How To Make An App Like Uber?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 01, 2023

How To Make An App Like Uber?

With the emergence of on-demand taxi apps, moving from one place to another has become easy and simple for passengers. They can easily book a taxi on their mobile and travel wherever they wish to. Although many taxi booking apps are available in the market, there is still great potential for new businesses. According to a recent study done by Statista, the total revenue earned by taxi companies is estimated to skyrocket to $386 billion by the end of 2026.

As a new business, if you are looking for a feasible business idea, you must invest in developing an Uber-like on-demand taxi app. This will help your business get a good amount of popularity in the market. Make sure you get the app designed by an expert app development company.

Are you a taxi app owner and planning to digitalize your business with a user-friendly Uber-Like taxi App? Well, you are at the right destination. Hyperlocal Cloud is a custom on-demand solution development company. We have a team of 150+ expert developers who will design a featured-rich taxi app for your business.

How Does An Uber-Like Taxi App Work?

In the user-like taxi app, the passenger will raise a ride request by adding their present location and the location they wish to travel, along with any special requests they have. The driver will receive the request and accept it. After that, the driver will reach the passenger’s location and will drop them at the prospective location.

The app has an in-built navigation that allows customers to track the driver’s location. Also, the driver can follow the route shown on the navigation to make the passengers reach their location. The on-demand taxi apps provide a platform where drivers and passengers can connect with each other and fulfill their requirements.

Why Invest In An Uber-Like Taxi App?

After getting a brief idea about working on the on-demand taxi apps, you must be thinking about whether investing in these apps is a feasible option for your business or not. Here are a few reasons why investing in an Uber-like taxi app is a good option for your business:

Higher Revenue

The Uber-like taxi app will help your business get a higher return in the market within a very short span of time. These apps are very popular amongst customers.

Wider User Base

These days awareness regarding on-demand taxi apps has increased among people. Investing in an Uber-like taxi app will help your business in getting a wider customer base.

Optimize Management

The taxi booking app has an admin panel where you can monitor the activities ongoing on your app. You can manage the business activities in a more efficient and user-friendly manner.

Helps To Build Brand Presence

The Uber-like taxi app will help build your brand presence in the market. More and more people will recognize your brand whenever they search for a taxi app on their phones. This will help in enhancing the business brand name in the market.

Makes Business Promotions easier and Cost-Effective

Through the taxi app, you can launch discount offers, cashback offers, and other ad campaigns easily and in a cost-effective manner.

Major Features Of Your Uber-Like App

Are you planning to develop an Uber-like taxi app for your business? Well, you must add innovative features in the app as it will help you get a competitive edge in the market., Here are some must-have features your taxi app should possess:

Customer Application

  • Schedule Future Bookings

The app must allow users to schedule their taxi bookings for the future. They can choose a specific time at which they want their ride to arrive at the location.

  • Call & Chat Options

In order to know the location of the drivers, there must be a call or chat option through which customers can communicate with their drivers.

  • Seamless Payments

To make the payments easy and secure for the customers, there must be multiple payment options in the app through which users can make the payment.

  • Ratings & reviews

The app must have a review and rating option, which allows users to rate their ride experience. This will help you in updating the taxi app from time to time as per the customer's requirements.

Driver’s Application

  • Manage Requests

The app must allow drivers to manage ride requests efficiently. They can accept or reject upcoming ride requests from the customer.

  • Route Navigation

To make the ride less time-consuming and avoid time wastage, the app must have a built navigation feature in it.

  • Earnings Summary

To keep the drivers updated, the app must have an earning summary option. The drivers can view their earnings earned from various rides and trips completed by them.

  • Background Check options

To ensure drivers are authentic, the app must have background check options where the drivers have to submit their documentation, and after the documentation is checked properly, they can start working.

Admin Panel

  • Data Analytics

The admin can view the detailed reports and data that can be helpful for the admin to make the right decisions.

  • Automate Workflow

The app must have an automated workflow option allowing the admin to manage everything smoothly and in an automated manner. They can easily assign tasks to other sub-admins.

