Complete Guide for Building On-demand Laundry App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 30, 2023

Complete Guide for Building On-demand Laundry App

In the modern world, getting our laundry done seems like a hectic task. Millennials and GenZ are becoming professional procrastinators every time it comes to getting their laundry done at their closest laundry service centers. What can actually help them is an on demand laundry app development service that can pick up/drop laundry directly to their doorsteps. It can easily be done through the help of a leading app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud.

Are you a laundry business owner looking for a way to digitalize your business? Hyperlocal Cloud has more than 150+ app developers who are well-trained to develop your dream with the right features.

To understand better, let us go through this blog in detail and understand the need for a laundry app as well as its benefits and features. Let us begin;

Defining On-Demand Laundry App Development

The on demand laundry app development will provide pick-up, wash-up, and delivery of clothes back to the customers. Your customers can select their ideal date of pickup and date of delivery based on the availability of washers you have. This is a hassle-free experience when compared to traditional laundry services.

Website Statista has predicted that the Global Online on demand Laundry Service market’s revenue will cross a massive amount of $96,155M by the year 2024. The reason for this heavy market prediction is the fact that the Millennials today are too occupied in their jobs, and they need the help of technology for their daily chores. And an easy laundry service will help them get scalable laundry solutions.

On Demand Laundry App Development Business Models

If you want to start a laundry service business and design an on demand laundry app, you need to know about the many laundry service business models and choose one that fits your budget and business needs. Laundry service models include:

Single Laundry Service Model

The entrepreneur runs one laundry service here. Customers book laundry services through the owner's smartphone. The app greyed out unavailable time slots. Delivery staff pick up and deliver customers' laundry on time.

The laundry delivery app also lets customers order different laundry services for different garments. To keep customers informed (KCI) and calm, the laundry service cost estimate is provided above the cart icon.

Laundry Stores/Chain Model

This laundry service company owns a franchise of laundry businesses. These branch stores accept filthy clothes for various laundry services. To ensure order accuracy, fill out the washing service forms.

This model will have the following laundry services, which are summarised below:

  • Laundry drop-off.
  • Filling out the washing service form for easy ordering.
  • Choosing a day and time for home laundry delivery in the form.
  • After completion, pay cash or online.

Laundry App Aggregator Model

This laundry service business concept involves a laundry service aggregator app rather than a laundry service center. His laundry delivery app lists many local laundry services.

When a consumer orders laundry service, the nearest laundry service center is notified so that the service can be finished quickly and at a low cost.

Laundry service aggregator apps are notable for:

  • Laundry service applications provide a wide range of services for different sorts of clothes, meeting all customer needs.
  • To Keep Customers Informed (KCI) and reduce customer concern, the cart icon displays the pricing for each washing service and the total invoice.
  • Offers and loyalty programs boost consumer retention and brand loyalty.
  • Laundry app payments are fast and secure.
  • The admin app lets laundry service operators see client ratings and reviews and adopt their suggestions to improve service and brand reputation.

Guaranteed ROIs Through Our On Demand Laundry App Development

Features Of The On-Demand Laundry App

The on demand laundry app will benefit business owners with multiple features through separate apps and panels. Let us have a look at the features of each one of them below:

Customer App Features

Users can find nearby laundry and dry cleaning services. Simply input the laundry name to check availability. Integrate voice search, too, through the expert on demand laundry app development.

  • Advanced Filters:

Filters assist users in finding suitable washing facilities. The app will contain filters for Distance From Me (a 3 km–8 km range notifying your customers about the closest laundry services), Desired Services (Ironing, Dry Clean, Detergent Wash, Petrol Wash), and Express or Standard Delivery.

  • Pickup/Delivery Schedule:

The customer chooses apparel pickup and delivery time and location. EasyClean lets users pick up and deliver garments.

  • Driver Location:

GPS tracks the driver that delivers clothes to customers or laundries. The driver's location will be notified both to the customers and the business owner.

  • Order History:

It tracks consumer orders. Rates, service, number, and outfit are listed.

Driver App Features

Some of the interesting driver app features are mentioned below:

  • Manage Orders:

The driver accepts or rejects orders based on the availability of other drivers.

