How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dating App Like Bumble?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

January 18, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dating App Like Bumble?

Bumble dating app downloads are enhanced by 27% globally and 26% annually in the United States.

Keeping up with the theme of love and romance, Bumble comes second among prominent dating apps. No doubt, many global players occupy the top charts. Developing a dating app akin to Bumble involves a multifaceted process encompassing intricate design, robust development, and strategic deployment.

Many factors influence the cost of building such an app, including feature complexity, app design, backend infrastructure, and the technology stack chosen.

To begin with, briefly discussing those factors will help you get the cost estimation of developing a Bumble-like app.

In this blog, discover costing factors influencing the development of a Bumble-like dating app.

The Popularity of the Bumble Dating App

Bumble has soared in popularity since its launch, emerging as a prominent player in the competitive realm of dating apps. Launched in 2014 by co-founder Whitney Wolfe, Bumble has differentiated itself with its unique approach of "women must make the first move" in online dating. The app's signature feature empowers women to make the first move in heterosexual activities, fostering a sense of agency and control for female users.

Bumble's commitment to inclusivity extends beyond its core concept with features like Bumble BFF for friendship connections and Bumble Bizz for professional networking, broadening its user base. The app's user-friendly interface and innovative features like voice notes and video calls have contributed to its widespread appeal.

Bumble's emphasis on safety and the implementation of strict policies against inappropriate behaviors have resonated with users, increasing a more secure and respectful environment. Its global presence has expanded, reaching users across various demographics and cultures.

Strategic partnerships, celebrity endorsements, and effective marketing campaigns have propelled Bumble into popular culture. Bumble has continued to experience growth since its inception.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bumble-like App Development

Building an app like Bumble imposes smart dating features and functionalities that initially impact development costs. Here are the top seven factors:

App Design:

Developing an app similar to Bumble depends on the chosen design. Your users must find it easy to understand and use them. Both platforms (Android and iOS) require different UI/UX designs and functionality to determine the high usability. However, building an app design like Bumble for the iOS platform costs less than developing it for the Android platform.

App Platform:

Choosing between native or cross-platform development impacts costs, with native apps often requiring more resources. Backend development, involving server setup, database integration, and API development, also plays a pivotal role. Ongoing maintenance, updates, and server costs also contribute to long-term expenses.

App Features:

User-friendly interfaces and engaging features, such as swipe gestures and real-time chat functionalities, contribute significantly to the development cost. Advanced matching algorithms, security measures, and scalability considerations add to the overall expense.

App Size:

The size of an app brings more to users' tables. Bumble determines the cost, from the number of features to different functions. Moreover, it relies on premium features added and functioning speed, ensuring it runs flawlessly. Further, the app size includes its social media sharing options.

Market research and user testing are integral to app development, ensuring the final product meets user expectations. Collaborating with experienced developers and investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy are crucial for success in the competitive dating app landscape. As such, estimating costs involves carefully considering these factors to deliver a high-quality, feature-rich dating app experience.

Bumble Features: What You Can Include in Your Dating App?

As Bumble changed the dating dynamics, people have considered dating one of the finest ways to find love. What else does Bumble feature that you can include in your dating app and provide to your customers? Have a look:

Features for Businesses:

Business Profiles:

Bumble allows businesses to create profiles on a platform that connect with potential customers and showcase their products or services.

Advertising Opportunities:

Bumble offers unique opportunities for businesses to advertise their products or services, reaching a broad user base.

Bumble Bizz:

This feature is designed for professional networking, enabling businesses and professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore career opportunities.

Targeted Marketing:

Businesses can leverage the app's user data to target specific demographics, ensuring their advertisements reach the most relevant audience.

Bumble BFF for Social Events:

Businesses can utilize Bumble BFF to promote social events or services focused on friendship, expanding their reach beyond traditional marketing methods.

Inclusive Platform:

Bumble's commitment to inclusivity extends to its business features, providing a platform where businesses can connect with diverse audiences.

Real-Time Analytics:

Businesses can access real-time analytics to track the performance of their profiles and advertisements, allowing for data-driven decision-making and optimization.

Features for Customers:

User-Friendly Interface:

Bumble provides a straightforward and intuitive platform for users to create profiles effortlessly.

Swiping Mechanism:

The app employs a swiping mechanism, allowing users to express interest by swiping right and pass by swiping left, streamlining the matching process.

Diverse Relationship Options:

Beyond traditional dating, Bumble offers features like Bumble BFF for finding friends and Bumble Bizz for professional networking, catering to various relationship needs.


