Redefining A White Label GDS Booking System

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 19, 2023

Redefining A White Label GDS Booking System

Your travel business might be small or big, but it can’t survive without a highly scalable and robust white label GDS booking system. A white label GDS booking software is a ready-made travel online portal that runs on your brand's logo and name. This solution lets you sell flight tickets, hotel reservations, holiday packages, car rentals, bus bookings, and other travel products online.

This software has proven to be a highly adaptable and automated method of managing your travel business. With this software, you can provide your customers the convenience of booking hotels, flights, and other things at their fingertips.

If you want to upscale your local travel business, experts at Hyperlocal Cloud can help you out. Our white label GDS booking system will allow you to run your online travel business seamlessly and gain financial benefits too. Our white label GDS booking software is a cost-effective solution that makes the booking process a lot easier and simpler. Get in touch with us today!

This article will discuss all about our white label GDS booking system, its features, and how it can help your business to level up in the market.

Current White Label GDS Booking System Market Trends

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  • The online travel market size is expected to reach 1 trillion U.S. dollars by the year 2030.
  • The revenue generated from the online travel industry is expected to reach 2 billion U.S. dollars.

What Is White Label GDS Booking System?

A white label GDS booking system refers to a travel technology solution that allows businesses to offer online travel booking services under their own brand. GDS stands for Global Distribution System, which is a network that connects travel agents and travel service providers to access and sell travel inventory like flights, hotels, and car rental management.

The white label aspect means that the system can be customized and branded with the business's logo and identity, providing a seamless booking experience for customers. This system enables businesses to enter the travel industry quickly and efficiently, leveraging established infrastructure and industry connections.

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we can customize the white label GDS booking system as per your business needs and requirements. We can add unique and interactive features that would give a competitive edge in the market. Contact our experts and get started.

Create Your Own White Label GDS Booking System With Us

At Hyperlocal Cloud, our experts are dedicated to providing world-class development solutions to our clients globally. We can help you build a high-end white label GDS booking system with the latest and interactive features.

Benefits Of White Label GDS Booking Software

Our white label GDS booking system offers multiple travel services to your customers, which is beneficial for your business. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits you will get from our white label solution:

Cost Reduction

As the white label GDS booking system is a ready-made solution, you do not need to build your online travel booking system from scratch. In this way, you can cut costs related to the research and development of the online travel booking application.

Increase In Sales

The user-friendly interface of our white label GDS booking software attracts more consumers. It will be like the development of bus booking, cruise booking systems, car rental bookings, hotel bookings, and more in one place. It sparks the interest of the consumers, leading to more sales.

Higher Revenues

You can earn huge revenues from in-app purchases and advertisements. Each time a consumer books from your booking system, you can get a commission from it.

Boost Customer Retention

By providing ease of online booking to customers, businesses would surely get satisfied consumers. The user-friendly interface of the software will increase customer engagement and retention.

Features Of White Label GDS Booking Software

Our white label GDS booking software comes with unique and interactive features that make your online travel booking business stand out from others:

Airline Booking

White label GDS booking system fetches the online flight information and shows it on the application's front end in an attractive UI/UX design. From this portal, customers can book their flight tickets and make payments.

Car/Bus Booking

With the integration of API and CRS, customers can book car rental and bus services nearby by searching it on the application and making payments.

Holiday Packages

We will show your holiday packages on the white label GDS booking system in a way that will catch the attention of the consumer. They can avail of the packages available in the particular location and will redirect to the payment gateway to pay for their chosen package.

Hotel Booking

Consumers will be able to book hotels online in any preferred location. The best part is that they can book it anytime, anywhere, without even contacting you for the details and availability. They can check whether the hotel is available on the date they plan to book.

Payment Gateway

Our white label GDS booking system involves a full-proof payment gateway for consumers to make payments online. They will be able to pay for the service via credit/debit card, PayPal, and many other payment options.

SMS Gateway Integration

Our white label GDS booking software involves SMS gateway integration that sends SMS to customers notifying them about their booking confirmation, PNR status, and other details.

In-App Chat/Call

The GDS booking software will include an in-app chat and call feature for consumers to get in touch with the specific agency regarding their concerns or bookings.

Other features include push notifications, social media integration, responsive design, and multi-language support.

White Label GDS Booking System: Business Models

Businesses can choose from our different types of white label GDS booking software business models as per their requirements and offerings:

Single Entity Model

In the single-entity model, the white label GDS software includes providing services directly to target end consumers. You can have your own branded travel booking mobile app, which allows individual travellers to search and book travel services like flights, hotels, and car rentals. Revenue can be generated through commissions, markups, or advertising partnerships.

Aggregator Model

In the aggregator model, you can offer your platform to travel agencies, tour operators, or other businesses in the travel industry. These businesses can then use the system to book travel services for their clients. You can charge a setup fee, a transaction fee, or a combination of both.

Hybrid Model

You can offer a hybrid model that combines B2B and B2C elements. It caters to both businesses and individual consumers, providing tailored solutions to each segment. For example, you may offer exclusive features or discounted pricing to travel agencies while offering your own services to your audience.

Build Your Travel Brand With Our White Label GDS Booking Software

Our GDS booking system will help you elevate your brand by offering valuable service to your customers. With its user-friendly interface, your customers can easily book hotels, flights, and more at their fingertips.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud’s White Label GDS Booking Software?

The travel industry requires the use of the latest technology to grow in this competitive market. White label GDS booking software can take your travel business to new level heights. It is the next best thing for startups to create a brand presence in the market.

Hyperlocal Cloud is an on-demand app development company that offers full-proof while label GDS booking system to travel companies. With our solution, you can provide your customers the convenience of making online bookings at their fingertips.

From building your bus booking system and car rentals to flight ticket booking, our white label GDS booking software has got it covered. It is the most cost-effective solution for your business as it does not involve creating an application from scratch. We will customize the solution as per your brand’s requirements and needs. Here’s why we would be the best option for your next project.

Experienced Developers

We have a team of 250+ developers with extensive knowledge of emerging technologies. We can help you create your customized white label GDS booking software solution to meet market standards.

Regular Updates

Our experts assist you in regularly updating your white label GDS booking system. Also, we continuously monitor your application to keep it flawless and bug-free.

100+ Apps Delivered

We have developed and deployed 100+ applications to our clients globally. We can create yours, too, with the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks.

Travel businesses should make the most out of white label GDS booking system and start their app development journey with us now!

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