How much does it cost to set up an EV charging station UK & USA

By Hyperlocal Cloud

July 26, 2023

How much does it cost to set up an EV charging station UK & USA

Electric vehicles have been a boon in the transportation industry. An electric car is not a contemporary invention. The first electronic vehicle was invented by Robert Anderson in 1832. This carriage was the first turn made towards the EV systems. Now, EVs work on electric charge unlike the conventional gas-powered vehicles. This is where the need for EV charging stations sprung up.

In the USA, there are 1,60,000 EV chargers working at the moment. Besides this, the UK has 44,408 EV charging stations. It denotes the rising demand for EV charging stations which also makes it a great business opportunity.

Are you willing to start an EV charging station? Hyperlocal Cloud can help you attain an application for your business, decreasing the labor effort and helping you generate income.

So in this blog, we will talk about how much it costs to set up an EV charging station in the UK & USA. We will understand the cost breakdown in depth and also know how you can save cost, elements required, labor required and some other factors that affect it. Let’s get started:

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up An EV Charging Station?

On average, the cost of installation of an EV charging station starts at $30,000 in the USA. Whereas, in terms of the UK, a complete setup can cost around £20,000- £24,000. The cost of installing an EV charging station depends on various factors.

Now let’s understand some elements that affect the cost of starting an EV charging station:

Types Of Charger

Charger type has a huge impact on cost. There are generally three types of EV chargers: level-1, level-2 and level-3. Level-2 chargers are less expensive than fast DC chargers, but they charge very slowly. Now understand the charger cost breakdown thoroughly.

Type of ChargerApprox Cost In USAApprox Cost In UK
Level - 1$200 - $500£300 - £600
Level - 2$600 - $900£750 - £950
Level - 3$1,000 - $1,500£1,000 - £1,200

As mentioned above, the cost can rise and go lower per the requirements, labor costs and hourly rates of technicians.

Location Of Charging Station

Location matters in the cost of installation. The location of your charging point also decides how many car owners you can attract. If your charging station is located in a high-traffic area, purchasing or renting that area can be costly.

Let’s do a deep analysis of cost according to the location of installations for EV chargers:

Location TypeEstimated Cost In USAEstimated Cost In the UK
Residential$500 - $1,500£500 - £700
Commercial$1,800 - $2,200£800 - £1,200
Public$2,500 - $3,000

£1,500 - £2,000

Other costs like labor charges, electrician fees, and other equipment fees can increase or decrease the cost of setting up an EV charging station according to your selected area.

Size Of Charging Station

The size of the charging station also determines the cost of an EV setup. Various types of chargers will decide how many cars can be charged at once. If you plan to install 1 to 3 chargers, the cost can be affordable. Whereas installing more than 3 chargers can increase the cost of installation.

As the size of the charging station depends on the number of ports, let’s discuss the estimated cost of every type of port:

Port-TypeEstimated Cost In USAEstimated Cost In The UK
Single-Port Charger$500 - $1,500£300 - £600
Dual-Port Charger$1,000 - $3,000£800 - £1,200
Quad-Port Charger$2,000 - $5,000£1,500 - £2,000
Eight-Port Charger$4,000 - $10,000£2,200 - £2,600
Sixteen-Port Charger$8,000 - $20,000£2,700 - £3,000

The bigger the charging port, the more labor required to install it. A larger charging port demands lengthy cables and advanced equipment. And to manage such a large station, white-label EV charging software will be required.

Above mentioned cost breakdown and prices will help you be aware of the cost of setting up an EV charging station. You should remember that the mentioned costs are estimates and tend to increase and decrease according to the demands & needs.

Requirements To Set Up An EV Charging Station

Considering the success of your EV charging station in mind, it is essential to occupy modernized materials and equipment. Now let’s understand some essential items needed for EV charging setup:

An EV charging station requires main electronic components to ensure connectivity with electronic vehicles and charging. So let’s know some essential electronic items to have in an EV station and their cost:

EquipmentCost In USACost In UK
Electric Wiring$10 - $20£5 - £15
Circuits$400 - $700£300 - £600
Security Cameras$150 - $500£100 - £400
Charging Outlets$20 - $25£15 - £20
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)$2,000 - $5,000£1,500 - £4,000
Power Distribution Unit (PDU)$1,000 - $2,000£500 - £1,500
Metering or Monitoring Equipment$1,200 - $1,800£1,000 - £1,500
Networking Equipment$1,450 - $1,950£1,200 - £1,600

There could be additional requirements for other electrical equipment. You can consider additional charges besides the mentioned costs above.

