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Leverage Next Generation Thumbtack Clone Solutions For Handyman Services

Hyperlocal Cloud has been an app development company for more than 3 years with multiple clone apps ruling the current markets.

White Label Thumbtack App

What Exactly Is A Thumbtack Clone App?

The handyman service market on a global scale was estimated to be around 339M in the year 2022 and is expected to reach a total of $1.65B by the year 2032.

Though, previously it was really hard to find a mechanic or cleaner for household tasks in the United States. With an ideal on demand home services app, users can take advantage of the specialized handyman services instantly.

Hyperlocal Cloud is the right company for an on-demand service app development like the Thumbtack Clone. Through this app, users can find all the local service providers through a few taps on their smart screens.

Home Services Covered By Our Top-Level Thumbtack Clone

Hyperlocal Cloud has been developing clone apps for years now; we already have multiple on demand service apps launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Let us have a look at the wide range of services provided by the Thumbtack clone.

Thumbtack Clone Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Our on-demand service app, like Thumbtack Clone, will help you get plumbers instantly.

Thumbtack Clone Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Get timely electrical repairs through our on demand home services apps like Thumbtack.

Thumbtack Clone Lawn Services

Lawn Services

Mow lawns and much more via the on-demand service app like the Thumbtack clone app.

Thumbtack Clone Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

Create white label Thumbtack app and provide the leading home cleaning services in the US.

Thumbtack Clone Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Clean dirty carpets through trained cleaners provided by our best home services app.

Thumbtack Clone Window Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning

Get rid of dirty windows through deep cleaning services provided by our Thumbtack clone.

Thumbtack Clone Home Improvement Service

Home Improvement

Our on-demand service app, like Thumbtack Clone, will also provide interior and decor services.

Thumbtack Clone Paint Services

Paint Services

Get painters instantly from your neighborhood through our on-demand services app.

Thumbtack Clone Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Our on-demand service app, like the Thumbtack clone, will get your laundry done in time.

The White Label Thumbtack Clone Is The Smart Way Forward

Lead the handyman business through our app and multiply your revenue charts like never before. Our Thumbtack Clone will guarantee you a constant revenue growth.

Our Unique Offerings In The Thumbtack Clone App

Hyperlocal Cloud will offer separate panels for customer, service provider, service professional and the admin. Here are some of the important features:

Thumbtack Clone Customer App

Your customer app will have top-tier features for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Notable Feature Include:
  • Advanced Filters

    Provide your consumers with the option to sort home services by price, rating, location, etc.

  • Easy Task Scheduling

    Choose the date and time a service provider should arrive at the delivery location.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Real-time tracking to estimate the arrival time of the professional.

Thumbtack Clone Customer App
Thumbtack Clone Service Provider App

Thumbtack Clone Service Provider App

Manage your provider app with the latest features for an exceptional service.

Notable Feature include:
  • Effective Listing

    Display your preferable servicemen through search options using sophisticated filters.

  • Assign Costs

    Make booking easier for customers by assigning prices according to the services provided.

  • Schedule Appointments

    Click to accept or decline the appointments for the service professional based on availability.

Thumbtack Clone Service Professional Panel

Thumbtack Clone is a powerful app for service professionals with the latest service features.

Notable Feature include:
  • In-App Chat

    The service professional can manage to reach the service locations through in-app chat.

  • Service Assignment Notification

    Never miss another appointment with Thumbtack Clone's in-app reminders and notifications.

  • Simple Navigation And Maps

    Avail effortless travel to the task locations through in-built maps via tasks and traffic alerts.

Thumbtack Clone Service Professional Panel

Must-Have Features Of The Thumbtack Clone App

The features of the on-demand services app developed by us will be as per the latest market trends. Before developing the clone apps, we also carry out extensive research on the latest features and trends.

Easy Login icon
Easy Login

Log in through your phone numbers or social media accounts in your on-demand service app.

Manual Booking icon
Manual Bookings

Book appointments with top-notch service providers manually in the Thumbtack Clone.

Schedule Requests icon
Schedule Requests

Schedule your preferred service requests in our Thumbtack Clone on particular dates/times.

Customize Profile icon
Customize Profiles

In our on demand homes services app, users can also customize their account profiles.

Advanced Search Filter icon
Advanced Search Filter

Get filtered searches in your on-demand service app and search exactly what matters.

View Service History icon
View Service History

View the entire service history to rebook professionals with our Thumbtack clone.

Create White Label Thumbtack App Through Our Services

Leverage an app like Thumbtack Clone and get the best home services on-time through experts around your area.

How Will The Thumbtack Clone Made By Us Work?

