How To Start A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 21, 2023

How To Start A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly?

In recent years, the alcohol delivery industry has experienced significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for convenience and the rise of on-demand services. One of the most prominent players in this industry is Drizly, often referred to as the "Amazon for Liquor." If you're looking to enter the lucrative world of liquor delivery, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps and considerations to start a successful business like Drizly.

Future Of Alcohol Drinks In The USA

The future of alcoholic drink businesses in the USA will be very beneficial in upcoming years. Here are some stats that show a glimpse of the liquor delivery business’s future:

  • The revenue of alcoholic drinks is projected to reach $1609 billion before the end session of 2023.
  • The liquor delivery business is growing at a CAGR of 5.42% between 2023-2027.
  • The alcohol drink market is expected to reach $306.40 billion before the end of 2027.

What Is Drizly?

Drizly is a leading e-commerce platform that connects local liquor stores with customers, allowing them to purchase and receive alcoholic beverages within an hour. Founded in Boston in 2012, Drizly currently operates in over 100 cities in the United States and Canada. The platform offers a wide variety of liquors at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among consumers.

Workflow Of Drizly

Drizly follows a straight & simple workflow to reach its customer base. Here is the workflow of the Drizly app:

  • The user signs up with information like name, email address, contact number, and location.
  • Users choose wine from their favorite liquor shop and add it to the cart.
  • Then, the user clicks on the order button and pays the reflected amount. (They can also choose the cash-on-delivery option).
  • The targeted store receives a notification about the incoming order and accepts it.
  • Stores pack the item and assign delivery personnel to deliver the liquor to the indicated location.
  • Meanwhile, users can track their order & delivery status on the app.
  • The delivery person hands over the liquor after reaching the destination and receives the payment, if any.

How To Start A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly?

Building a liquor delivery app like Drizly requires conducting in-depth market research. It requires research, analysis, and evaluation before starting the process. Now, let’s know how you can start a liquor delivery business and have an app like Drizly:

Market Research

Before starting the development process, conducting proper market research to understand the current trends, competition, and challenges is important. It can also help identify the opportunity to create a thriving solution in the market.

Target Audience

It is important to know who you are serving. Create a list of target audiences and know their interests. You can also check other applications and read customer reviews to create an effective strategy. You can also use these four methods to target an audience effectively: demographic, geographic, psychographic, and surveys.

Design Your App

It's time to take your business online. You will need an app that can help connect with your target audience. Your application's design stage includes colors, brand, infographics, and many more. The design part is also known as creating UI/UX, and it needs to be creative enough to grab the attention of users. Plus, it must be easily navigable, acquire a symmetric structure, and have proper information.


The development stage of an app like Drizly includes project analysis, the app’s complexity, and planning. Here, developers use their programming skills to code the design. A cutting-edge tech stack is required to build an app from scratch. Basically, the development step falls into two stages:

  • Front End Development

It includes creating the UI/UX platform where users interact with elements like buttons, text boxes, animations, pages, and so forth. Front-end developers are responsible for creating a responsive or device-friendly and bug-free platform.

  • Back End Development

The back-end development focuses on the database, API integration, platform security, architecture, payment transactions, and server of an application. It is also considered as the behind-the-scenes activity of a platform, but it is a vital development process that needs to be done.


After completing the app development process, it must be tested to ensure it is bug-free and meets all the performance tactics. A professional QA and testing team is assigned to test the application.

Launch The App

Once your liquor delivery business app like Drizly passes successfully through the testing, it is ready for deployment. To deploy your platform, register it with a secure domain and launch it on the global platform.

Hyperlocal Cloud offers free deployment on global servers like Google Play Store & Apple Store, along with 3 months of post-deployment support.

Connect With Partners/Liquor Stores

Connecting with liquor stores will allow you to register with every local liquor shop on your marketplace. Thus, they can list available liquors on the app by including information like price, descriptions, and availability. Then, a user will browse through the application and choose their favorite drink to order. It will help you increase your brand value and generate income from trusted partners.

