White Label SaaS Marketplace: A Better Solution To Start & Expand Online Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 17, 2023

White Label SaaS Marketplace: A Better Solution To Start & Expand Online Business?

Enter the digital world of unlimited opportunities with our ready to launch marketplace as a service solution. Save a chunk of your profit margins and invest in the future with a single shot payment for your ecommerce marketplace. Most white label SaaS marketplace charge approx 300 US dollars per month or annually 3600 US dollars per year with limited or no customization option.

Why pay $3600 annually? When you can launch your online ecommerce marketplace for just 2400 US dollars. Schedule a FREE business consultation call with our experts to understand why investing in ecommerce marketplace development is more profitable than marketplace as a service.

White Label SasS Marketplace vs On-demand Ecommerce Platform

Let’s start the comparison by discussing the basic definition of both for better understanding and make a well-informed decision.

White Label SaaS marketplace is ready to launch solutions for businesses worldwide to build their digital presence with basic customization and features. Just by paying a monthly or yearly fee, businesses can start selling their products and services digitally, thus catering to a wider customer base. In the marketplace as a service, businesses end up sharing their huge profit margins as a monthly/yearly subscription and maintenance fee.

On the contrary, an on-demand ecommerce platform is a customized solution to facilitate buying and selling of goods. As per business needs, necessary features and functionality can be added, making it a more viable option to build and strengthen digital presence. On-demand ecommerce platforms are a one-time investment and a perfect option to give a personalized look to the ecommerce marketplace.

Think Future And Invest in On-demand eCommerce Marketplace App Development

Why Do Startups Invest in White Label SaaS Marketplace Software?

Most startups are working on a limited budget bandwidth and are looking for affordable solutions to grow their digital presence. In today’s competitive world, startups fiercely compete to market their business ideas digitally and lower customer acquisition costs. The white label SaaS marketplace becomes a cost-effective solution to market its products and services to online customers.

Competitive pricing is one of the major reasons startups and businesses choose a white label SaaS marketplace to build their digital presence. However, there are other factors that make the marketplace as a service platform a practical business solution, which include;

Ready to Launch

White Label SaaS marketplace is a ready-made and ready-to-launch solution for businesses to start selling their products and services online. As a business owner, you just pay the monthly or yearly fee and start selling online without spending money/time on research and development. Enjoy integrated features of the ecommerce platform, add products, and start selling online.

Swiftly Reach Customers

Imagine the time it takes to develop and deploy your own on-demand ecommerce marketplace. Competitors can capitalize on this opportunity to market their products and services to your customers. However, the white label SaaS marketplace allows businesses to skip the lengthy scratch development process and swiftly cater their products and services to target customers.

Save Time and Money

Startups and businesses understand that scratch on-demand ecommerce marketplace requires huge capital and human manpower investment. Even if you hire a top ecommerce app development company, you waste three to five months building and launching an ecommerce platform. With the marketplace as a service platform, you can launch your own marketplace within weeks and start marketing to reach the target audience quickly.

Focus On Business Aspect

While developing a custom marketplace platform, startup owners must research, analyze, and track project development to ensure timely delivery. All of this falls outside their area of expertise and consumes a chunk of their valuable time. With a marketplace as a service platform, startups can ditch the lengthy scratch development process and focus (what matters) on business aspects.

In conclusion, the white label SaaS marketplace offers a wide range of advantages that startups and businesses can’t ignore. More than a cost-effective business solution, these enable businesses to reach their target audience, save time, and focus on marketing and other business aspects to generate better ROI.

Popular White Label SaaS Marketplace We Offer

The increasing demand for white-label SaaS marketplace results in the development of different niche marketing platforms. Based on your business model, you can choose one that perfectly aligns with your business idea. Popular white label SaaS marketplace platforms we offer include;

Whitelabel B2C SaaS Marketplace

These types of white label SaaS marketplaces are built keeping in mind the needs of buyers and sellers. B2C platforms are integrated with high-end features such as multi-payment mode, advanced search filters, multi-language support, and others, making it easy for users to buy and sell products/services on the online marketplace.

White Label B2B SaaS Marketplace

This type of white label SaaS marketplace platform directly connects businesses to businesses in specific regions or beyond geographies. B2B SaaS marketplace platforms are integrated with features that enable businesses to directly sell or purchase goods from other businesses in a secure and safe ecosystem.

Secure Your Business Future With White Label SaaS Marketplace

Whitelabel business solutions make it easy and swift for businesses in different domains to build and grow their digital presence. Integrated customization tools enable businesses to offer a more personalized feel that perfectly aligns with their products and services. Here’s how the white label SaaS marketplace secures businesses' future and empowers them to grow their online presence.

Start Selling in a Day

Irrespective of what products and services you are planning to sell online, the white label SaaS marketplace provides a platform to launch and start selling in a day. Integrated customization features and functionality empower businesses to personalize their business presence as per requirement.

Integrated Apps

White Label SaaS marketplace is integrated with applications based on users' needs. At the same time, business apps are designed to make it easy for owners to manage different business aspects easily. On the other hand, customer-end apps are designed keeping in mind their needs and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Easy Customization

With a white label SaaS marketplace, businesses can strengthen their online presence and widen their customer reach. Integrated customization tools make it easy for businesses to personalize the ecommerce marketplace as per business needs.


To ensure that the white label SaaS marketplace meets the needs of next-gen businesses worldwide, easy API integration takes things to the next level. Businesses can integrate features as per their needs to make things easy for themselves and enhance customer satisfaction ratings.

