How To Start An Online Clothing Rental Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 11, 2023

How To Start An Online Clothing Rental Business?

Technology is evolving in the fashion industry at a rocket speed. In today’s trend of AR trials and online trial rooms, people are relying on online shopping platforms. There are typically three types of clothing rental business: dress rental, costume rental, and apparel rental business. With the use of technology, every type of clothing rental has been transformed online.

Rental for clothing helps users to rent their favorite attire for some time without committing to it. As it is convenient and demands affordable costs, the online clothing rental business is in demand. So here in this blog, we are going to talk about starting an online rental marketplace business for clothing. Let’s get started!

Stats Of Online Clothing Rental Business

In order to secure investment, let's take a glance into the future of the clothing rental business:

  • The clothing rental business was valued at around $1.12 billion in 2022.
  • It is growing at a CAGR of 8.5% between 2023 - 2030.
  • The overall revenue is predicted to grow to $2.33 billion before the end session of 2030.

Benefits Of Starting An Online Clothing Rental Business

There are several business benefits of starting a rental business for clothes. Take a look at them now:

Sustainable Business

Such businesses have been sustainable in the market for so long. As functions and events are a never-ending part of the world, they will sustain the demand for clothes. Thus, a rental business for clothing is sustainable and scalable.

Customer Engagement

By offering quality, clean and occasion-specific clothes, you can become successful in gaining a new customer base at the arrival of every new season. Thus, it increases the chances for users to visit your shop to look better at their events.

Highly Profitable

An online clothing rental business is profitable with smart business strategies and marketing ethics. Here, you will use the same attire to make money multiple times. All you need to do is invest time in its quality and dry clean to make it reusable.

Increase Sales

Purchasing a new wardrobe for every occasion is not affordable for every person. But with an online clothing rental business, users can actually access a wide number of clothes. They don’t have to arrange extra space to adjust their clothes. Thus, it can increase sales in your business effectively.

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Latest Features To Have In Online Clothing Rental Business App

We offer exclusive features for both business owners and customers in our app. It ensures security, safe transactions, and scalability in the business. Here is the list of features:

3D Showcase

With this feature, users can inspect the product’s size and quality and look by observing it in 360 degrees.

Request To Book

This feature allows customers to book their favorite attire with a click and schedule a visit to receive their order.

Multi-Currency & Language Support

Our app comes with multiple languages & currency support to expand your reach to different countries and people.

Multiple Payment Options

We embed secure and multiple payment options so that users can pay in their desired mode of payment.

Invoice Generation

This feature effectively works with vendors. It generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports on sales and sold items.


Users can add their favorite item and product to the list in case of inaccessibility of the product. They can also create a collection and request to book it online.

Search & Filter Page

Our clothing rental business app comes with search & filter options. It lets users find their products on the basis of occasion type, price ranges, number of items, and availability.

iCal Integration

This feature is for the owner. It helps them to export and import the booking calendar to other platforms, which helps in avoiding overbooking.

Seasonal Pricing Calendar

This feature lets business owners increase and decrease clothing prices depending on the season and brands.

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How To Start An Online Clothing Rental Business?

Any business can seem a hassle in the beginning. But with proper planning and research, it can be initiated successfully. A mobile application can increase your brand’s awareness among renters. So, let’s discuss what could be the proper planning for app development:

Market Research

Start with analyzing the market. Research what designs and clothes are trending. Try to find any market gap and create a problem-solving solution. Inspect your competitors and determine their pricing, features, and customer reviews. Here are some points that can help you search better:

  • Start market analysis with an overview of your favorite clothing platforms.
  • Read famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, and W.
  • Attend fashion week gatherings and make a note of the trend that is most liked by judges and the audience.
  • Go through statistics and Google Trends.

An online clothing rental business can generate high revenue if the owner knows to whom they are selling the product. So, it is necessary to identify your target audience and know their interests. You can start a survey on social media handles and get feedback from people about design, color, and fabric.

Choose A Rental Model

If you offer something unique in your business, you will automatically attract many customers. To do that, you will require a renting model for your business. Here are two effective renting models to start an online clothing rental business:

One-Time Rentals

This rental model allows customers to rent clothes for a certain time, one outfit at a time, from a few days to a month. In this model, a customer pays the rental amount and commits to returning the rented clothes by the deadline. This model works for wedding gowns, party attire, formal gowns, etc.

Subscription Based Rentals

Such rentals let users pay a subscription fee and collectively rent two to four items. The subscription fee depends on the clothing’s brand, quality, and number of uses.

Look For An App Development Company

After creating a proper marketing strategy and collecting the right equipment, such as clothes inventory, washer and dryer, clothes hangers, and so forth, getting an app for your clothing rental business is the next important step. It helps you analyze market trends, catalog and organize the products, manage orders and damage recovery, manage future demands, and observe feedback. It can also help you reach the maximum number of customers.


To start an online clothing rental business, you will require lots of research, fashion trends, and seasonal clothing collections to fulfill people's needs. Handling this size of burden is significantly less possible for a business owner, so in this situation, getting an app that can help in automating tasks, taking orders, managing payments, and generating invoices can assist a lot. A rental business comes with various profits. Proper planning, along with an app, can help you gain a competitive edge.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does A Clothing Rental App Help Businesses?

Our clothing rental app can help businesses with time flexibility, streamline business operations, generate revenue, reach wider audiences, and offer flexible turnaround time.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Clothing Rental Business App?

It costs approximately $8,000 - $10,000. Remember, the reflected amount can rise or fall depending on various factors during development.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Rental Marketplace App?

A rental marketplace app can take around 2-4 weeks to get a full-stack application solution. The development time can be higher or lower due to the app’s complexity, additional features, and any 3rd-party integrations.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Clothing Rental Business App?

Hyperlocal Cloud has 13+ years of experience in developing clothing rental business apps. We have 150+ developers on the floor who are constantly striving to take on any challenges. We have catered to the needs of 1250+ clients worldwide, making us a leading app development company.

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