Stating Some Stats On Our eBook Store App Development Services

At Hyperlocal Cloud, our services are catered towards taking businesses toward the edge of the technical competition. Have a look at our stats below:

  • 100+

    eBook Store Apps Launched

  • 1250+

    Global Clients

  • 150+

    Seasoned Developers

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    Years In Industry

Reach The Competitive Edge Of Your Business With Our eBook Store App

Hyperlocal Cloud offers leading white label ebook platform development services with guaranteed ROIs for business owners. Our 150+ app developers are ready to take your business to the next level.

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Why To Launch Your Own White Label eBook Platform?

Many writers and authors are fantasizing about publishing their own eBooks but lack the guidance to do so. Soon after the start of the pandemic, people started avoiding traveling to libraries and switching to eBooks instead. An eBook store app will allow your users to become self-published authors and bring their content out in the markets without any fears.

Hyperlocal Cloud has a high-tech solution in its bag that will help users reach the latest eBooks with a couple of clicks. We will make sure that your platform can cater to the needs of educational institutes, tutors, publishers, booksellers, or a subscription service. It is time to take your education business to the zenith of success through an ebook store platform loaded with updated eBooks and readable ePubs, which can be distributed globally through an efficient cloud delivery network. Get started to launch an eBook store app today!

Our Impeccable White Label eBook Platform Services

Hyperlocal Cloud has multiple platform development experts who know how to resolve customer queries instantly while figuring out their business requirements on the go. We are inclined towards offering the best white-label ebook store platform development services that can help reform the present education industry. Let's have a look at some of them:

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Multiple Format Acceptance

Your ebook store app will accept Docx, PDF, ePUB3, and ePub2. Along with it, we also offer ePub Conversions while later displaying your content in a sleek manner.

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Offline eBook Reading

Another great aspect of your white label ebook platform will be offline reading sessions that can allow your users to read even without an internet connection.

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Higher Engagement

Our White-label ebook store platform will allow your business to experience a higher engagement score as users can upload their content, even photos, in real-time.

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Upgraded Ecommerce Solutions

Our ecommerce packages will allow users to go live with a high-tech ebook store app. We will allow Shopify solution for integration with eReader apps.

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Insights And Analytics

Analyze the reader analytics through our app and like their time on the app, popular content, and the most downloaded content through graphical forms.

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Enhanced Reader Interactions

Allow your users to convert any of the ebooks into a well-researched ebook through continuous upgradation on the app. Add quizzes, highlights, and puzzles.

What Will Our White-Label eBook Platform Offer?

Our white label ebook platform will offer a cut through the complications faced by other ebook platforms. We ensure that our customers are provided with separate apps and an admin panel to help overview the business with enhanced analytics and features. Let us have a look at some of them:

Reader App

The reader ebook store app will come up with multiple features that can help provide the users with an unmatchable reading experience. Let's have a look at some of them:

  • Easy Registration

    The readers can easily register on the white label ebook platform through their email or phone numbers.

  • Offline Reading

    The ebook store platform app provides an offline reading feature for readers to read books without internet.

  • Night-Reading Mode

    This feature allows your readers to have an enhanced reading experience with a night reading mode.

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  • Automatic Archive

    Readers on the ebook store platform can leverage the automated ebook archive features to help refer to friends.

  • Audio Reading

    The ebooks can be converted into an audio file to help visually impaired readers on the ebook store app.

  • Automatic Bookmark

    White-label eBook store platform has this feature to allow readers to start back from where they left reading.

Author App

The authors will also get multiple features for their app to help them launch their very own ebooks in a hassle-free manner. Through our white-label ebook store platform app, authors can leverage the following features:

  • Ready-Made Templates

    The authors can select a template to upload their ebook to attract readers. Our ebook store app will provide numerous trendy templates.

  • File Conversion

    File conversion will be easier than ever before on the ebook store platform. We accept all file formats and carve them into beautiful ebooks.

  • Social Media Integrations

    Our white label ebook platform will allow the users to embed their social media profiles to help the readers to get to know them better.

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  • Insights And Analytics

    Through advanced insights, authors on the ebook store app get overviews through hours spent by the readers on their app.

  • Password Protection

    The password protection feature on the white label ebook store app will allow authors to ensure the security of their ebook.

  • Publication Details

    Publication details on the ebook store platform allows the readers to get to know more on ebook details.

Admin Panel

The admin panel of the white-label ebook store platform app will have a detailed revenue analysis and much more to allow admins to know where exactly their business stands. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Promo Codes And Discounts

    Admins can create certain discounts and promo codes for underperforming books to boost their popularity on the white label ebook store platform.

  • Analytics And Insights

    Through the analytics and insights feature, the admin can overview the total reading time on any of the ebook on the ebook store app/platform.

  • Multiple EPUB Uploads

    Data encryption codes in the ebooks of your ebook store app will protect the content. ePub facilitates data protection from unauthorized access.

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  • Updates And Usage Breakdown

    The admin decides the updates and the usage breakdowns on the ebook store platform and informs the users in real-time through alerts.

