White-Label Food Delivery App-A Complete Guide

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 23, 2023

White-Label Food Delivery App-A Complete Guide

Since the pandemic, there has been a soaring demand for online food ordering systems. And apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub have already set up high standards for the coming apps. The food delivery app business is estimated to grow massively by $320B by the year 2029. And this is the right time for you to invest in this never-stopping business.

To actually invest in this already crowded market seems tricky, isn’t it? To compete in this race, one should come up with new sustainable, and innovative ideas.

Are you a food delivery business owner and looking for a way to expand your business? A white label food ordering app is the exact way to earn a profitable amount of income. At Hyperlocal Cloud, the app developers are trained enough to develop the best apps. Get in touch with them and start your business journey now!

To understand the white label food delivery apps better, let us go through this blog in detail.

What Is A White Label Food Delivery App?

White label term is used for describing various niches and contexts while preparing a product for businesses. This term will be better described when a provider produces an app and uses the marketer's brand name, which will make it look like the company has developed it.

To understand the concept of white label better, let us give the example of products at Walmart or any other huge convenience store. Many products that fall under the same niche are named with a different brand, as many firms provide their products that are renamed.

How Will A White Label Food Delivery App Affect Your Business?

Through the help of a leading white label food delivery app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud, the business owner can easily take over the food business market right from the ground level.


If you choose a white label food ordering app for your business, then you will save a lot of time and end costs. These apps are ready-made and do not need any further monetary investments as they are not made from scratch.

Easy Branding:

Branding, indeed, is a hectic task, and it can be highly expensive for startups. With the help of a white label food ordering app, one can easily rebrand and make the product theirs. This will remove all spaces for mishaps and create room for enhanced productivity and customization.

Simple Development Process:

A white label food ordering app will be highly customizable, and the product will be made without investing in additional labor. This will speed up the development process and allow the customers to reach a competitive edge with their food delivery apps.

Customer Satisfaction:

The white label food ordering app for food ordering will surely satisfy the users by offering the best routes to reach their destinations in time and offer the customers an incredible delivery experience. If a well-known app development company develops it, the UI/UX design will be exceptional, bringing in more customers. At Hyperlocal Cloud, the client retention rate is 80%, which states the number of clients that come back to us.

Right Solutions:

A random food delivery app development will consume a large amount of money for business owners on unnecessary activities. Furthermore, development involves a couple of things to consider. A good development company will not make huge bills for later customizations.

People started investing in the development of food delivery apps during the pandemic; these delivery apps came up with the feature of contactless delivery where the order was dropped on the doorstep, and proper sanitization methods were used. Food delivery was one of the essential services during the pandemic, and that is why this market still survived.

Smart And Reliable White Label Food Delivery App

Factors Influencing Food Delivery App Development Cost

Many reasons affect the delivery app development cost, which starts from $5000 and can extend as per the number of features you wish to offer.

App Complexity:

There is a lot of time to get the product into the market, and complexity can be a reason behind it. The app will take almost 2 weeks to develop but might be more than that based on the customizations.

The Tech Stack:

The tech stack used also plays a vital role in app development. If the company you choose is experienced, they will use the finest tech stacks that will obviously amount to a lot of money. Even if you look for outsourcing and hire a new development team, it will charge a lot of money.

Development Approach:

The development approach is also dependent upon the software development teams’ architecture as well as the complexity of the project. Then comes the choice of the agile or the DevOps approach. The best advisable thing to do here is to start with MVP development services for validating the products in the real world. After you set up the monetization model and add trendy features, the users won't be able to stop themselves from giving good ratings and reviews.

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What Will The White Label Food Delivery App Offer?

The white label food ordering app developed by a known app development company, like Hyperlocal Cloud, will offer a customer app, a food outlet app, and also an admin panel.

Customer App

Let us have a look at some of the main customer app features below:

  • Easy Sign Up: Users can log in the customer app through their social media accounts or via their phone numbers and verify themselves through OTPs.

  • Live Tracker: Track Food Delivery orders in real-time with complete order details with live trackers. This feature is a must-have for delivery apps to locate the order.

  • Secured payments: The users can pay through multiple payment modes like PayPal, Amazon Pay, card, or even through cash when the delivery man reaches their doorstep.

  • Offers and Promo Code: The users can use different promos and discount codes to avail of special prices for their food orders.

  • Order History: Users can view their previous orders with complete details and an option for customer chat support.

  • Ratings & Review: The customers can rate and review the delivery services after the food is actually delivered. This will help the admin to sort the best delivery men.

  • Driver Details and Verification: The driver chosen for the delivery to reach on time will have to undergo the verification of the vehicle and himself through the required documents.

Driver App

The driver app will have all the necessary features required for the drivers to help deliver the food on time.

  • Earnings: The drivers of the white label food delivery app can check the entire order details.
  • SOS:The driver will also get the option of an SOS button in case of a mishap and can transfer the order to the other delivery men.
  • Availability Button: The drivers of the white-label food delivery app development company can also choose their availability to deliver the orders. They can log in and out as per their very own schedules.
  • In Built Map: The in-built map will help the delivery personnel to reach the customer’s address in time and through the shortest route.
  • Rate Customers: The drivers will also have the option of rating customers, and they can even report them for their negative behavior.

Restaurant Partner App

The restaurant partner will also have a separate panel or app to monitor the deliveries. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Accept/Reject Order: The food outlets can accept or reject orders based on the availability of the food item. They can also cancel the order in case of any uncertain incident.
  • Add Cutlery: The food outlet can also add cutlery based on the demands of the customer.
  • Ratings And Reviews: The restaurant can review the ratings and reviews of its packaging and food from the customers. Their ratings will make them rank in the searches.

Admin Panel

The admin of the white label food delivery app will have all that it takes to run a successful business online.

  • Manage Drivers: The admin can manage the drivers and also select or reject order requests for them based on their ratings and reviews.
  • Manage Customers: The admin can also manage the customers through their ratings and reviews. This will also report any nuisance created by them.
  • Track Drivers: Track your drivers in real-time through the in-built maps and track whichever delivery you wish to track from start to end.
  • Business Insights And Reports: Track the business growth and insights along with revenue projection charts and know exactly where your business stands.
  • Promote: With the help of the admin panel, you can put any particular restaurant on the top of the list as per the demand, reviews, or if the particular restaurant is paying you for the promotion.

Reach The Competitive Edge Through Our White Label Food Delivery App

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For The Food Delivery App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been the top-most white label food delivery app development company in the United States. With almost a hundred successful apps launched in the markets, we are not just helping businesses to compete but also rule the markets.

Our Unmatchable Experience:

We have been in the industry for more than 13+ years and have successfully launched 100+ products in the market through the efforts of our brilliant team.

Trained Developers:

Our developers are not just trained tech experts but are also aware of how the product they prepare will impact the sustainability and business growth of our clients. We prefer quality growth and not just focus on the numbers.

On-Time Product Delivery:

We ensure that the products we make reach our clients on time and are bug-free to break the market records like never before.

Advanced Tech Stack:

Technology is the thing that makes us more efficient in our work. We only use the latest tech stack to make our products.


Hyperlocal Cloud has been a white label food delivery app development company for some time and has developed multiple market-leading apps. With our expertise, you can market your business as well as accelerate the revenue charts. The dream business that you aim to reach will be achievable through our cost-effective services, which also cover the white label food delivery app development.

It’s time for you to invest in a state-of-the-art app through the guidance of the experts at Hyperlocal Cloud. We are with you from the start to the end of your journeys.

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