Get Complete Guidance On The Cost To Set Up An EV Charging Station

We are always excited to help our clients with their questions on how they can set up an EV charging station. Call us today and get a complete guide.

Must-Have Features Of EV Charging Software

A feature-rich EV charging software can help you easily track activities and optimize your business operations. We have categorized the features into two segments; admin & drivers. Let’s understand it thoroughly:

For Drivers

We provide every type of convenience to a driver with our top-notch features.

Locate The Station

This feature will help a driver to locate the nearest charger location, track it via map, and check for availability.

Charging Reservation

It lets a driver pre-book their charging point in advance. They can enter their token number and refill when arriving at the charging station.

Payment Options

Drivers can pay through the app via different payment modes. They can pay using their credit/debit card or UPI and pay on arrival.

Charging Session Details

This feature helps a driver to view their charging history, charging status and analyzing the remaining battery percentage of the vehicle.

Push Notification

It keeps a driver updated about their vehicle's electricity status. It also notifies them when they need to charge. It also helps in locating the nearest charging locations.


Support features can help a driver to connect with customer care executives via call & chat in real-time to solve their queries.

For Admin

Our app features let an admin operate an EV charging station effectively.


This feature lets an admin show the charging station’s status in real-time. It includes information like current load, charger’s availability, generated sales and remaining power and any error.

Billing Management

It lets an admin view the receipt of a paid bill from an EV driver. It helps them generate invoices and manage expenses.


Through this feature, admins are secured from online fraud, phishing and any unauthorized access.

Station Access

Admins can activate and shut down their filling pumps from anywhere. It will help them save electricity.

User Management

Admins can easily manage the users of the application. They can easily add, replace and modify a driver from their admin panel.

Start Your EV Charging Station With A Smart Application From Hyperlocal Cloud

We help EV charging business owners or start-ups attain a smart EV charging software app that can help them keep an eye on their station from anywhere.

What Are The Benefits Of An EV Charging Station?

It is very easy, convenient, and highly beneficial to start an EV charging station. Let’s count on some business benefits of setting up an EV charging station:

Boost Sales

EV charging stations can boost sales. A driver who can charge at your charging point is more likely to stay connected and spend more money. As EV vehicles are en-route to growth, people are looking for reliable and quality charging points around them.


EV charging business is a sustainable business. As EV vehicles are environment friendly, they reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution; there will always be a need for EV vehicles around the world. Thus, an EV charging station business will last longer and offer sustainability in business.

Tax Breaks

In a few cases, businesses can be eligible for tax breaks on the installation of EV charging stations. It helps offset the installation cost and save money to offer EV charging services.

Increase Property Value

Businesses that open EV charging stations will find an increase in their property value. EV charging vehicles are seen as desirable amenities by various buyers and renters.


EV charging stations will be a profitable business in the upcoming years. As people are adopting electric vehicles rapidly, it is important to have a source of charging their electric vehicles. In this blog, we have explored the cost of setting up an EV charging station in the USA & UK. There will always be addition and reduction in the cost due to some factors like; new government guidelines, type of vehicles, rate of electricity and location. Also, EV charging software is required to monitor the business to ensure its seamless operations.


What Will An EV Charging Software Do?

Hyperlocal Cloud’s EV charging software can help you monitor the remaining battery power of the charging point, carry out daily analysis on charged vehicles, incoming & outgoing EV drivers etc. We develop feature-rich EV charging software to boost sales.

Are EV Charging Stations A Good Investment?

EV charging stations can be a wise investment for business owners. It is an effortless, convenient and easy-to-operate business option for those willing to start.

Do EV Chargers Work With All Electric Vehicles?

Yes, EV chargers work with all types of electric vehicles. It is more efficient if you occupy all levels of EV chargers at your station, as not all EV cars support a single level of chargers.

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