Onlyfans App Development Cost & Features Overview

By Hyperlocal Cloud

July 17, 2023

Onlyfans App Development Cost & Features Overview

If you are an entrepreneur looking to develop an OnlyFans app, you may wonder about the cost of such a venture. The cost of developing an OnlyFans app depends on various factors, including the development process, additional expenses, and the type of development team you hire. This comprehensive guide will look at all the factors influencing the cost of OnlyFans app development and provide tips on reducing expenses.

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Introduction To Onlyfans App

OnlyFans is a content subscription service that allows creators to monetize their content. The platform has gained immense popularity, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. An OnlyFans app can help creators reach a wider audience and generate more revenue. Developing an OnlyFans app, however, requires careful planning and a significant investment.

Time to explore some interesting facts about the OnlyFans app before you start:

The OnlyFans platform has more than 190+ million registered users and over 2 million creators.
The most popular category on OnlyFans is ‘adult content.’
A creator on this platform is independent in setting their fee.
A creator can earn money from tips and pay-per-view content.
The platform is available in almost 190 countries.

Scope Of An OnlyFans App

Let’s take a look at how the OnlyFans app is thriving in the USA:

  • In February 2023, OnlyFans hit its milestone by achieving 400+ million users in the USA.
  • In contrast with other countries, the USA has the most active users on the OnlyFans app platform.
  • An average OnlyFans creator makes $180/month in the USA.

Revenue Records Of the Last Few Years Of OnlyFans

A better past can predict a better future. Let’s see how OnlyFans was performing back in years:

 After exploring the chat, we can discover that the future of OnlyFans clone apps is bright and safe to invest in.

Active Users On OnlyFans App

There are approximately 190 million active fans there. Let’s understand it deeply:

  • OnlyFans have approximately 87% male users.
  • 10% of females use OnlyFans.
  • The Remaining 3% of users don’t prefer to show their gender

What Is The Cost Of OnlyFans App Development?

The app development cost for OnlyFans starts from $9,000. There are not any specific costs because the price depends on different factors. To make you understand in-depth, let’s understand with a complete cost breakdown of an OnlyFans app:

Outsource software$35,000-$50,000
Application launch$15,000
Post-deploy maintenance$1,500-$4,000
Project manager cost$25-$50/hr
QA & Testers$5,000-$10,000

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OnlyFans App Development Cost - Based On App’s Complexity

The complexity of the app also results in an increased development cost. A less complex app has an easy development process but is less functional, whereas a medium complex app has limited features. A complex app can take time to build and require a big investment, but it offers advanced features, immersive UI, and better functionalities.

Complexity LevelEstimated Amount
Basic level$10,000 - $25,000
Medium level$25,000 - $45,000
Advance level$45,000 - $80,000

Cost Of OnlyFans App Development - Based On Location

The development location of an app can also justify the hike in development cost. So let’s understand the location cost breakdown:

Hyperlocal Cloud-NY$15-$20
North America$30-$75
Gulf Countries$35-$75

Advance Features To Have In Your OnlyFans App

Let’s look at some of the important features in your OnlyFans clone app. Smart features in your app can help you gain mass client retention:

Social Media Integrations

This feature will let users share the content of their favorite celebrities and their profile on their social media platforms. It will expand the app's number of users, which will help generate revenue.

Group Chat

With a proper intimate setting, this feature will allow users to interact with other users and their favorite content creators.


This feature lets users host live streams, QA sessions, and game nights. It can help users to engage with their favorite creator.

Virtual-Reality Content

This advanced technology and feature will let a user connect with their favorite celebrity more effectively. It requires a VR headset to get started.


This feature will let content-creator to isolate their top fans from others. It can also help creators to retain their fans.

What Type Of Content Creators Can Join OnlyFans App?

An application like the OnlyFans app allows every type of content creator to join the platform. Let’s understand which type of creator can join the OnlyFans app:

Adult Content Creators

The OnlyFans is best known for its adult content creation. These types of creators produce explicit content, including photos, videos, and live streams.

Fitness Experts

A fitness expert posts diet tips, workout videos, and more fitness-related content. They can also offer personal training services and sell workout videos.


Musicians can also share their creativity using the OnlyFans app. A musician can earn income by selling behind-the-scenes footage and live performances.


An entrepreneur can use OnlyFans and create their potential fan base. Here, they can also discuss new product launches and give one-to-one training to their fans.


Influencers here can share exclusive thoughts and build closer relationships with their fans. They can share exclusive content or sell merchandise.

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How Can You Generate Revenue With OnlyFans App?

As OnlyFans is a subscription-based model, it takes a 20% cut from the paid amount of a user, and the rest 80% belongs to the creator. However, It allows its creators to generate revenue in various ways. Let’s explore them:


Creators can set a subscription fee to access their content. A fan who subscribes will be eligible to access all the photos, media, and posts of their favorite content creator. The paid amount of the subscription will be divided, and a cut will be credited to the owner’s account.


Giving tips is a great way for content creators to get support from their fans. So on every tip, a tiny amount belongs to the owner.


An owner is independent in setting prices for content creators to sell their content to fans. Here an owner receives payment based on the 80:20 rule.

Charge For Badge

A badge is a reward that a content creator gives to fans. You can provide them limited badges to give, and once the badges of a creator exceed, they will ask you to refill, and you can charge in return for it.

Tech-Stack Required For OnlyFans App Development

The latest technology stack is needed to make the OnlyFans app that can push your business ahead in the competition. Be advised; a cutting-edge technology requires a special group of developers. That’s where the costs also can rise higher:

Front EndHTML, CSS, JS, Angular, Vue, React
Back EndNode JS, Express JS and Django
DevOpsDocker and Kubernetes
DeploymentJenkins or Git CI
ArchitectureA microservice architecture for scalable modules
App for AndroidJulia and Kotlin, React Native, Flutter
App for iOSSwift and Objective-C
DatabasePostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
CallingWebRTC from Agora, Sendbird, Twilior
Real-time chatWebsocket frameworks like and SignalR
Push notificationFirebase cloud for Android and Apple push notification for iOS
SMSTwilio and Nexmo
Payment GatewayStripe, PayPal, and Braintree
GeolocationAPIs from Google Maps


In the coming times, the use of OnlyFans app will be very vigorous. It is becoming famous day by day. Because of its popularity, many people will be able to use it, so industrialists can get many financial benefits. An experienced IT industry can help you achieve your desired OnlyFans App, an organization like Hyperlocal Cloud has all the expertise to help you get an app that will help your business to be on top in the market.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Cost Of OnlyFans App Development?

The cost of developing an app like OnlyFans starts from $9,000. The cost can rise higher as per the requirement of features, tech stacks to be included, location of the company, and workforce.

How Much Time Will It Take To Develop An OnlyFans App?

Getting a complete solution for the OnlyFans clone app can take around 2 weeks of complete development. If the complexity of the application is higher or any additional feature is demanded, then development time can be lengthier.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For OnlyFans App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has 11+ years of experience creating such applications and other on-demand services. We have worked with 1200+ worldwide clients, and our 150+ workforce is highly skilled to serve a desired solution for our clients.

Is This A Scalable App Idea?

An application like OnlyFans elevated the concept of social media apps to new heights through smart features like live streaming, group chats, video calls, and more. Hence, it proves how social media apps have high scalability.

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