How To Build A Fitness Tracking App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 15, 2023

How To Build A Fitness Tracking App?

As the technological world is advancing, people are getting aware of several new diseases. To combat this unhealthy spree of epidemics, people are getting more inclined towards keeping themselves fit. Investing on the thoughts on how to make a fitness app will help you understand the real benefits of a digital fitness business.

GenZ and Millenials are devoted users of numerous fitness apps. With the current market trends, the fitness market is rising like never before.

Are you a fitness business owner looking for an answer to how to create a fitness app? Then you are at the right place and at the right time. With a decade-long experience in the app development industry, Hyperlocal Cloud is the perfect place for you to be.

To understand better, let us start from the basics of how to make your own fitness app with the latest market trends.

Fitness Apps Market Stats

The global health and fitness market is witnessing significant growth in revenue collection, with a massive revenue of $3.15B collected in 2020 alone. This market is expected to reach $13.05B by the year 2027, with an expected CAGR of 21.6% from 2021 to 2027.

The number of users has also risen in the fitness-tracking app industry. The projected number of users is said to reach 353.2M by the end of 2023, which is a lot more than in 2021. In 2021, it was just 306.9M.

This market seems to grow alarmingly and this is indeed the right time for unravelling your business dream of how to create a fitness app.

Fitness Tracking App Typology

There is a lot more to fitness tracking apps than just monitoring gym exercises; you can build a fitness tracker app that caters to your clients' different and specific needs. These apps can range from simple activity-tracking apps to delivering health results and doctor consultations. Given below are the different types of fitness apps that can help you manifest the answer to how to create a fitness app that reforms the industry:

Activity Tracking Apps

This type of fitness tracker app will have features that monitor the daily wellness routines and exercises of your users. With the help of these apps, users can track their vital body stats after running, walking, climbing, or cycling. This type of fitness app is ideal for cultivating healthy fitness habits for your users. They will also offer fitness charts and health insights into the daily activities of your users, including their sleep cycles.

Diet And Nutrition Apps

Diet and nutrition apps will help you answer the question -how to make your own fitness app? This app will especially cater to the needs of users inclined toward maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. It will help your users to access a wide database full of healthy food recipes and personalized diet plans. This app can also help your users connect with dieticians and chat with them through the in-app chat feature.

Workout App

The workout app will solely be inclined towards workouts and offer your users a list of rigorous workout plans. Your users can utilize this app for VR-based exercises, outdoor adventure opportunities, and numerous story-driven workouts. Build a fitness tracker app today and promote fitness like never before.

Yoga And Meditation App

Yoga is all about mindfulness and flexibility exercises. Through an app especially catering to yoga and meditation needs, your users can have yoga tutorials along with other meditation exercises. The app will be loaded with numerous yoga instructions and customized practices to keep your user’s headspace calmer.

Feature-Set To Build Your Fitness Tracker App

There will be numerous feature sets added to your fitness tracker app that will play a huge role in making your app the next success story headline. For you to understand better there are some features listed below:

Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker is the most important criterion for fitness apps and is included in most fitness applications. This feature lets users monitor their activity on their smartphones or wearable devices.

Body Stat Monitors

Another important feature is a body stat monitor that records all the vital body stats. Adding smartwatch features to your app could offer it a high advantage and a stronghold in the fitness app development industry.

Calorie Counter

Having a calorie counter is an essential feature, regardless of whether your app is designed to help people gain or lose weight through exercise.

Diet Planner

If executed properly, this feature can be extremely engaging. Fitness enthusiasts prefer a diet plan that includes facts, figures, and statistics.

Sleep Tracking Feature

This feature is an underrated priority for those browsing fitness apps, but it is useful to include in your app. It helps your customers gain a more complete understanding of their health and varying sleep patterns.

Personalized User Accounts

Users can create their profiles with their basic information and BMIs. The profile will have all their important body stats like weight, gender, height, and fitness levels recorded. Users can set specific fitness goals and monitor their progress as a form of motivation.