Advanced Marketing

Mere launching an ecommerce platform is not enough in today’s tech-driven world. You need efficient and effective marketing tools to take your products and services to the target audience. In-build social media marketing enables businesses to market products and reach their target customer base.

What Features To Expect From The White Label SaaS Marketplace Platform?

While discussing the features of the white label SaaS marketplace platform, let’s understand three key main players, i.e., Buyer/Customer, Seller/Business, and Admin. As these three key players' requirements differ from the white label SaaS marketplace platform, different applications and features are required to meet their expectations.

Let’s discuss the feature of the white-label SaaS marketplace platform based on the three key players: buyers, sellers, and admin.

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White Label SaaS Buyer Marketplace App Features

Browse Products

Upon signing in to the platform, buyers will see a wide list of products and browse them on a single e-commerce page.

Product Recommendations

Integrated tools provide customized product recommendations based on buyers' search queries, wish lists, and lists of like products. Thus, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Social Media Integration

Integrated social media features enable buyers to share the product bought on the ecommerce platform with their friends and followers.

Price Negotiation

Our white label SaaS marketplace app allows buyers to share a price quote for the listed products and services on the ecommerce platform. The seller can accept or reject the quoted price and even share an alternate product pricing.

Exchange Products

Our whitelabel SaaS marketplace empowers buyers to share a post about the exchange products. Sellers can make a counteroffer in case they are interested in buying the product listed for exchange.

Whitelabel SaaS Seller Marketplace App Features

List Products

Integrated listing features enable sellers to list their products with detailed descriptions, images, costs, and other product aspect on the ecommerce platform.

Manage Inventory

Leveraging this feature, sellers can view and manage inventory levels of different products and take necessary action to maintain a required inventory level.

Analytics and Report

Integrated reporting and analytics tools make it easy for sellers to get real-time data regarding sales, product reach, and other busines aspects.

Advanced Financial Tools

With this feature, sellers don’t have to worry about calculating profits, tax calculations, and other financial services. Advanced financial tools will get the job done, so sellers can focus solely on the ecommerce business.

Marketing Tools

An ecommerce platform combined with advanced marketing tools makes it easy for sellers to reach a wider target audience and improve their sales.

Whitelabel SaaS Admin Marketplace App Features

Inventory and SKU Management

Integrated inventory and SKU management tools allow the admin to ensure that sellers are maintaining desired product inventory levels.

Manage Seller

Whitelabel SaaS marketplace features make it easy for the admin to manage different sellers and their products listed on the ecommerce platform.

Detailed Analytics

Integrated marketplace tools allow admins to analyze the overall performance of the whitelabel SaaS marketplace platform and take necessary actions.

Marketing Campaigns

This feature helps admins to monitor all the advertisement activities, revenue generated, and other marketing aspects on a single app screen.

Upgrade Seller

Admin can leverage this feature to encourage sellers to avail of premium white label SaaS marketplace services and generate better ROI.

What Whitelabel SaaS Marketplace Brings to The Table For Businesses?

Businesses worldwide have realized the importance of building and growing their digital presence. For this very reason, many startups and businesses are leveraging the marketplace as a service platform to launch their own ecommerce marketplace. If you are planning to launch your own digital store in white label SaaS marketplace, here are the benefits you can expect for your business;

Effective Management

The integrated management and analytics tools make it easy for businesses to manage the different business aspects from a single dashboard effectively. From product listing to total sales and revenue generated to detailed reports, assist in effective ecommerce marketplace management.

Quick Launch Marketplace

White label SaaS marketplace platforms enable businesses to launch their own digital marketplace. User-friendly interface and integrated tools assist in marketplace quick launch and start selling products and services online.

Secure Payment

Whitelabel SaaS marketplace platforms are integrated with high-end security features and multi-payment options. Thus, providing ease of payment to customers and creating a secure ecosystem to pay for products and services.

Reliable Online Platform

Whitelabel SaaS marketplace platforms are pre-built and tested multiple times to provide a reliable and highly secure ecosystem to launch an ecommerce marketplace. Businesses can leverage these online platforms to skip the lengthy scratch ecommerce app development process and launch their own digital store.

Widen Business Reach

Businesses can leverage these platforms to showcase their products and services to a wider potential customer base. With an eCommerce platform, startups and businesses can access new global markets and cater to a wider customer base.

Serve Users Expectation

While designing a whitelabel SaaS marketplace, developers keep in mind the needs of buyers, sellers, and admin. Specific applications or dashboards are designed and integrated to meet users' expectations and ensure the smooth running of the platform.

Gain Valuable Business Insights

Integrated sales analysis and reporting tools enable businesses to gain valuable business insights. These detailed platform reports can be analyzed to derive meaningful outcomes and make well-informed decisions

Good Things Take Time. So, Does On-demand eCommerce Marketplace


After analyzing all the above-mentioned factors, benefits, and features, a whitelabel SaaS marketplace platform is ideal for launching an ecommerce marketplace platform and test water. Overall ecommerce marketplace setting up process is easy, swift, and convenient even for novice business owners. Leveraging integrating marketing and management tools makes it easy for sellers to market to a wider target customer base.

Although, whitelabel SaaS marketplace platforms are ideal for building and kickstart your ecommerce marketplace. It’s better for businesses to invest in on-demand delivery app development with customized features and tools to reduce their platform dependency. Dip your toes in ecommerce business with a marketplace as a service platform, learn the trade secrets, and develop an on-demand ecommerce platform as per business needs.

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