How To Start An Organizing Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 05, 2023

How To Start An Organizing Business?

A professional organizer is a person who turns messy spaces into efficient spaces for businesses and households. Their jobs range from organizing a storage space to even organizing a shoe closet. Organizers play a great role in helping their clients feel better around objects and act as coaches to organize objects rather than throwing them. Organizers must also learn about their clients to help them organize spaces to win.

Organizers may seem like they are getting involved mostly in handiwork, but they are also involved in large tasks like painting, construction, or working with subcontractors. There is also a National Association For Professional Organizers that offers multiple courses on how to be a professional organizer. In contrast, there is not really any license required to become a professional organizer. Businesses can hire professional organizers to sort out and organize their paperwork.

Industry Stats And Growth

  • The home organization market grew over 40% higher than in the last decade. Famous researcher Analyst Research values the organization market in the USA with a massive sum of $12.2B in the year 2021.
  • A heavy growth forecast is predicted for this business from 2018-2028, with a rate of 7%. This industry will raise about 9600 jobs in the USA before 2028.
  • There are already 45000 organizers employed in the USA.
  • As per Step by Step Business research, the average price that customers pay to professional organizers is around $500. This price varies, yet the professional organizers make about 90% per year. The first or second year can bring in massive revenues of about $70,000.
  • After you get a couple of gigs and your brand gets recognized, you can easily climb to 10 jobs per week. The expected revenue is $260,000; the professional organizer can make a hefty sum of $234,000.

Benefits Of Opening A Professional Organizing Business

There are multiple benefits to opening a professional organizing business, some of which are listed below:

A Flexible Schedule

The most important aspect of starting an organizing business is owning a flexible schedule to work. While one owns a flexible schedule to work, the organizers can actually help people with disabilities, drug problems, or other medical issues.

Promote What You Love

People can earn through a professional organizing business while doing the things they love. Also, people get a sense of professionalism through your trained set of organizing services. You can also become a thought changer and start your work as Marie Condo could only be successful after she released her book, “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up”.

Get High-End Customers

Through a professional organizing business, you can get guaranteed sky-rocketed growth. Considering the fact that this service is required periodically, you will always have clients.

Through high-end customers, you can have a set of loyal clients who will keep coming back to you.

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Services Offered By A Professional Organizer

Let us have a look at the types of services that can be offered through a professional organizational business:

Organizing For Estates

This service will be provided to the owners of private property after any family member passes away. Oftentimes, it is quite painful for the family to handle the belongings of the deceased; a professional organizer can be of great help. For the paperwork for legal filings, moving bank accounts, and other documentation-related work, organizers can also help to select objects to put them for sale or auction.

De-Clutter For Residences

Clutter means something you don't require but is taking your house space, and you don't know what to do with it. This can be your old clothes, paperwork, toys, or much more. Through the help of an organizing business, you can easily get rid of them. A professional organizing platform can help you provide organizing services to such customers within a couple of clicks.

Office Organizing

The office setup can be overwhelming for employees who are gathering employee data for a long time. The office organization service will aid the officials in getting rid of the unnecessary paperwork stored in the office premises. This will help to utilize the office space in the best possible way.

Organizing And Decor

Though the most important factor about an organizing business is making a place functional, the decor aspect cannot be ignored. Professional organizers ensure that the spaces are made functional and offer aesthetics to the customers as well.

Moving And Organizing

While moving to a new neighborhood, customers can use a professional organizer to help pack and unpack while arranging the items that a packer-mover service won't. After shifting, professional organizers can help to unpack and help with the house decor.

Steps to Start Your Organizing Business

The steps to start your business can range from identifying your business niche to conducting marketing research. The most important aspect of starting a business in this industry is creating a user-friendly platform to attract countless customers.

Identify Your Business Niche

The most important part of organizing a business is identifying your niche. To help you explore this, you need to conduct heavy research and confirm your target customers. For example, you may be interested more in offering cooperative services like organizing office spaces or storage units.

While carrying out your research, you also need to be aware of the pain points of your potential customers and their budgets. You also need to be able to solve their organizational problems and help them upgrade their surrounding. This tactic helps you to target clients and create a new organizational business to help businesses reach a competitive edge.

Create A Proper Business Plan

You have to be sure that the business plan you create has all the potential targets you hit and goals. The business plan you make has to help you build a roadmap for your success. This business plan will help you strategize your vision and create a predictive analysis. Given below are some of the points you have to include in your business plan:

Executive Summary

Includes your entire business summary and highlights your USP.

Company’s Description

Includes your company’s roadmap and business description.

Your Market Analysis

Analysis of your market and potential markets.

Your Services

This step highlights your services and helps you discover what else you can include in your offerings.

Management And Organization

You have to decide on building a team to manage your business on a daily basis.

Financial Projections

The financial projections are estimations that will help you predict a revenue margin.

Licenses And Permits

The next step is getting the license and permits to ensure a smooth business workflow.

Establish Your Brand

Create a strong brand identity, establish your brand, and create a series of offerings. The brand will have all the necessary strengths. Your brand identity will include multiple things like the business logo, values, services, and offerings. After you establish the brand, you can easily get numerous customers.

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How To Establish Yourself As A Brand?

Establishing yourself as a brand becomes easy when some important steps are considered.

The first and foremost step is to create an understanding and a set of core values of your brand’s personality.

Core Values

The core values are your company’s vision and mission. This part makes you establish a brand personality. The core value will help you to resonate with your desired target audience.

Select An Appropriate Business Name

You have to select an appropriate business name that has to be appealing enough to help clients understand the brand’s importance through a sense of professionalism. Make sure to research multiple brands before agreeing to add an appropriate business name.

Design A Logo

Designing a logo is crucial to help form a connection with your customers. Through your logo, your brand’s identity will be defined. So make sure that the logo conveys your message simply to the potential clients with its eye-catching design.

Build A Robust Website

Another important step when creating your brand is building a robust website highlighting all your services and achievements. Your website will be the most crucial aspect for your business to succeed in the present digitalized world.

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading app development company that ensures that the platform we develop for you covers important factors like the following:

  • All Your business goals are covered to help you reach your desired outcomes and projections
  • All your website content is SEO-based, and your homepage is crafted faultlessly
  • A reliable CMS and robust backend infrastructure
  • Efficient marketing strategy with the best UI/UX designs

Concentrate On Developing Marketing Materials

Even after developing, concentrate on the marketing materials for your brand to succeed. The marketing materials will include business cards, brochures, flyers, and social media posts. However, the main focus here is to have a marketing strategy and then take things forward.


The National Associate For Professional Organizers, NAPO, offers certified courses to train people in professional organizing. Suppose you are looking to invest your time and money in opening an organizing business. In that case, you can hire professional organizers and offer your customers countless services for homes and offices. Allow a one-on-one service between organizers and clients and help create functional spaces with an aesthetic touch.

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