Best Apps Like Wonolo

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 02, 2024

Best Apps Like Wonolo

Everyone is multiskilled in this era; all they seek is a platform that can help them manifest their talent. That’s why it creates a business opportunity to help talented people earn income. While there are various platforms offering freelancing jobs, an app like Wonolo can be very effective. It lets people choose their work type and time when they want to finish a job.

Wonolo is an on demand recruitment platform that lets people get paid by working hourly. It provides a passive income source to its users. It combines the words “Work, Now, Locally.” From warehousing to IT experts, any skilled person can register themselves on the platform to start earning. Workers can work on their flexible time without disturbing their lifestyle and receive instant payment.

Now, as you’ve planned to get a Wonolo clone, then this blog can aid you in different ways. Continue reading and explore everything about our unique offerings. Let’s get started:

Similar Apps Like Wonolo

Conducting a competitive analysis to know more about the business is important. Here, we have mentioned a few apps similar to Wonolo and their benefaction:


Instawork is a mobile-friendly labor marketplace that gives opportunities to hourly workers to earn by their skill set. It is a platform where a variety of jobs can be found, like hospitality, food services, cleaning, retail, and warehousing. It operates with a vision to create passive income opportunities for hourly workers.

It includes a few top features like no-fee instant money withdrawal, cashback, find shifts, post-shift, view & accept a shift, profile management, review earnings and claim.


TaskRabbit app lets its users find local services like home cleaning, gardening, handyman, plumbing, etc. It lets users raise a request for what they want to be done, and registered workers can make a gig. After accepting a gig successfully, workers get their scheduled time to visit and complete the task, payment, location, and equipment suggestions.

TaskRabbit comes with several features like multilingual and multi currency support, in-app chat, advanced search, automatic payment, city radius pricing, and many more. That’s why the demand for a TaskRabbit clone is also rising, as it resembles Wonolo.


Bluecrew is an hourly workforce-as-a-service solution which was founded in 2015. It is based in Chicago, Illinois. Bluecrew users can become their own boss by choosing their preferred time and type of work. It lets users enroll in any job profile without giving an interview.

With Bluecrew, businesses received peak performances without investing in the cost of recruiting a staff member and bypassing the hiring process. Bluecrew offers benefits like overtime, sick days, worker compensations, etc., to their W-2 employees.


ToolBelt is a mobile device that connects contractors with trade persons and helps them get their jobs done in time. It is a digital platform that helps contractors find skilled labor in a specific region.

A few top features of ToolBelt include finding work, finding leads, getting clients and talent, and connecting with employees. It generally operates on the free and pro plans, worth $400/month.


Qwick caters to the needs of the hospitality and food service industry by providing freelancers at the right time. It is a platform that lets jobs fill staff by finding the right talented pool. It is accessible to both freelancers and businesses. The minimum time to work and earn in Qwick is 30 minutes. It means that any freelancer can earn while he/she is traveling.

Some of the top features that Qwick offers are a two-way rating system, permanent work opportunities, tip payouts, and service-oriented support. It is also equipped with matching algorithms that let freelancers meet the right client, resonating with their business needs.


JiffyOnDemand is a popular app or web platform in Boston, Chicago, Toronto, and Ottawa. This lets app users get jobs in their locality. The app is equipped with 33 different types of home service solutions, including plumbing, lawn care, laundry, and more. It was founded in 2015 by Paul Arlin, Ryan Shupak, and Jaimie Grossman.

Not just Wonolo, but the increasing demand for a multi-service app is growing daily. So, these mentioned apps are similar to Wonolo. Each one of them has its importance, features, deliverables, and more.

Business Benefits Of Wonolo Clone

Having an app like Wonolo comes with various advantages for businesses. Here, we have mentioned some:

Streamlined Hiring

With the Wonolo like app, businesses can quickly post job opportunities by providing details about the type of work, location, and pay rate. This simple process ensures that staffing needs are met promptly, saving time and effort and allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Reliable Workers

Wonolo is committed to providing reliable workers, and all workers undergo a thorough screening process before they can start working through the app. You can trust that the workers you hire through Wonolo will be efficient and dependable, eliminating the uncertainty that often comes with temporary staffing.

Worker Ratings

To further enhance the platform's reliability, businesses can rate and review workers after completing a job. This feedback system ensures that you can find the right workers for your specific needs based on their past performance. By using this feature, you are making your voice heard and contributing to the platform's credibility and trustworthiness.

Increase Brand Visibility

Any business can reach an audience beyond its boundaries by offering top-tier features, fast-paced service response, and a dynamic UI/UX-rich platform. With an extraordinary business name and tagline, businesses can attract many users to the platform, which results in huge profits.

Must-Have Features In A Wonolo Clone

Having advanced features in a Wonolo app can improve its accessibility and let the business stand ahead in the competition. Let’s explore more:

Job Search

These features help workers find suitable job opportunities based on their industry preference, skills, experience, payroll, etc.

Job Posting

Business owners can post any job and opening on the Wolone clone by specifying job requirements, location, payment, etc.

Quick Booking

It gives employers the authority to book any worker quickly for a period of time. They can also design their shift, pay patterns, and so forth.


