

Having an online presence of a boating business helps businesses generate multiple ways to gain benefits. A boat rental app can offer several business benefits:

Increased Reach

By having an app, boat rental businesses can reach a larger audience and tap into the growing market for on demand services.

Enhanced Customer Experience

An app can offer users a convenient and user-friendly platform to browse available boats, make reservations, and access support services, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

Streamlined Operations

Automating the booking and rental process through an app can streamline operations, reduce administrative workload, and improve efficiency.

Marketing And Promotions

An app can be utilized to launch targeted marketing campaigns, offer promotional deals, and engage with customers through push notifications and in-app messaging.

Data Analytics

Through an app, businesses can collect valuable data on user behavior, preferences, and market trends, which can be used to make informed business decisions and improve service offerings.

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly digital marketplace, having a well-designed and functional app can set a boat rental business apart from competitors and attract tech-savvy customers.

These are just a few potential business benefits of a boat rental app. Each business may experience different advantages based on its specific needs and customer base.

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How To Make Money Using A Boat Rental App?

Businesses can use a boat rental app to profit from them in various ways. Here is the list:

Commission Fees

Charge boat owners a commission for each successful rental transaction facilitated through the app. This could be a percentage of the rental fee or a flat rate.

Rental Fees

Businesses can take a percentage of the rental fee paid by the renters as a service fee for using the platform.

Insurance Services

Offer insurance services to boat owners and renters that allow you to earn commissions or fees for each policy sold through the app.

Advertising And Sponsorship

Partner with relevant marine and leisure brands to display targeted ads in the app or feature sponsored content.

Transaction Fees

Charge a small fee for payment processing services for rental transactions conducted through the app. Businesses can decide the percentage of the amount they wish to collect.

Premium Features

Admins can provide boat owners with premium features, such as enhanced listing visibility or priority customer support, for an additional fee.

Complete Cost & Time For Boat Rental App Development

The cost and time to develop a boat rental app depend on numerous factors. It can be affected by complexity, availability, tech stack, active workforce, and many more.

FactorEstimated Time
Estimated Cost
Boat rental app for Android
8-10 days$8,000- $10,000
Boat rental app for iOS12 - 15 days$10,000- $15,000
A hybrid boat rental app15-20 days$10,000- $20,000


The boat rental app development process can be daunting as it requires proper planning and an active team. From UI/UX interface to payment gateways, every section of the application requires accurate planning. If you are looking for a mobile app development company, then look no further than Hyperlocal Cloud. We have 3+ years of vast experience with 150+ developers on the floor. We provide cutting-edge mobile apps for different industries like tourism, finance, education, food, etc. Get in touch with our experts and take the first step today.

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