In heterosexual matches, only women can initiate conversations, empowering them to take control of their online interactions and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Profile Verification:

Bumble incorporates profile verification to enhance trust and authenticity, ensuring users engage with genuine individuals.

In summary, Bumble's features for both customers and businesses create a dynamic and inclusive platform, offering diverse relationship options and effective marketing opportunities.

Technology Stack Used for Developing an App Like Bumble

Know the technology stack where custom mobile app development services help you develop dating apps. Let's explore-

Android App Development:

The Android development experts utilize tech stacks to launch your app. You only need to hire a reputed app development company, like Hyperlocal Cloud, with a grasp of such tools and knowledge.

Tools: Android Studio, Java, Autolayout, and Kotlin

Database: Firebase and SQLite

Library: Swiping cards, Google Maps SDK, and Google push notification

iOs App Development:

iOS is a complicated operating system. Hire skilled iPhone app developers to compile app functions like Bumble.

Tools: Xcode, Swift, Storyboard, and Autolayout

Database: Firebase, SQLite, Realm, and Core data

Library: Swiping cards, Google Maps SDK, and Google push notification

Monetization Strategy for Dating Apps like Bumble

Several methods are applicable to monetize a dating app without disrupting the freemium model. It allows a greater user base and is integral to the business model.

Below are the top six methods of monetization that are effective in a dating app like Bumble.

Premium Subscription with Added Features

The popular method of monetization is through premium memberships that offer additional features, such as:

  • Enhance your profile for more views
  • See who likes your profile
  • Extend the timeline to respond to someone
  • Read receipts and undo send-for messages
  • Achieve limited add-ons like super likes, gifts, and more.
  • Enable an incognito mode for more profile privacy.

The pricing tier relies on the type of user base and geography. Emphasizing many people who like to take breaks from dating on and off, it might be a good option to include shorter and longer billing periods.

In-App Purchases

Bumble allows additional in-app purchases for some of its features, such as profile boosts and super-likes that users may want to use more, even with premium subscriptions. Its in-app purchases are an excellent way to monetize through users who don't want a subscription plan with recurring billing but some features instead.

Advertisements on the Site

Dating apps function with a freemium model, including online advertisements through Google Adsense. These ads display on the user's profile along with the option of removing them by subscribing to an ad-free premium version. Even if users continue using the free model, the app still monetizes by tapping into the large user base through digital advertisements without disrupting users from using other features.

Affiliate Marketing

Dating apps like Bumble expand monetization beyond promotion to affiliate marketing. They create timed offers in partnership with other products to permit users to avail of both services with other incentives, such as a premium subscription for a particular period. Affiliate marketing can also sell products, like the Bumble affiliate programs in beauty niches. These niches are Hairprint, Sontse, Fieldtrip, Dr.Max, Klaiyi Hair, and FlutterHabit. It encourages users to meet more people based on choices and interests.

Social Media and Content Partnerships

Bumble has a good presence on social media. It is another method of monetization through social media partnerships. The social media account promotes a service or product from a non-competing company to their followers for free. Next, monetization way is a content partnership where the dating app develops content on their social media or content sites, mentioning the advertiser as a partner while charging them for displaying it.

Games and Quizzes

Dating apps offer their users a choice of online games, such as video games, chess, and more. Bumble's Question Game is a built-in and free feature that allows you to shuffle through pre-writing questions that users can send to their matches.

How Much Does the Development of An App Like Bumble Cost?

The cost of developing a dating app like Bumble can vary based on several features and complexities. Typically, the development cost is $25k for a simple dating app with basic features. Nevertheless, this is just a rough estimate. Creating an app like Bumble costs money, but you must first understand what affects the price.

Contact Hyperlocal Cloud experts for a dating app development cost quote based on your unique business needs.

Wrapping Up!

The development cost of a dating app similar to Bumble varies based on factors such as features, complexity, and geographical location of the development team. A basic version, as discussed, may cost around $25K, while more advanced features and customization can increase costs. Expenses include backend development, design, user authentication, testing, and message functionality.

Collaboration with skilled professionals and adherence to industry standards are crucial for a successful app. Ultimately, the investment in creating a high-quality dating app similar to Bumble reflects the commitment to its experience and desired market positioning. Vigilant planning and budget allocation are essential for attaining a competitive and engaging dating app.

The journey to develop a dating app like Bumble starts with a greater ideation process, which you can come through with a proficient development team of Hyperlocal Cloud. Reach us today!

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