This feature lets workers schedule their time of availability to work. It gives flexibility and allows them to choose a convenient way to start working.

Real-Time Updates

Both the worker and the employer receive updates when there is any job-related alert. It gives the employer a notification alert when they find their matching worker, and the worker receives a notification when they are hired for a task.

In-App Chat

This feature allows workers to connect with the employer easily and vice versa. Also, any worker and employer can chat with the admins in case of any app error.

Payment Management

This feature gives every detail of initiated, credited, and pending refund payments. By entering the ID of any employer or worker, businesses can solve any query that is raised.

Rating & Review

Workers can rate the experience of working with an employer, and employers can also rate & write about a worker's skill set. This helps them generate the lead in the future.

Referral Program

The referral feature rewards users for referring their friends and colleagues.

Revenue Generating Models Of An App Like Wonolo

After successfully building and launching the Wonolo clone, here are a few ways that can help you make money:

Commission Fee

With this revenue model, The business owner receives a generous commission fee for each service provided through our Wonolo clone. It can be decided while analyzing the market and competition.

Ads & Promotion

Taskers can pay for promotions to appear on top of search results and increase visibility. This can be involved in premium features. It highlights a tasker’s profile at the top based on their skill.

Surge Charges

Wonolo clone works on a surge charges model, which states that it will charge a high fee when working for a high-demand service.

Supporting Fee

By choosing Wonolo clone charges a small trust and support fee, which is added to the service fee. This way, we can provide you with the highest quality service and support, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

How To Build An App Like Wonolo?

Getting a Wonolo clone requires deep research, creating business tactics, analysis, etc. Checkout the complete step:

Market Analysis

Start with market analysis and decide your offerings. Creating an effective marketing and business strategy is also a crucial part of this step. You can consider trying the SWOT technique, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Any business can easily figure out more about their business with this step. This is the first step any business owner must consider before starting a Wonolo clone.

Target Audience

As a business person, knowing the interests of your target audience plays a vital role. You can also pick any similar application mentioned above and view users' comments and feedback. It will aid you in finding any business gaps and building a strategy to run your business. You can also visit in person with any person who is looking for such a platform and consult about your business to get the best output.

Choose The Right Platform

Along with writing business plans and creating strategies, determining the right platform for your online platform is as vital as researching the market trends. It depends on what platform the maximum target audience is using. Know more:

  • iOS

Developing an application for iOS required in-depth knowledge of Objective-C and Swift. Apple provides a software development kit, which can also be very useful when considering an application to be on the iOS platform. The majority of people can be seen holding iOS devices, which raises the need for an iOS app.

  • Android

Having a presence on the Android platform comes with lots of benefits. It reduces app development costs and gives scope for innovation, customizable UI, and more. It is an open-source platform, and it has a user base that is bigger than iOS. It promotes brands to reach big markets easily and can be deployed faster.

  • Hybrid Platform

A hybrid mobile app runs on both Android and iOS. It eliminates the need to opt for a specific operating system to render the app. It makes the app available for every target audience and access the services.

  • Web App

A web app lets your Wonolo clone be accessible on both the website and the app. Here, web developers are app developers who work simultaneously to build cutting-edge solutions. The web app is like an application that works exactly as an application. People find websites more easily accessible than mobile apps, and that’s why having a presence on Web apps becomes crucial.


The designing is the process of creating the interface, planning UI/UX, integrating design frameworks, and many more. App or platform pages, content, brand logo, etc., are planned in this phase. In conclusion, designing an app like Wonolo is based on imagination and taking references from competitors.


In the development stage, developers use their programming skills to code the designing part using their technical knowledge. Generally, there are two parts of development: front-end development, where the UI/UX, content, logo, images, and animation are integrated. Another one is the back-end development, where payment gateways incorporating APIs, server security, database management, etc.


Before launching, it is important to cross-check the features, UI/UX, security, and every corner of the website or mobile app. An experienced QA team is assigned to complete the task and ensure quality. After satisfying testing, they create a report that states that the website or mobile application is ready for further processing.

Deployment & Launching

After completing the testing and development phase, the app is ready to be deployed on global servers like Google Play Store, App Store, and other commercial domains. Here, developers must collectively ensure they have mounted every app’s file into the server.

Branding And Promotion

Consider creating promotional strategies, which include building a presence on every social media platform, using hashtags and boost tools to reach the maximum audience, and collaborating with the same niche business to attract a user base effectively.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Wonolo?

The complete cost to build an app like Wonolo varies from $10,000 - $20,000. This is not a fixed amount as it is affected by different factors like source availability, paid framework, complex UI/UX, etc.

It can take about 4 - 6 weeks to get the complete solution. The mentioned time can increase and decrease due to numerous factors. It is recommended to consult with the experts before delegating the project.


An app like Wonolo is quite a lucrative business idea for the future. By having top features, following the right development process, creating marketing, and applying a money-making strategy, any entrepreneur can achieve their business goals.

To get solutions, Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading on demand app development company. We have demo-ready mobile apps for your business that can be availed in a budget-friendly way and within a short period of time. Connect with our experts today and get started.

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