Key Players In Liquor Delivery Business

Here are the top key players who have maintained their brand image in the online liquor business:

  • Minibar(2014) - It was started in New York and now has offices in 37+ countries worldwide.
  • Swill(2014) - It offers same-day delivery all over New York, and they have a proven record of on-time delivery.
  • Craftshack(2012) - They have 1800+ liquor varieties, and they also carry vintage beers.
  • Winc(2012) - Serves in Santa Barbara, California, USA. They help customers have rare wines easily.
  • Saucey(2013) - They have 14 investors who help it to make a top liquor delivery business in the USA.

Next can be yours. For that, you will need an alcohol delivery app and an excellent business strategy.

Get A Perfect Partner And Start A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly

Hyperlocal Cloud can help you start a liquor delivery business with proper guidance. We also provide a Drizly clone app with many customization options.

What Benefits Does A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly Offers?

Starting a liquor delivery business like Drizly has many business benefits. To no more, here are the top best benefits for this business:

liquor delivery

Large Customer Base

According to the stats above, the sales in the liquor delivery business will grow rapidly. Thus, there would be an immense customer base for your business. By offering a variety of liquors and collaborating with local stores, you can attract several customers easily.

High Revenue

The Drizly business offers high revenue by offering various products on one platform. It will decrease the hustle for customers to search for liquor here and there. So, there are higher chances that customers will use your liquor delivery platform to purchase their favorite alcohol & drink.

Brand Awareness

Creating a brand with an exceptional offering with a clear purpose for your business will get easily recognized among vendors and users. Try to offer seasonal drinks and timely offers to make your brand more engaging for your targeted audience. You can also use paid advertising by collaborating with celebrities to increase branding.

Better ROI

Having an online presence in your liquor delivery business can help save on various costs. As it doesn’t require any physical store set-up, it saves costs by managing your business online. You will be working as an admin here whose work is just to undertake business operations through an online platform. Thus, you will be attaining high ROI with an online liquor business.

Join Hands Together And Start A Liquor Delivery Business With Us

Our well-versed team of developers is experienced enough to make your dream a reality. Connect with us today and take the first step toward your success.

Core Features Of A Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly

We integrate quality features in your application to improve the app’s usage and accessibility. We have classified the liquor delivery business into 4 parts: customer app, store app, driver app, and admin panel. Let’s explore them all:

Customer App

We tailor exclusive features for customers so that they can access the app easily and place an order in a few clicks. Here is the list:


Users can easily register with their name, contact, and location on the application. Later, they can log in with a unique username and password.

Browse Liquor

It lets users browse through a variety of liquors from different brands. They get access to every category of page with a description of quality and expiry date.

Search & Filter

The search & filter lets users find their desired liquor with filters like price, brand, quantity (ml), etc.

Pre-Book Liquor

If a liquor brand is unavailable at the time of booking, users can pre-book it by informing the store.

Cart & Wishlist

Users can add multiple liquors to their cart and create a wishlist to add their favorite wine and alcohol easily.

Multiple Payment Options

Our app has multiple payment options where users can perform transactions using Amazon Pay, Google Pay, UPI, and pay on delivery.

Schedule Delivery

The schedule delivery feature lets users inform the store when to deliver their liquor with information like time, date, and location.

Call & Chat

This feature lets users connect with the store and delivery partner anytime.

Track Status

During a processing order, users can view the product of their liquor and the live location of the delivery personnel instantly.

Rating & Review

Users can write about their experience and give a star rating based on the service they receive.

Store App

Our app’s features fit with store owners and vendors easily. Here are the features that we offer in our application:


Store owners can access the application by signing up with the location, store name, and sales tax number.

List Products

Store owners can add all the available liquor items on the application with their name, description, and price.

Content Delivery Application

With this feature, vendors can add liquors and manage the platform without any knowledge of technology.

Manage Price

Vendors are free to determine the price of a particular liquor and mention it in the product description section.

Order Fulfillment

The order fulfillment feature allows vendors to accept/reject an incoming order from the customer.

Assign Delivery Personnel

Vendors can locate & delegate the delivery task to any nearby delivery personnel.

Marketing & Promotion

Every vendor on the app is free to create customized discount and promotional codes, and it will be automatically triggered when a customer uses the code while purchasing.

