Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 29, 2023

Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

We assist in creating ambulance dispatch management software or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of dispatching ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

With the rising demand for such applications, we have crafted a feature-rich, responsive, user-friendly, and business-ready platform. Our software is capable of CAD(Computer Aided Dispatch), billing, secure & swift connection, etc. We are dedicated to helping our clients to upscale their business and gain a competitive edge.

So, with these words, let’s get started exploring more about our ambulance dispatch management platform:

Types Of Ambulance Our Software Can Dispatch

Just like the US Navy Seal, our ambulance has the capability to reach the right patient before the time to provide the right medical support. Here is the list:

Air Ambulance

Our ambulance dispatch management software can easily connect with nearby air medical support agencies and provide them with accurate locations. Places like high-altitude hills, forests, etc., can be covered with the air ambulance helicopter.

Water Ambulance

Our water ambulance dispatch system is a single click away for users to call an ambulance boat. It can rescue a drowning person, provide mid-river support, crash boat & cruise, and many more.

Ground Ambulance

Common but effective, people sleep, but our ambulance dispatch management software doesn’t. It is always ready to reach any street at any time. Depending on the type of situation, the software chooses and dispatches the relevant vehicle to the location.

Abilities Of Our Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

We are listing some unique capabilities that we commit to deliver in our ambulance management software:

Transport Scheduling

With the help of our ambulance dispatching software, customers or users can request both to schedule the transport facility or call in an emergency. We have designed it to fetch real-time locations, eliminating the need to fill in the address for faster dispatch manually.

Vehicle Monitoring

Our software lets both the admin and customers locate the vehicle inside the inbuilt map. It contains a few more pieces of information like ETA, traffic on the road, the shortest route available, and ongoing road maintenance(if any). We have tried not to let the patients wait too long for a medical support vehicle.

Secure Patient Record

The software contains a strong database that can’t be breached or lost and provides exact information according to the input. It lets doctors and admins access patients' details at any time by entering their registration number.

Always Online

There is no communication gap between a customer and a medical agent while using our ambulance dispatch software. It has bells, alarm sounds, and fast-paced notifications that advise the medical agency to respond to an incoming request.

Zero Traffic Request

While an ongoing ambulance dispatch operation, our software alerts the nearby traffic department to clear the road. This action is taken based on the type of emergency, whether moderate or severe.

Helpful Videos

Our ambulance dispatch management software shows some online videos while the ambulance is on the way. The video contains some preventive actions for what to do with the patient when the ambulance arrives.

Key Considerations When Choosing Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

When choosing ambulance dispatch management software for your organization, there are several key considerations to remember.


Our software is 100% customizable to fit your specific needs and workflows. We understand your business needs and customize the solution before the deadline.

Easy Integration

Integration capabilities are crucial. Our ambulance dispatch management software can integrate with other systems, such as hospital information systems, patient tracking systems, and communication platforms. This ensures a smooth flow of information and enhances coordination between different stakeholders.

In-App Guidance

Furthermore, training and support are vital aspects to consider. Our ambulance dispatch management platform can offer comprehensive training to ensure that dispatchers and administrators can effectively utilize all the features and functionalities of the software.


Ongoing support is also provided to address any issues that may arise during implementation and daily operations. Additionally, scalability is an important factor to consider. The software should be able to grow with your organization and adapt to changing needs.

As your organization expands or new technologies emerge, our ambulance dispatch management software can accommodate those changes without major disruptions.

Sublime Features Of Our Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

We have embedded next-generation features in the software, making it unique from other applications. Let’s explore them all:

Easy Login/Sign-Up

Patients, medical agencies, and admins can sign in to the application hassle-free using two-factor authentication.

In-Built Map

Our software comes with live Google Maps support with a user's consent. It helps users to locate and call for medical support instantly.

Fleet Selection

Users can choose their preferred vehicle, like an ambulance, helicopter, or boat, depending on the type of emergency.

Call The Driver

Users can connect with the driver anytime while they have booked the fleet. It helps in maintaining transparency.

Shorter Pickup

Ambulance drivers can easily plan their routes with the help of an in-built map and go through the suggestions for the shortest pickup.

Availability Status

It lets drivers toggle available or non-available buttons whenever they are active to receive a pickup.

User Management

Admin personnel can manage registered patients and drivers easily. They can add/remove anyone at any time. It also lets them manage any emergency medical center to provide good services.

Hospital Categorization

Business owners can categorize the hospitals according to their offerings. If a medical agency offers surgery, then admins can categorize it into X segments.

24/7 Contact

Users, drivers, and medical agencies can connect with the admin panel at any time via message or call in case of any query.

Benefits Of Using Our Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

The use of ambulance dispatch management software offers numerous advantages to both emergency medical service providers and the general public.

Quick Response

It enables faster response times by automatically assigning the nearest available ambulance to an emergency call. The software considers factors such as location, traffic conditions, and ambulance availability, ensuring that the response time is minimized, making it more useful software among other users.

Centralized System

Ambulance dispatch management software optimizes resource allocation. By having a centralized system that tracks the availability and location of all ambulances, dispatchers can make informed decisions about which ambulance to dispatch to a specific emergency. This prevents underutilization of resources and ensures that the right level of care is provided to each patient.


The software improves communication between all stakeholders involved in the dispatch process. Dispatchers can easily communicate with ambulance crews, hospitals, and other emergency services, ensuring a seamless flow of information. This enhances coordination and collaboration, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Increase Brand Awareness

Providing exceptional, fast, and effective ambulance dispatch service will increase your branding and attract many customers to the software. It increases the chances of sustainable income flow in the business. We have designed the software so anyone can request an ambulance in a matter of clicks to tackle emergencies.

Money Making Model Of Our Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

Here are some multiple ways that can help businesses to make money with our software:

Commission Model

Business owners charge a cut from the overall amount paid by a customer. They can decide the percentage of cut they wish to charge from the overall sale. It is a primary money-making idea for ambulance dispatch software.

In-App Advertisement

Business owners can collaborate with other organizations and post their ads. They earn an amount on every successful view and click on the posted ad.

Premium Feature

Some features are free, while others require payment from customers or medical agencies under this revenue model. Features like priority, free consultation, medicine suggestions, and many more can be considered premium.


Admin can connect with doctors with a huge fan following, especially medical experts who can collaborate. They can post advertisements for the ambulance dispatch management software over their online platform and attract a mass customer base.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Ambulance Dispatch Management Software Development?

There are many reasons to choose us. Here we are listing a few of them:

Professional Developers

Our experts provide flawless app development services, meeting all your business requirements on time.


Our developers create affordable apps with transparent pricing to deliver a competitive product.

Timely Output

Our team assists in the development and timely launch of strategic apps. Be committed to delivering the project before the deadline.

Assured Quality

Our quality analysts conduct testing to ensure the reliability of your app before moving to the final phase.

Transparent Communication

We are able to communicate with our clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable sharing their app requirements.

24/7 Customer Assistance

We can assist you with your project and address your queries at your convenience.

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