Market-Ready On-demand Food Delivery Solutions

Deliver a bon appetite experience for customers with the food ordering/delivery/takeaway platform. Launch a food delivery business in 15 minutes with our SAAS-based solutions.

Online Food Delivery Business Monthly Subscriptions.

HyperLocal Cloud offers you an affordable online ordering solution. We provide you with a plan that fits your requirements and pocket. Business owners can easily launch their respective food delivery apps within 15 minutes. Our monthly subscription-based food delivery solution helps emerging startups to make themselves economically stable.

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Keep your customers in a loop
with Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking -

Avail the complete delivery status to your customer with our technical solutions.

Push Notifications -

Notify your customers about active deliveries with push notifications. And keep them in a loop with real-time alerts.

Fulfilment and delivery -

Easily manage and track order statuses to ensure safer and faster last-mile fulfilment. Arm your delivery boy with optimal delivery routes.

Multilingual & in-app


Interact with end-users in the language they prefer. Our advanced solution will help showcase your business in multiple languages.

Uber-like in-app chat-

The uber-like-in-app chat feature within the app allows being more responsive for the customer queries and disputes that they have to discuss with the restaurant or delivery personnel.

Multiple Payment

Allow your app users to pay easily with multiple payment gateways. Enhance the overall app experience for users by spending less time in the ordering process. The multiple payment modes that we support are - Cash, Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile payments and Electronic bank transfers.

Get live with your white label
solution in 15 minutes

Your Brand In Your Way-

At Hyperlocal Cloud you can launch your app like uber with your brand logo & images for a personalised customer experience. We will assist you to build your own brand to secure your customer’s loyalty.

Getting Running In No Time

Take advantage of our robust solutions and launch an app in just 15 minutes. Avoid hiring expensive app developers, get a pre-built solution for your business.

Reviews and

For a better user experience enable your customers to rate and share the feedback based on your food and delivery service. The feature is designed to be a powerful evaluation plan, to recognise the problems and make informed decisions to grow your sales immensely. And easily gain insights into your customer’s behaviour and further utilise it to augment the user experience.


We process, analyze, and transfer the data to you in real-time, providing the ability to monitor the full supply chain cycle. Our solution is completely branded and packed with advanced features, integrations, and enhancements. You can use the app's in-built advanced analytics to see and analyze how your business is performing.


At Hyperlocal Cloud you can promote your food delivery business with 360° marketing. Create and promote your business online with marketing tools such as GMB posts, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram page, Email Marketing campaign and Push Notifications. Gain and Increase your sales revenue.

What makes us different from our competitors?

Hyperlocal Cloud recognizes the amount of effort it takes to initiate a start-up, therefore we bring you a blend of innovation and value in equal portions at affordable pricing.

No per Transaction fees

Hyperlocal Cloud eliminates the transaction fee on every order. Savour the chance of no commission rates.

Unlimited order/customer

Our food delivery/takeaway solutions help you to produce greater revenue with our unlimited order/customer model.

360° Marketing

Hyperlocal Cloud assists you to build your own brand and acquire your customer’s loyalty through marketing and email campaigns.

Broaden Your Business

Amplify your food delivery/takeaway business by upgrading from a single restaurant to a franchise or aggregator in no time.

One Month Free Trial

We provide you with a combination of efficient ordering, on-time delivery/takeaway and smooth payment options free of cost for one month.

Free Website Launch

Get a free website for your targeted audience with our monthly subscription plan and make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Find The Perfect Theme For Your Online Marketplace

Want unique brand language and custom UI/UX for your marketplace? Worry no more, Hyperlocal Cloud comes inbuilt with “themes engine”

  • Highly Personalized
  • Enriched User Experience
  • simpler deployment
  • Professionally Designed