Inventory Management

This feature helps vendors track sales and orders, scan barcodes, and manage purchases on the Drizly clone app.

Vendor Sub-Vendor

It lets the owner create a sub-vendor role and assign them a particular category to serve customers.

Vendor Invoice

Vendors can generate a digital invoice over a purchase and tag it as a label over the packed liquor.

Driver App

We let drivers deliver liquor on time and with safety through our liquor delivery app. Here is the list of features for the drivers:

Accept An Assignment

A delivery partner can accept an incoming delivery request from a store. They can also decline depending on their scheduled working time.

Online Or Offline Button

A driver can inform their availability to stores by using the online/offline button on the app.

Live GPS

The live GPS lets delivery personnel locate the exact delivery location from the app.

Track Earnings

It helps delivery personnel track their daily/monthly/yearly earnings in a single click.

Accept Payment

Delivery personnel can accept payment in various modes from the user in case of pay-on-delivery.

Call & Chat

The assigned delivery partner can call both the user & customer at any time regarding any query.

Route Alerts

The route alert features aware delivery personnel of ongoing maintenance on the road, close roads, and the shortest way to reach the delivery location.

Admin Panel

Our liquor delivery business app comes with first-grade features for admin that help them control their entire business from a single screen. Checkout the list:

Encrypted Login

Admins can log in with their unique ID and access all the app's features.

Professional Dashboard

The professional dashboard feature allows admins to track, monitor, and view overall sales with infographics, modern charts, and currency on the app.

Add/Delete Users

It helps admins manage, add, delete, and modify any vendors or customers from the panel.

Manage Products

It is a helpful feature because it lets admins manage the product catalog and add/replace products easily.

Reply Feedbacks

Admins can reply to feedback given by the user, and they can easily identify the gap to improve their business operation.

CRM Panel

We embed a CRM panel where admins can customize settings, add content, insert new sections, and choose new templates whenever they want.

Approve & Deny CDM Edits

Admins can approve & decline an edit made by the vendor over the app to maintain the work guideline.

Track Performance

With this feature, the admin can keep an eye on sales, marketing, customers, and vendors from their screen.

Contact Support

The contact support feature connects the admins with the user to resolve their query and the vendor for suggestions.

Manage Refunds

Admins can view, verify, and initiate a refund made by the customer from the app.

Track Delivery Status

It lets admins locate a delivery person and view delivery status by generating an order & tracking ID.

Get A Drizly clone App From Hyperlocal Cloud

We provide a Drizly clone app that caters to all of your business needs. Contact our experts and level up your liquor delivery business.

Money Making Model For Liquor Delivery Business Like Drizly

It is easy to generate income with an app like Drizly. You must build a proper marketing strategy and promote your business to develop a customer base. Here are a few ways to generate income:

Commission Fee

Classic but lucrative, by this model, you will be entitled to a share on each successful transaction on your app. You can also decide the percentage you want to obtain from a completed transaction as a share.

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee revenue model allows customers to pay a recurring fee every month or annually. In return, you can offer them exclusive features and discounts on consecutive purchases.

Convenience Fee

You can charge your users a convenience fee while using a non-standard payment method like a credit card or any other online payment. It is also known as a pay-to-pay fee and typically varies from 1% to 4%. It is charged to cover the payment processing cost.

In-App Advertisement

This revenue model can be very beneficial if you want to increase your user base and income simultaneously. It lets you collaborate with other brands and post an ad for their product on your platform. After a user purchases a product by clicking on the ad, you will be eligible for a tiny amount of the overall cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Drizly Clone App?

It can cost around $5,000 - $15,000 in a few days to get a full-cycle Drizly clone app. Remember, the reflected amount can rise and go below depending on various factors like the app’s complexity, active manpower, location, any 3rd party integration, and additional features.


Starting a liquor delivery business like Drizly will be very profitable in the forthcoming year. With a top-notch application, you can reach customers beyond the boundaries. We hope your doubt about starting a delivery business for liquors is clear now. To get a first-class application quickly, feel free to connect with Hyperlocal Cloud to make your liquor delivery business a reality.

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