  • Set Pricing

The app should allow full control to the admin .through the admin panel. They can set the price range based on the cab, distance, location, etc. They can make changes in the pricing whenever they want.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make An App Like Uber

Are you looking for the best on-demand app idea for your business? Well, the taxi booking app is the perfect idea for your business. It will help you earn a good amount of business revenue. Here is a step-by-step guide to develop an App Like Uber:

Analyzing Your Business Requirements:

This is the first and the most important step toward the development of Uber-like taxi apps. You need to analyze your business requirements and long-term objectives you wish to achieve in the long run. This will help you define what type of on-demand app your business requires and what features it should have.

Your business requirement analysis should be done properly and in a detailed manner. You should be clear in defining your business needs so that the app you get is as per those requirements.

Finding An Expert App Development Company:

Once you are clear with your business requirements, The next thing you need to do is to search for a reputed app development company. The company will adhere to the app development needs of your business and help it move ahead in the on-demand industry.

While choosing the app development company, you must consider the below-mentioned factors:

  • Whether they have worked on an Uber-like taxi app development before or not.
  • What development tools and technologies does the company use in the app development process?
  • Whether the experts working with them are knowledgeable and experienced or not.

Select The On-Demand Taxi App Model:

Once you have finalized the app development company from whom you wish to get the app designed, the next thing you need to do is to finalize the app model. Taxi booking applications are based on different models depending upon the features they possess. There are generally two types of models you can choose for your Uber-like taxi app:

  • Aggregator Model

In this type of taxi booking app, the passengers will contact the booking system admin and ask them to assign a taxi to them. After this, the admin will choose a suitable driver for the customers and assign the ride request to them. The ride price will be fixed by the admin.

  • Ownership Model

This is the most popular taxi app model used by most on-demand taxi service providers. In this, the customers will raise the ride request to the drivers directly, and the drivers can pick up the ride nearby their current location. The passengers and drivers do the price fixation.

Choose The App Features And Tech Stack:

Once you have finalized the taxi app model, you must next choose the features you need in your taxi app. Ensure you have done intensive research on the latest features that can make your taxi booking app more popular amongst customers.

While choosing the features, think about all the major components of the app, including customers as well as drivers. Check the taste and preferences of the customers and ongoing trends in the taxi apps and then decide the important features your Uber-like taxi app must have.

Check The Development Cost And Time Required:

Once you have a discussion with the development company regarding the features to be added to the app., the next thing you need to consider is the development cost and the time involved in making an Uber-like app.

The Uber-like app development cost varies somewhere between $100,000 to $170,000.However, this cost may increase or decrease according to the below-mentioned factors:

  • Development tools and technology used
  • Customizations done in the Uber-like taxi app.
  • Place and size of the development company
  • Features added to the app

If you opt for a white-label ready-made Uber-like taxi app solution, the development time will be much less, and you can launch the app in the market quickly.

Deployment Of The Uber-Like Taxi App:

After testing and launching the app in the market, the next thing you need to do is deploy the app to the business for whom the app is designed. Once the development company hands over the app to the client,

The development company will explain the functionalities and the app's working. This will make it easy for the business to operate the app. As a business, you must clear all your queries from the development company so that you can use the app efficiently.

Why Choose Us For An Uber-Like Taxi App Development?

Are you searching for a reliable and trustworthy ridesharing app development company for your business? Hyperlocal Cloud is the perfect choice for you. We have years of expertise designing customized on-demand white-label solutions for businesses operating in multiple domains.

Our development experts will analyze your taxi business requirements and long-term goals first and then design a custom. We have a client base of 1250 + and have worked on more than 100+ taxi app development projects.


In order to succeed in the Uber-like taxi app business, you need a feature-rich taxi app that can capture a larger market share. The app will help your business in enhancing its customer base.

Suppose you are planning to enter into the on-demand taxi application business. In that case, you must find an eligible and experienced ridesharing app development company that has already worked on such types of taxi app development in the past. You must check their skills and the development tools used by them.

Hyperlocal Cloud is the right choice for your taxi app business. Our team is well aware of the current market trends in this industry and will carve the best Uber-like taxi app development solutions for you. Feel free to reach out to us!

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