How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 31, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

Online shopping has revolutionized the approach to different types of products and services. Hundreds of multi-vendor marketplace platforms are operating to serve customers globally. As online shopping platforms are convenient for customers, an app like Alibaba can be very beneficial among various users. So, let’s dive-in and start exploring the blog.

Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. They currently serve users across the country by collaborating with Aliexpress. Their primary goal is to connect buyers from around the world and grant different types of services.

Scope Of Online Shopping

Let’s understand the future growth of online shopping with some stats:

  • The economic growth of the eCommerce industry in the USA continues to grow at $509.4 billion between 2023- 2027.
  • It is estimated that revenue in the eCommerce industry will reach $1.4 trillion before the end of 2027.
  • The growth in eCommerce platforms is continuous and en route to growth yearly.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

The tentative amount to develop an Alibaba clone app starts from $13,000. It can take around 3 weeks to get a full-stack app. Remember, the reflected amount can increase and decrease depending on various factors like the app’s complexity, features, 3rd party integrations, active engineers, and location. It is also essential to connect with a top-notch eCommerce app development company with experience, certifications, and qualified developers.

Expand Your Customer Base And Build An App Like Alibaba

Our professional development team helps you obtain an Alibaba clone app which caters your business needs and generate leads.

How To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

In order to develop an Alibaba clone app, you require proper planning, marketing strategies, and experienced staff. Let’s understand the development process briefly:

Market Analysis

Start with digging deep into your targeted industries. Apply the 4P rule: product, price, place, and promotion. Find out your competitors and examine their market strategies. Check for any marketing gap, identify barriers, and create a settlement. Also, know your target audience and their interests to create a marketing strategy for your business.


The design part determines the UI/UX, color gradients, logo, and content in the app. It should be planned in a way so the users will interact with the application. The design phase also decides the purpose of each screen, icon, button, and animation. It should be unique, straight to the point, and attractive.


At this stage, the development team uses their technical abilities and integrates APIs to add more functionalities. The development part falls in two phases; front-end development, where the button, navigations, pages, content, and images are implemented. At the same time, back-end development, where payment gateways, servers, and app security are maintained.


It is an important step to test the app post-development because it ensures its performance, detects bugs and eliminates errors. A professional QA team is assigned to complete the testing work.


After the complete development & testing phase, we deploy the app on global servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. We also offer free 3-month post-deployment support to our clients.

Core Features To Include In An App Like Alibaba

An app’s feature decides its performance, accessibility, and how it will attract a user. We implement features that help businesses to gain their desired customer base.

Buyer App

Buyers are the assets of the business, so we implement top-tier features for buyers. Here is the list:


It allows users to sign up and log in with their information, like name, location, contact, payment method, and topic of interest.

Account Page

An account page is created for the user with their username and password. They can use it for sign-in at any time.

Search & Filter

Buyers can search for their favourite product and filter it according to their needs. It eases the app’s operation.

Product Purchasing

Users can purchase their favorite product in a matter of clicks. They can easily browse, choose, and checkout.

Multiple Payment Options

This feature allows users to pay in different payment modes like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and cash on delivery.


A wishlist for users allows them to create an additional category, monitor the price, change the quantity, and checkout.

Rating & Reviews

Buyers can drop their reviews over a product based on their experience. It helps maintain business sales and improve any strategy.

Push Notification

It updates a buyer about every activity on the product, like dispatch, shipping, and out for delivery.

Customer Support

This feature assists buyers in connecting with customer care executives in case of any doubt or query.

Seller App

In order to deliver products timely, customer retention, and better business, we implement features that help sellers in every aspect. Let’s explore them:

Profile Creation

Vendors can create their free account with some credentials like name, category of service, business information, contact details, and other information.

Product Listing

This feature allows vendors to upload their products with some information like product name, price, availability, and description.

Company Registration & Verification

Our developed application will ask companies to upload their company documents for verification. They can also associate payment & banking details.

Product Management

Product management features let vendors manage their uploaded products and edit changes like price, status of availability, descriptions and more.

Order Management

It allows vendors to accept/decline and make any changes in upcoming orders. They can also take any necessary action before accepting an order.

Messaging & Call

Vendors can connect with the customer via call or message regarding the order at any time they want.

Admin Panel

Our app lets admins monitor, track sales, and perform necessary tasks to ensure smooth business operations. Here are some exclusive features for admins:


This feature lets admins monitor ongoing sales, track orders, and view previous reports.

Content Management

It lets admins access and change the content in the application on necessity. It also lets them choose and update new listing models and update the product catalog.

Call & Support

This feature allows admins to connect with users and buyers via call and message anytime.

Refund Management

This lets admins initiate refunds and solve customers’ queries about their doubts about their refunds.

Loyalty Program

Admins can promote their business by offering coupons, discounts and launching marketing campaigns.

Transform Your Online Shopping Business And Develop An App Like Alibaba

Hyperlocal Cloud can help their clients to achieve an Alibaba clone app that can strengthen their business’s economic sector.

Business Benefits Of An App Like Alibaba

An Alibaba clone app comes with several benefits. Here, we have mentioned some business benefits of Alibaba clone app:

Brand Awareness

By having an app that resembles Alibaba, you can benefit from the reliability already associated with the platform. This can help establish credibility and trust among potential customers. Having a dedicated app for your business allows you to create an ideal brand experience, showcasing your products or services in a professional and user-friendly manner. It helps enhance brand visibility and recognition, leading to increased awareness among your target audience.

Boost Sales

The app provides a convenient platform for customers to browse and purchase your products or services. It enables you to showcase your offerings, provide detailed product information, and offer various payment options, all within a seamless mobile experience. This accessibility and convenience can significantly boost sales, as customers can easily make purchases anytime and anywhere, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Save Time

Alibaba clone app can save time for both businesses and customers. The app streamlines the sales process for businesses, automating various tasks such as order management, inventory tracking, and payment processing. This efficiency saves time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on other core activities and grow their operations. For customers, the app provides a quick and hassle-free shopping experience, eliminating the need to visit physical stores or navigate through the Alibaba clone app.


The app development cost of an app like Alibaba depends on several elements. Such applications have high demand in the market because they let users compare, inspect, and then choose a product. As it is a multi-vendor marketplace, it is also an opportunity for vendors to participate on one platform and sell their products to earn income. It took around 20+ years for Alibaba to achieve a milestone of 600+ million users. It is an opportunity to start with an already successful idea and achieve another level of success. Get started today.

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