How To Build A GrubHub Clone App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 06, 2024

How To Build A GrubHub Clone App?

We all have ordered food at least once and know how convenient it is to enjoy our favorite meal instantly. A food delivery app like GrubHub helps customers to enjoy their favorite meal quickly; that’s why the demand for food delivery apps is rising. Several types of businesses and entrepreneurs are earning a lot of profit from a GrubHub clone app.

A GrubHub clone is a food delivery platform that works the same as GrubHub but with your brand name. It has similar functions and features to the original app that engineers your business success. It provides fast-paced delivery, interactive UI to customers, and menus of the restaurants.

So in this blog, we will explore the complete development process to develop an app like GrubHub, its future scope, important features to include, workflow, and revenue models. Let’s get started!

Future Of Food Delivery Apps

To secure your investment, it is important to understand the scope of a food delivery app. Let’s understand it with some stats:

  • The food delivery marketplace trend started during the pandemic and reached a revenue scale of $139.39 billion in 2020, which is the highest in comparison with previously generated revenues.
  • The food delivery market is expected to reach $269.81 billion before the end of 2023.
  • The demand for online food delivery is en-route to growth at a CAGR of 12.67%.

Hence, the above mentioned stats have proven that investing in a GrubHub clone is secure and highly beneficial.

Workflow Of GrubHub

The GrubHub model is quite easy to understand. Let’s take a closer look at the GrubHub business model and how it works:

  • The user downloads the app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Users register with their name, location, contact number, and other essential credentials.
  • Users search for their favorite food and restaurants in the app and place an order.
  • Restaurants get a notification about the order and accept it.
  • Restaurant starts preparing the order and assigns a delivery partner simultaneously.
  • After the food is prepared, it is handed over to the delivery partner, who drives it to the indicated location.
  • Driver reaches the user’s location and delivers the order, and receives payment from the user.
  • At the end, customers provide reviews & ratings to the delivery partner.

Monetization Strategies For GrubHub Clone App

Here are some top monetization strategies for a GrubHub app-like platform:

Commission On Order

This is the most general way to make money for food delivery apps. The app charges a cut for each successful order on the app. You can range it between 10% to 20%, which will decide the amount to be taken from the accumulated payment.

Subscription Fee

You can offer exclusive features like deliveries on first priority, scheduled delivery, and a top-customer badge in your app in return for a certain amount.

In-App Advertising

You can also make money displaying ads for other organizations and companies. On each successful click and view, you will be making money.

Freemium Model

This model allows you to offer some exclusive features free for a short duration of time. After completing a free trial, users must pay to use those features again.

Talk To Our Consultants And Get Expert Advice On A GrubHub Clone App

Our consultant team is always ready to hear your business ideas and frame the future of your business with an app like GrubHub.

Major Features In Our GrubHub Clone App

Features in your GrubHub Clone platform must be advanced and contemporary. We have classified the features into four sections: restaurant, user, admin, and driver. Let’s explore them all:

Restaurant App

Features for restaurant owners are necessary to receive orders successfully.

Menu ManagementRestaurant owners can add, replace and modify dishes in their menu card. They can also create a separate section for special menu items.
Order ManagementRestaurant owners can accept and decline an incoming order request. They can also view & track the placed order.
Marketing & PromotionsThis feature allows restaurant owners to create marketing and promotional campaigns like coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs.
Customer FeedbackRestaurant owners can view and respond to customer feedback through the app, which can help them improve their business.
AnalyticsRestaurant owners can view analytics of their business, such as placed orders, revenue, and satisfied customer ratings.
Payment GatewaysThis feature will let an owner receive payment in various modes like Cash/Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and more.
Contact SupportIt will let a restaurant owner call & chat with the customer and solve their queries.

Customer App

Features for customers ensure the accessibility of the app so that users can engage with it properly and place an order in a matter of clicks.

Menu BrowsingCustomers can browse through the menu of restaurants and choose their favorite food.
Order PlacementIt will let customers place their orders by selecting dishes from the menus.
Payment OptionsCustomers can pay using UPI, credit/debit cards, net banking, and PayPal.
Order TrackingIt allows customers to track their orders in real-time with a driver icon and chat support.
PersonalizationThe app lets customers personalize their preferences for food, restaurants, and prices.
Push NotificationThis feature lets users update their ordered food and notify it on each step of success.
Rating & ReviewsCustomers can share their food experience on food, delivery partner, and quality.
Call & ChatIt allows customers to call and chat with restaurant & delivery partners for any type of question.