  • Route tracking:

The driver starts his route when he gets a clothes delivery address. This smart software will let them view the map and track their path.

  • Revenue Management:

This function lets drivers track app earnings and check all the in-app transactions.

Main Admin Panel

If a driver refuses to pass on customer orders, this function lets the admin record them.

  • Driver Control:

Admin has all driver data. The admin verifies the driver before accepting your profile request.

  • Manage Laundry:

Exactly like the drivers who pick/deliver, the laundry information admin has access. The administrator can contact any washing owner.

  • Profit Management:

The administrator controls driver and washing station earnings. He can divide his commission amongst drivers and washing stations.

Leverage Future-Ready Laundry App Development Services

Steps For Building A Top-Notch Laundry App

Let us have a look at some of the steps for building a laundry app which will start from the project planning and end with the deployment of the on-demand laundry app on different platforms like Android and iOS.

Project Planning:

Plan something fresh when you get the idea. After having an idea, answer questions like:

  • What is the app's goal?
  • What app features do you want?
  • Who are your competitors? What can you do better?
  • What are your laundry app's distinctive features?

Financial Budgeting:

After establishing your needs, you can create the final budget. Budget for your necessities. A simple app with essential functionalities will cost less. Unique apps with extensive features cost more.

If you need a project budget, we can provide a free quote. Just get in touch with our experts and begin your journey.

Determining The Project’s Scope:

After the budget and requirements, design a project scope. Budget for app development and deployment. To avoid long-term issues, engage a top mobile app developer. Discuss the mobile app idea's NDA and terms & conditions.


Our app development firm hires professional developers and designers. They use best practices to build mock-ups and prototypes for your approval. Our trained developers will create the software as per your specifications. Our QA staff fixes app problems. Our team at Hyperlocal Cloud has created many bug-free, cross-platform apps.

App Deployment:

The last stage is deploying the app on Apple App Store and Google Play. We'll submit data and documentation before app deployment. If you want, we handle all app market formalities.

On Demand Laundry App Development Cost

The main aspect of building a laundry app is the cost, isn't it? Your firm will take a long time to establish a laundry app. Development time determines laundry app cost. Factors that affect the cost are:

  • Application Strategy
  • Native Platform Development 
  • Front-end/UI/UX Development
  • Back-end 
  • Database Development 
  • Testing & Support

You know practically everything about on demand laundry app development and just need to kickstart your business with an ace app. Choose native or hybrid when you have a strategy. Android development is cheaper and faster than iOS.

After building your backend, you'll require a small team for maintenance and testing. 400–600 hours and 3–4 expert developers are needed for this approach. Another consideration is the country: choose one with low-cost developers and estimate 10,000–30,000 USD.

The best choice when looking for a budget-friendly company is Hyperlocal Cloud which charges below $25 per/hour for their app development services.

Smart And Reliable Laundry App Development Solutions

Why Select Hyperlocal Cloud For Your On Demand Laundry App Development?

At Hyperlocal Cloud, apps are developed with utmost care and loaded with the latest tech stack and features. The app will be delivered on-time or even before it, depending on the user's requirements. To understand better, let us go through the following points:

On-Time Product Delivery:

Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that the product is delivered on time, without any bugs or flaws to our customers for a smooth launch.

24*7 Chat Support Team:

Hyperlocal Cloud has hired an expert chat support team to answer the smallest of client queries any time of the day or night.

3+ Solid Years Of Experience:

The efficiency of Hyperlocal Cloud can be detected by the number of years it has been established for. With a decade-long experience in on-demand app development, we know the changing market trends.

More Than 100+ Apps Developed:

We have successfully developed more than 100 apps that have not just competed well in the markets but led them with millions of dollars earned as revenue.

Trendy App Designs:

We know the market trends, and we will create an app with a trendy as well as user-friendly interface. Our app developers come from different corners of the world and are trained well to develop the best applications.

100+ Happy Clients:

We have satisfied over a thousand global clients and will continue doing the same. We are inclined towards providing the best app development services in the game.

Hyperlocal Cloud will ease your client’s laundry problems with top-notch app development. Our trained app developers know exactly how to cater to your business needs. Still, doubting? Get in touch with them and start your journey today!

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