Weedmaps Clone App- Launch Your New Business Instantly!

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 27, 2023

Weedmaps Clone App- Launch Your New Business Instantly!

Digital transformation has made the cannabis and marijuana industry one of the fastest-growing in the United States. The demand for speedy and safe cannabis deliveries is on the rise; many businesses still struggle to lead. If venturing into medical marijuana or selling cannabis online interests you, Weedmaps clone is here to assist you. Weedmaps app is one of the top players working on one or the other business model.

Why Opt for Our Weedmaps Clone App?

Our expertise in creating user-friendly Weedmaps clone apps ensures a streamlined development process. Below are the top-notch reasons defining why you opt for our Weedmaps clone app-

Specific Business Features:

Get your business a leap with our innovative features, allowing you to customize your brand name, logo, or other elements. Our super-focused, cutting-edge clone development process ensures you get advanced features similar to Weedmaps, helping you grow your business.

High UI/UX Usability:

The weed and cannabis business requires a reliable UI/UX with high usability that captures attention and opportunity to provide the desired success rate. We craft Weedmaps clone that allows users to understand the process and workflow of cannabis delivery services.

Sophisticated Payment Flow:

In the Weedmaps clone script, our experts integrate your preferred payment gateways and offer to integrate local payment gateways as per buyers' choices. They play numerous roles in providing a sophisticated payment flow for the users' hassle-free buying experience.

Acceptable in Overseas:

This feature helps you and your customers adjust the language preference of app solutions. It supports business expansion across multiple cities and countries as the app is flexible and responds in different tongues. Our Weedmaps clone is worth investing in.

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Benefits of Weedmaps Clone

Supercharge your weed and cannabis business by leveraging the benefits of our Weedmap's clone app-

Improve Customer Engagement:

Our clone apps are accessible and make for an efficient way to target your potential prospects. They build a direct interaction channel between users and the business where one can engage and explore. Integrating social channels with your Weedmaps clone helps extend your digital presence and enrich brand-audience communication. It makes it easy for customers to share your content with their peers, boosting engagement.

New Window for Revenue:

We build clone apps in a personalized way for shopping for weeds, cannabis, and other products. Their purchasing process is intuitive and simple, leading to a boost in sales. Depending on the number of features you wish to grasp from the Weedmaps app, you can monetize your clone using free or paid subscription options.

Increase Your Visibility:

Developing a clone app like Weedmaps aims to gain people's attention. It may seem insignificant initially, but it has long-term benefits. Human brains unconsciously record every image and text they go through in a day. When you launch your Weedmaps clone app in the market, users see it on their phones. It encourages them to use it with your best offers, effortlessly enhancing your brand awareness and visitability.

Develop a Direct and Personalized Channel:

Our Weedmaps clone lets you personalize information such as recommendations, messages, and offers per users' browsing and purchasing history of weeds. It helps you deliver the information users may need at their fingertips. In addition, push notifications help you persuade users to engage with your business.

Better User Experience:

Our clone app development wizards create a user-friendly interface and engaging UI/UX design that offers a seamless browsing experience to customers, boosting higher satisfaction. It increases customer retention.

Stand Out From the Competition:

A clone app gives your business a significant edge in today's competitive world. It caters to the customers' need for speed and convenience better than traditional methods. You can tailor your app to develop brand recognition and image.

Leverage Technology Trends:

Adopting newer technologies that help you offer better services as Weedmaps does is essential. You can ask our development team to add any feature to your app to extend its functionalities and enhance user experiences.

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Key Facets of Weedmaps Clone

Weedmaps clone, touted as the next big thing in the delivery business world, increases the possibility of attaining more footfall on the app. Thanks to the following features for stores, providers, and customers!

For Customers:

Monitor Multiple Stores:

Customers get the option of multiple stores to choose from and purchase weed, marijuana, or cannabis in their location or nearby stores.

Real-time Tracking:

The clone lets customers get the estimated delivery time and track the delivery items' current location on Google Maps.

Filtering Options:

With Weedmaps' clone, customers can filter out different stores, items, menus, and prices accordingly.

Order History:

The app has the feature to disclose their purchase history, including details of orders and stores.

For Providers:

Submit Documents:

A person can submit the required documents to the admin for approval.

Delivery Request Option:

Providers gain access to different stores. They get the option to accept or reject the store's request.