  • Removing Author/Reader

    Admin has the authority to permanently remove any reader/author from the ebook store platform if they violate the privacy terms.

  • Marketing Dashboard

    Admin can carry out marketing campaigns on the white-label ebook store platform app to spread the word about the app globally.

Unique White Label eBook Platform Features

Hyperlocal Cloud offers multiple ebook store app features that can take your bookstore business to a global level. Interesting features provided in the white label ebook platform can attract a large customer pool from anywhere around the globe.

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    Design Customization

    Allow your users to adjust the background of the ebooks and even add theme music to upgrade their reading experience.

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    External/Internal Links

    Addition of internal or external links on our ebook store platform will enable your users to have a sweet reading time.

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    Image/Video Additions

    Users can add images and videos in real-time, they can also add youtube video links to enhance the reading ability of users.

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    Embedding eBooks

    Seamlessly embed ebooks to your website with interactive visuals and sounds through our leading white label ebook platform.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Manage SEO through our ebook store app tools to take your business successfully to the next level.

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    Social Media Integrations

    Share ebooks on your social media platforms through our white-label ebook platform development solutions.

Innovate And Dominate Ed-Tech Through Our eBook Store App

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the app development team is inclined toward providing the next-gen educational app. Our white-label ebook store platform app will have multiple features to help readers and authors to have a strong hold in the new era of educational reforms.

Notable Benefits Of Our eBook Store App

Your search for a top-notch ebook store app ends at Hyperlocal Cloud; we ensure that a our ebook store app offers multiple benefits to your users, have a look at some of them.

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    Effective Communication

    The authors can actively communicate with their readers on Hyperlocal Cloud’s ebook store app and get valuable insights and feedback.

  • Smart Dispatch icon
    Simple Digital Publishing

    Convert documents into ebooks in a completely hassle-free manner through the eBook store app. Users can convert through mobile, computer, iPad and tablets.

  • In-App Chat icon
    Protection And Privacy

    We ensure the safety and privacy of your users' ebooks on your ebook store app. We also ensure the "pay for access" with a username and password.

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    File Support And Responsiveness

    Our white label ebook platform will have no page upload limitations and allow your users to upload high-quality files with the speed of light.

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    Multiple Language Support

    We ensure that the platform provides multiple language support to your global audience and even provides a platform for users to gain popularity globally.

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    Integration And Sharing

    Generate a hype through the next level, sharing features of the ebook store platform like page-flip, lifelike, and sharing the ebook to social media sites.

Technology Stack Of White-Label eBook Store Platform App

Our dynamic technology stack can help you avail a bug-free eBook store platform. Here are some of our most preferred tech stacks that create market-leading white label products:

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    Node Js

  • MySQL Icon


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    Angular Js

  • MongoDB icon


  • Laravel icon


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Revamp The Education Industry Through An eBook Store App

Our white label ebook platform will have all it takes to uplift your business to the next level of success through high-tech features and futuristic customizations. Reach out to Hyperlocal Cloud and get your eBook store platform ready in a couple of weeks.

Workflow Of A Top-Level eBook Store App

Hyperlocal Cloud helps to convert traditional books into eBooks seamlessly. Understand the workflow of our white-label eBook platform through the following steps mentioned below

  • 1

    Analyzing The Demand

    Our expert team of developers starts working on the project after knowing your requirements for the eBook store platform. Hyperlocal Cloud carries out heavy research before starting to work on the app development.

  • 2

    Prototype Creation

    We create a blueprint of the eBook app from each aspect. We add creative designs, cool fonts, animations, and pixel-perfect images. After the prototype is accepted, we carefully move on to the next development step.

  • 3


    Hyperlocal Cloud’s diverse team of developers performs their leading coding abilities in this process to create a top-level ebook store app. We ensure a leading architecture and pagination for your eBook store platform.

  • 4


    Our experienced team of developers embeds immersive UI/UX in the app with quality fonts, photos, and memorable UX for visiting users. Then the app moves to the next stage, which is the testing phase before the launch.

  • 5


    We test your white-label eBook store platform app after completing the development. We ensure the platform is bug-free and highly efficient. The white label ebook store app goes for deployment on all platforms.

  • 6


    We integrate your eBook store platform with Google Play Store and Apple Store for free after completing the development and performing satisfactory testing. The deployment will get you loyal customers globally.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For An eBook Store App Development Solution?

Hyperlocal Cloud has years of experience in pioneering such applications. Our professional team of developers is highly capable of creating a trailblazing solution for our clients. Here are some reasons to choose our white-label ebook store platform app.

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Free Deployment

We deploy your application on open servers like Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon App Store for free.

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No Hidden Charges

We do not charge more than the negotiated amount. You will not be asked for any kind of extra amount.

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Timely Output

Our developers are capable of working with respect to time. We deliver any type of project before the deadline.

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Cross-Platform Development

Our developers provide an app solution that is compatible with both iOS and Android, among all features.

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Proficient Staff

Our team is well-qualified in modern tech stack and highly experienced in developing diverse apps.

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Post Deployment Support

We offer post-deployment support to our client in case of any updates and addition to the application.

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