Monetization Models For Fitness Tracking Apps

Understanding monetizing models is effectively essential to their long-term success and profitability. We will understand more about the app through the blog on how to make your own fitness app.

In-App Advertisements

Display banner or interstitial advertisements within your app to generate revenue based on impressions or interactions.

App Store Purchases

Offer additional features, premium content, and virtual products for purchase within the app itself.

Subscription-Based Business Model

You can provide users with access to premium content, ad-free experiences, or sophisticated features for a recurring fee.

Sponsored Content

In exchange for a sponsorship fee, collaborate with fitness brands, equipment manufacturers, and health companies to promote their products or services within your app.

Freemium Concept

Offer a free version of your app with rudimentary features as well as a paid version with advanced features to encourage users to upgrade for a better experience.

Unique Purchase

Charge users a one-time fee to acquire your fitness app and gain access to all of its features.

How To Build A Fitness App Better Than The Competitors?

Most of the business owners opt for clone apps as they are highly cost-effective. Not just clone apps, white label app development will also save a lot of time and effort. The fitness app industry can flourish with numerous benefits from its apps:


Custom apps can be personalized to a great extent with respect to one's business needs.


How to build a fitness tracking app with the latest app features isn't a tough question to answer. At Hyperlocal Cloud, the apps are built with advanced functionalities to provide the best user experience to the clients.

User Experience

Your potential users are always looking for something unique with multiple feature sets to help leverage the best user experience.

Advanced Set Of Features

Hyperlocal Cloud will answer all your doubts on how to make your own fitness app and build the fitness tracker app with features like a location tracker, easy registration, blood pressure reading, and much more.

High-Tech Device Support

A high-tech infused app will help your users understand how to create a fitness app that overpowers all the other players in the fitness app industry. IoT-infused fitness tracking watches are the best match for it.

High-End User Experience

A fitness tracker app will provide the best high-end user experience to all users through its easy-to-use interface and catchy design and features. Hyperlocal Cloud will focus on adding the best features to help your users get the best user experience.

Cost And Time Effective

We will help you understand how to build a fitness-tracking app with the shortest time frame and lowest expenditures. Our white-label solutions help clients get the best possible app solutions on a minimum budget. This is the best solution for startups and young organizations.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App for Fitness?

The first thing that comes to the mind of a fitness business owner is the cost of app development. The simplest option to understand the cost is to build a budget and then contact a well-known app development company. This company will answer your queries on how to create a fitness app.

The first step in determining how to construct a fitness app, a yoga app, or a meditation app is calculating the associated costs. If you've had time to consider your requirements, you have a solid foundation upon which to construct a budget with your development team.

The easiest option is to contract an external development team that can manage the entire project from start to finish. When considering IT cost optimization, bear in mind that where you hire talent will have a substantial impact on your expenses.

Most of the app developers in the United States and Australia charge, on average, $110 per hour. In Western Europe, hourly costs can start at $80. The developers can be hired for $50/hour in Central Europe. Whereas, at Hyperlocal Cloud, the charges are as low as 25$ per hour.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud?

Hyperlocal Cloud will be the perfect choice for fitness business owners browsing on how to build a fitness tracking app. We have the best app developers with years of expertise in the app development industry. They are well trained to use the latest tech stacks and build a market leading fitness app. We also ensure that all of our clients get a separate team for their projects.

Our chat support team is available 24*7 to solve even the smallest of client queries. With our expert team, fitness business owners can easily cover the important aspects of a top-notch app development solution.


The final words for this blog will focus on attracting more users for your app's performance. The client retention rate will help you understand exactly where your business stands. Business owners can build a fitness app infused with the right tech stack to support IoT devices, doctor consultations and much more. Customized workout plans work best for your users who are looking for a relatively cheaper alternative to expensive gym membership and dietician plans.

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