GPS Services:

With the help of Weedmaps' clone, providers get the functionality of GPS services to optimize routes and navigate locations.


Providers can get on to work as per their choice by choosing ON or OFF options for their delivery services. They won't receive service requests when they are in OFF service mode.

For Stores

Profile Creation:

Store owners can create profiles with all details and pictures. Further, they can edit them anytime.

Set Delivery Service Radius:

The clone app allows store owners to set a specific radius for their delivery services and avoid far locations.

Send Delivery Request:

Store owners can send delivery requests to the service providers within the app to dispatch the customers' orders to their doorsteps.

Define Item Quantity:

Store owners can set the item quantity to a minimum or maximum for the delivery services so customers make orders as per the store's rules.

For Admin:


It lists current ongoing and pending orders and their real-time status.

User Management:

An admin has to manage customers, providers, and delivery individuals. This feature allows admins to manage all the accounts and notifications and track order history.

Product & Category Management:

Admins can edit product information, adding descriptions, photos, prices, and more, as required.

Profit Mode:

The Admin can view the profit mode with all details like the percentage of profit, a store commission, the absolute price per delivery, and more.

Weedmaps Clone App for Rapid Business Expansion!

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Integral Features of Our Weedmaps Clone

Apart from the above features, launch and run your Weedmaps clone that lets you control your business on iOS and Android platforms. Our clone solutions for weed, cannabis, and marijuana businesses are 100% customizable with the following integral features.


Providers and customers can receive invoices through the application, which they can download anytime.

Categories and Sub-categories:

The admin can add categories and sub-categories that allow customers and providers to select and interact with the application.

Banner Ads:

The clone app of Weedmaps allows you to share advertisements. It is a quick way to earn money.


The admin can view all the bookings the user has done to schedule the work for the provider.

Pricing Choice:

The Admin can set the price for the provider, either a fixed price or with deals. Admin panel offers the complete control flow.

Push Notifications:

Our Weedmaps clone includes real-time push notifications in an advanced manner that informs users and providers about their products or orders.

Bank Details:

Stores can add their bank details and multiple accounts while choosing any of them to settle payments.

Cost To Develop Weedmaps App

Several clone development companies may provide you with a cost estimation of $40,000 to $50,000 for a Weedmaps app. But the truth is you can only get the exact estimation of the clone app after discussing details with the experts.

Since Hyperlocal Cloud company has different costing parameters as per your requiements, final estimations rely on various things, as mentioned below-

UX/UI Design Cost:

The total time to build an app design relies upon the complexity of the functionality and features of the clone app. The average cost of building a Weedmaps clone app ranges from $15 to $ 25.

Development Cost:

Though you will be getting a Weedmaps clone app, it is your preference what to include or what not. The type of platform, whether iOS, Android, or cross-platform, significantly affects your clone app development. The basic app cost starts from $2000.

App Testing:

The development process includes the testing cost as our development team integrates automated testing tools and reduces the risk of bugs in a clone app.

Maintenance and Support:

It is imperative to update your app on time to keep it running smoothly and flawlessly. Thus, the development cost of Weedmaps clone apps includes maintenance costs for a better business experience in the future.

Tech Stacks Used By Us

The first thing you do as a new business is analyze your competition. Below are the tech stacks we use to develop the Weedmaps clone app to help you understand the technology space:

Angular JSRuby on RailsBackbone
SwiftObjective-CGoogle Analytics

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud for Weedmaps Clone?

The clone app development experts at Hyperlocal Cloud have proficient skills in providing the solutions businesses want to enhance their customer base and revenue. They understand the business requirements before proceeding with the projects.

We must be your next app development ally for the cannabis or weed business, similar to Weedmaps, for the following reasons-

Skilled Experts

White-label app development comes with various business requirements. Our experts flawlessly offer them on time.

Affordable Prices

Our developers build apps that suit your budget and help you get a competitive app without hidden costs.

On-time Delivery

Implementing the strategic app development plans, our team creates apps and helps you launch them on time.

Quality Assurance

Before reaching the final phase, our quality analysts perform testing to ensure you get a reliable app.

Smooth Communication

We speak our clients' tongues, making them comfortable sharing their app requirements.

24/7 Customer Assistance

We can take your project anytime and help you resolve your queries according to your availability.

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