How Much Does It Cost To Build A Super App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

September 14, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Super App?

Super App is a superhero of this technical era. It is a combination of multiple services on a single platform. Our world is digitizing day by day, and an application has become important to complete our regular tasks. From using social media to shopping, everything has been taken over by technology. How about keeping one application from where you can provide all online services to customers? That’s where Super App comes into action.

A Super App provides convenience for shopping, ordering groceries, eCommerce, banking, messaging, food delivery, and transportation within a single platform. The demand for such applications is rising day by day. So here in this blog, we will talk about the cost to build a Super App and its top-tier features. Let’s get started.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Super App?

It can cost between $25,000 -$60,000, depending on numerous factors. A Super App requires API integrations of various services and a proficient development team to get a full-cycle app solution. A complete Super App solution with a combination of all essential services can take 30- 60 days to launch.

Aspects Impacting the Price of Developing a Super App

Here are the top factors that can alter the development cost of Super App:

Design And User Experience (UX/UI)

Investing in a visually appealing and user-friendly design is crucial for a Super App. This includes wireframing, prototyping, and graphic design. It can take additional investment to purchase paid animation libraries and infographic creation tools, which can increase the cost.

Frontend Development

The frontend development focuses on building the user interface and ensuring a smooth user experience. This includes coding the app's features and functionalities. The app’s features are implemented at this stage, and demand for additional features can increment the overall cost to build a Super App.

Backend Development

The backend development involves creating the server infrastructure, databases, and APIs that power the app. This is a critical component of a super app and requires skilled developers. It is the development phase where payment integrations and server security are maintained. Some APIs are a must to include and come at a price. So, purchasing API fees also demands extra investment.

Features Of The App

The custom features you want to include in your Super App can increase the development cost. Typically, we implement general features that need to be included while developing the app, but extra investment in the development cost will be required to get custom or advanced features.

Testing And Quality Assurance

Thorough testing and quality assurance are essential to ensure the app functions flawlessly. This includes both manual and automated testing processes. In this phase, the app’s compatibility for each device is also checked, and it can cost extra to have a hybrid app.

Project Management

Effective project management helps streamline the development process and ensures timely delivery. Allocating a budget for project management is crucial for successful app development.

App Maintenance

It is essential to do post-maintenance of your Super App. Post-maintenance will keep you updated with its software, UI/UX, and many more. The latest update in the tech stack and any evolution in your business can demand an update. Therefore, you must set additional costs to create a Super App.

Take a look at this breakdown for a better understanding:

Design (UI/UX)
$9,000 - $12,000
Front end development
$10,000 - $14,000
Back end development$11,000 - $15,000
Features of App$13,000 - $16,000
Testing & QA$10,000 - $14,000
Project Management$15,000 - $18,000
App Maintenance$8,000 - $12,000

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Our professional team of consultants has researched thoroughly and can help guide you with super app development. We also offer ready-made app solutions for your business.

How Does Development Location Impact The Cost To Build A Super App?

The location of the app development company can also hit the accumulated cost of development. There are expert tech giants from each region who charge differently to develop Super App-like applications.

Geographical LocationCost/hr
USA$30 - $60
Europe$50 - $100
UAE$25 - $50
India$30 - $50
Note: This is the general cost estimation for building a Super App. But we at Hyperlocal Cloud charge <$25hr to provide you with a complete app solution.

Latest Features Of A Super App

The app’s features can also influence the cost of building a Super App. We develop features for every segment: customer, service provider, driver, and admin. Let’s explore them all:

Latest Features Of A Super App

How Do Features Increase The Development Cost Of A Super App?

There are three stages of implementing features in an app: basic, mid, and advanced. Each stage demands additional capital to complete the task.

Level Of FeaturesCost
Basic features$10,000 - $12,000
Moderate features$12,000 - $14,000
Advance features>$40,000

It's essential to prioritize features strategically based on users’ needs and market trends to manage development costs while offering a feature-rich Super App. Conducting thorough market research and user testing can help identify which features will provide the most value to your target audience, ultimately balancing functionality with development costs.

Business Benefits Of A Super App

A Super App has many benefits to offer for your business. Here, we have covered a few of them:

Brand Awareness

With the help of a Super App, businesses can offer their services to diversified customers as it grants all-in-one services on a single platform. There are more chances that a user will find a Super App convenient than choosing a specific business niche app. Thus, it can reach a wider audience.

Increase Sales

A multi-service app like Super App can reach a maximum number of customers willing to have different services. You may manage innumerable orders simultaneously, indicating receiving maximum sales orders on the app.

Easy To Start

It is a daunting task to build a Super App from scratch, but you can get a Super App clone from a first-grade on-demand app development company. It can assist you in getting a multi-service app like Grab, Rappi, and Careem. With this approach, you can start your business from a successful niche without needing a business strategy and work model.

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How To Earn Income With A Super App?

Now that you have your Super App like Gojek, Rappi, or Uber launched on global servers, how can you make money from it? Here are some of the best monetization models for a Super App:

App Subscriptions

Integrating an in-app subscription will let users pay an amount for services like exclusive features, priority delivery, and scheduled delivery. Some apps in the market offer the first free week/month trial so that users can go through all the exclusive features and purchase after the end of the free trial. It is a good practice to increase customer engagement.

Credit Options

Other Super apps include credit systems like EMI/loans for service providers and exclusive partners. It allows you to charge interest accordingly, and collected interest here is your overall revenue from this monetization strategy.

In-App Advertisement

The in-app advertising revenue model for a Super App involves generating income by displaying advertisements within the app. Super App can incorporate various ad formats, including banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, video ads, and rewarded ads. The choice of ad format depends on the app's design and user experience. Any activity or transaction on the app can help you generate an amount.

Transaction Fee

It is an easy and profitable revenue-making model for your Super App business. You will be charging a commission on every successful payment transaction from the customer on your platform. You can easily determine your percentage of cuts based on your business strategies.


In conclusion, a Super App is going to be the future of every online service marketplace. An app with proper features, functionalities, and business models can help you extend your business rapidly. We have also mentioned the cost of building a Super App and have explained each and every factor that affects the development cost. We also help companies to reach broad customers even beyond the boundary. Connect with us today to start your business.

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