We will provide customers and service providers with different features in our Thumbtack Clone app for seamless home improvement and cleaning services. The workflow of an on demand home services app will be as follows:

Easy Login Thumbtack Clone Process
Easy Login

Offer your users a safe and straightforward authentication method in on demand home services app. The easy login feature will allow the users to log in the Thumbtack Clone instantly through their phone numbers or social media accounts.

Explore Services

Effortless navigation to best serve the user with the searches they only want to see in our Thumbtack clone. Your users can scroll through their preferred services through an advanced search feature and select their service professional.

Explore Services Thumbtack Clone Process
Approval Notification Thumbtack Clone Process
Approval Notifications

Our Thumbtack clone app notify clients immediately when their request is accepted or rejected. Get the complete details of the service professional and his reviews mentioned by his prior customers in the on demand home services app.

Seamless Payments

Permit customers to use an online payment gateway powered by multiple payments for smooth checkouts. Customers can pay for the service through PayPal, AmazonPay, GooglePay, ApplePay, and many more in the Thumbtack Clone app.

Seamless Payments Thumbtack Clone Process
Service Completion Thumbtack Clone Process
Service Completion

The service personnel will reach the service area, verify himself and complete the entire task within the time frame. After the service is completed, the customers will rate and review the service professionals to prefer their assignment for next task.

How To Make Money Through Thumbtack Clone App?

Hyperlocal Cloud will help business owners discover the best ways to monetize their online on-demand service app; here's how:

  • Commission Fees icon

    Our Thumbtack clone will help you get a commission fee on all services.

  • Advertising icon
    Ads And Promotions

    Servicemen who will be on top of searches will pay for their ads and promos.

  • Peak Pricing icon
    Peak Pricing

    Charge more during rush hour through our on demand home services app.

  • Support Fees icon
    Support Fee

    Thumbtack Clone will charge an extra support and trust fee for all services.

Thumbtack Clone: The Technology Stack Used By Our Seasoned Developers

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the app developers are skilled enough to use the latest tech stacks available in the market. Here are some of them:

  • Golang icon


  • Ruby icon


  • PHP icon


  • C++ icon


  • Next.js icon


  • Snowflake icon


  • RxJava icon


  • Apache Beam icon

    Apache Beam

  • Coda icon


  • Apache Parquet icon


  • Xamarin icon


  • Node.js icon


The Development Process Of Our Thumbtack Clone

While developing your on demand home services app, we follow all the needed steps to provide your users with an excellent app experience.

  • 1

    Research And Analysis

    Before beginning the development process, our team conducts extensive project research and potential.

  • 2

    App Designing

    Next is the designing process in which wireframes, workflows, prototypes, and mockups are utilized.

  • 3


    During the development phase, an application's planning, code, API, and database layouts are compiled.

  • 4

    Testing Phase

    Testing procedure includes rigorous testing, problem reporting, and error correction before launch.

  • 5


    Following the product development and testing, the application is then made available to the public.

  • 6

    Support & Upkeep

    We also offer post-project maintenance and support services, including regular application updates.

Putting The Wow In Technology Through Our Thumbtack Clone

Hyperlocal Cloud has been developing clone apps for a while now with multiple market-leading products. Give our thumbtack clone a shot!

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Developing An On Demand Home Services App?

Since 2013, we have been the foremost clone app development company, generating flooding revenues for our clients.

Developer icon

Premium Developers

We have a team of 150+ seasoned app developers with high-end experience of creating high-end applications.

Transparency icon

Complete Transparency

We provide complete transparency prior to the application development and even after delivery of the product.

Superior Retention Rate icon

Superior Retention Rate

Right from the year 2013, our client retention rate for Android and iOS app development exceeded 80%.

Assistance icon

24-hour Assistance

We are available 24*7 to solve your queries. Our executive and project manager will provide periodic updates.

Support icon

iOS And Android Support

We offer iOS and Android platform support services to our clients and are ready to solve their smallest of queries.

Product Delivery icon

On-Time Product Delivery

We ensure that the products we develop are always delivered on time to facilitate a smooth launch.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much time will it take for the Thumbtack Clone to develop?

    The Thumbtack Clone app will be delivered to you within 20-30 days.

    What is the starting cost to develop the Thumbtack Clone?

    The starting cost to develop the Thumbtack Clone would be $8000.

  • How to record the progress of my Thumbtack Clone?

    The progress of the Thumbtack clone will be informed by our team.

    Can the Thumbtack Clone be customized?

    Yes, the clone will be customized as per the client’s wish and, more importantly, the business requirements.

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