Driver App

Our GrubHub clone app comes with top-tier features for drivers. Here are some of them: Our GrubHub clone app comes with top-tier features for drivers. Here are some of them:

Real-Time NavigationThe app helps delivery partners to navigate the delivery location in real time for on-time delivery.
Live ChatThe app connects customers and drivers in real time via a live chat feature.
Push NotificationDelivery partner receives updated notifications on each activity from the restaurant and customer.
Earning HistoryDelivery personnel can view their earning history from this feature.
TipsIt helps them increase their earning by receiving tips from the customers.
Ratings & ReviewsDelivery partners can be rated by the customer. Customer reviews help them earn more rides.
PaymentDelivery partners are paid through the app, which lets them relax about getting payment from other sources.

Admin Panel

We build a GrubHub clone app that helps admins manage their businesses effectively:

Restaurant ManagementAdmins can manage restaurants on the app, including adding and removing restaurants and updating menus.
Customer FeedbackAdmins can respond to customers’ feedback by resolving complaints, order-related issues, and delivery-related issues.
Delivery Partner ManagementAdmins can add, remove, update their profile, and live track a delivery personnel status using this feature.
DashboardIt lets admins view their generated revenue, sales, top-rated food, number of restaurants, etc.
Generate InvoiceThis feature will let admins generate invoices for an individual restaurant or overall sales.
Contact & SupportAdmins can connect with any restaurant and delivery partner anytime they want via chat & call.

Elevate Your Food Delivery Business To New Heights Of Business With A GrubHub Clone App

We help our clients to revolutionize their food delivery business with an app like GrubHub. Our developers are well-trained in creating a robust app for your business.

Success Stories Of Some GrubHub Like Apps

Now, let’s take a glance at some popular apps like GrubHub and watch their success numbers.

NameYear Of FoundRevenue (2022)Location
UberEats2014$10.9 billionSan Francisco, USA
DoorDash2013$6.583 billionNew York, USA
PostMates2011$1.0 billionSan Francisco, USA
Seamless1999$2.9 millionNew York, USA

Development Process Of A GrubHub Clone App?

Building a GrubHub clone app can be an exciting and challenging venture. If you're looking to create your own version of this app, there are a few key steps and considerations to keep in mind.

Market Analysis

Before starting the development process, you have to conduct a market search. In this stage, analyze your competitors, know their pricing, features they are providing, etc. On behalf of the collected information, create a solid business plan and strategy and try to develop a solution to a problem.


This process involves creating a prototype of your business idea into a full-fledged design. It also decides the UI outlook, branding, colors, fonts, number of pages, the format of listing, and categories. This step also focuses on accessibility and how complex an app could be to use.


You'll need a combination of backend and frontend technologies to create a robust and efficient GrubHub clone app. Consider using technologies like Node.js or Ruby on Rails on the backend.

For front-end development, you could utilize technologies like React Native or Flutter. This is crucial as you want to ensure that your app reaches a wider audience.


Now, let's discuss the testing process. Testing is a critical phase in any app development project, and it's no different for a GrubHub clone app. To ensure that your app functions flawlessly, you'll need to conduct thorough testing across various stages of development.

Unit Testing

It is essential for testing individual components and functions within your app. This helps identify any bugs or issues early on.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

It is also important as it allows real users to test your app and provide feedback. This helps in identifying any usability issues or areas that need improvement.


Finally, let's talk about the last step, which is deployment. Once you have successfully tested your GrubHub clone app, it's time to deploy it to the market. You can choose to deploy it globally, like Apple Store or Google Play Store. Make sure to follow their guidelines and requirements for submission.

To ensure a smooth deployment process, it's important to have a robust infrastructure in place. Utilize cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure for scalable and reliable hosting. This will secure that your app can handle enormous traffic volumes and provide a seamless user experience.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, building a GrubHub clone app requires careful planning, selection of appropriate technologies, thorough testing, and efficient deployment strategies. By following the steps mentioned above and considering the various aspects we discussed, you'll be well on your way to creating a successful food delivery app. Good luck with your venture!

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