How To Make An App Like Uber?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 01, 2023

How To Make An App Like Uber?

With the emergence of on demand taxi apps, moving from one place to another has become easy and simple for passengers. They can easily book a taxi on their mobile and travel wherever they wish to. Although many taxi booking apps are available in the market, there is still great potential for new businesses. According to a recent study done by Statista, the total revenue earned by taxi companies is estimated to skyrocket to $386 billion by the end of 2026.

As a new business, if you are looking for a feasible business idea, you must invest in developing an app Like Uber. This will help your business become extremely popular in the taxi market. Make sure you get the app designed by an expert app development company.

Are you a taxi app owner planning to digitalize your business with the best app like Uber? Then, you are at the right destination. Hyperlocal Cloud is an on-demand app development company with a team of 150+ professionals who will help you design a featured-rich taxi app for your business.

How Does An Uber-Like Taxi App Work?

Business Model

In the user app, the passenger raises a ride request by adding their present location and the location they wish to travel to, along with any special requests they have. The driver receives and accepts the request in the driver app. After that, the driver reaches the passenger’s location and drops them off at the prospective location.

The app has an in-built navigation that allows customers to track the driver’s location. The driver can also follow the route shown on the navigation to reach the location on time. On-demand, taxi apps provide a platform where drivers and passengers can connect with each other and fulfill their requirements.

Why Invest In An Uber-Like Taxi App?

After getting a brief idea about working on the on-demand taxi apps, you must consider whether investing in these apps is a feasible option for your business. Here are a few reasons that show why investing in an Uber like taxi app is a good option for your business:

Higher Revenue

The Uber like taxi app will help your business get a higher return in the market within a very short span of time. These apps are very popular amongst customers.

Wider User Base

The availability of superior features and a user-friendly interface attracts customers big-time, resulting in a wider user base.

Optimize Management

The taxi booking app has an admin panel where you can monitor the app's ongoing activities. This allows you to manage business activities more efficiently.

Helps To Build Brand Presence

The Uber-like taxi app will help build your brand presence in the market. More and more people will recognize your brand whenever they search for a taxi app on their phones, which will enhance the brand name in the market.

Makes Business Promotions easier and Cost-Effective

Through the taxi app, you can launch discount offers, cashback offers, and other ad campaigns easily and in a cost-effective manner.

Salient Features Of Our App Like Uber

Our Uber clone app is embedded with innovative features to help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Below, we have mentioned some of them as under;

Passenger App

Passenger App

Schedule Bookings

Allow users to schedule their taxi bookings for the future by choosing a specific time and location.

In-app chat

With this feature, the passengers will seamlessly communicate with the drivers.

Multiple Payment Modes

To make quick and secure payments, multiple payment features are available to improve customer experience.

Ratings & Reviews

Allows users to share their driving experience by giving reviews and ratings

Driver’s Application

Driver App

Manage Requests

Allow drivers to manage ride requests efficiently by accepting/rejecting upcoming ride requests.

Route Navigation

Helps drivers take traffic-free routes to reach their destinations on time.

Earnings Summary

Helps drivers view their earnings from multiple rides and trips completed.

Background Check Attribute

Allows drivers to submit their documentation and get their background check options.

Admin Panel

Driver App

Interactive Dashboard

Enables users to effectively track and analyze the key metrics and make customizations.

Set Pricing

Allows app owners to set the price based on the vehicle, distance traveled, and location anytime, anywhere.

Booking Interface

Helps streamline every trip within an intuitive interface where every progress related to trips is monitored.

Profile Management

Helps create and manage the profiles of both passengers and drivers.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make An App Like Uber

Building an Uber clone app involves a series of steps. Our talented experts perform everything from project ideation to planning, development, and design to meet business requirements.

Analyzing Business Requirements:

This is one of the most important steps toward developing an app like Uber. Every business requirement is carefully analyzed, which forms the basis for product development.

Finding An Expert App Development Company:

Once you are clear on your business requirements, you next must search for a reputed app development company. The company will meet your needs and help you advance in the on-demand industry.

While choosing the app development company, you must consider the below-mentioned factors:

  • Whether they have worked on an Uber like ride sharing app development before or not.
  • What development tools and technologies does the company use in the app development process?
  • Whether the experts working with them are knowledgeable and experienced or not.

Select The On-Demand Taxi App Model:

Once you have finalized the app development company from whom you wish to get the app designed, the next thing you need to do is to finalize the app model. Taxi booking applications are based on different models depending upon the features they possess. There are generally two types of models you can choose for your Uber-like taxi app:

  • Aggregator Model

In this taxi booking app, passengers contact the booking system admin and ask them to assign a taxi. The admin then chooses a suitable driver and assigns the ride request to them, fixing the ride price.

  • Ownership Model

This is the most popular taxi app model used by on demand taxi service providers. In this model, customers raise the ride request to the drivers directly, and the drivers can pick up the ride nearby their current location. The passengers and drivers fix the price.

Choose The App Features And Tech Stack:

Once you have finalized the taxi app model, you must choose the features you need. Ensure you have done intensive research on the latest features that can make your taxi booking app more popular among customers.

While choosing the features, consider all the major components of the app, including customers and drivers. Check the customers' preferences and ongoing trends in taxi apps and then decide on important features for your Uber like a taxi app.

Quality Assurance

The developed app is tested multiple times to remove all the bugs and abnormalities. This enhances the performance and responsiveness of the product.

Launch And Maintenance

Finally, the app is launched for public usage, and maintenance facilities are provided to solve technical glitches simultaneously.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Uber?

Uber clone app development costs range from 10k to 14k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost;

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

Schedule a meeting with our experts and get started with your app development journey!

Why Choose Us For An Uber-Like Taxi App Development?

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