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Amplify Your Business With Our EHR Software Solutions

Discover massive growth and drive boosted sales for your business with our dynamic EHR software. Discuss your ideas with our experts and bring your visions to life.

EHR Software: Exemplary Use Cases

Explore the magnificent applications of EHR software in various healthcare industries, uplifting business operations to the optimum level. With AI-powered attributes, the feature-packed EHR software has eased the complex and inefficient workflows.

Drugs Center

Drugs Center

Our EHR software solution offers addiction treatments, clinical documents, treatment planning, patient engagement tools, billing, etc.

Primary Care

Primary Care

Our EHR software solutions include e-prescribing, population health management tools, care coordination, patient management, and more.

Dialysis Center

Dialysis Center

Smoothly integrated with dialysis machines to ease workflow and seamless management of dialysis treatment with specialized tools.



Our personalized EHR software solutions help with digital imaging clinical charting and offer doctor-patient communication tools.

Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs

Comes with a robust LIMS embedded with spectacular features like results reporting, blood bank management, sample handling, etc.

Pharmacy Centers

Pharmacy Centers

Helps maintain the prescription processing, patient profiles, inventory management, billing, medication dispensing, etc.

Top-Notch EHR Software Features: Building Patient-Provider Solid Relationships

Witness the quintessential attributes of our customized EHR software, which helps businesses provide enhanced patient care with utmost transparency and security at cost-effective prices. Moreover, patient participation and engagement are improved tremendously with quality care treatment.

EHR Patient Portal
Book Appointments

Enables patients to instantly schedule, cancel, or reschedule appointments online without waiting for long queues.

Medical Records Access

Allows patients to directly access their health records, medications, test results, and diagnoses, eliminating paperwork.

In-app Chat

Provides smooth communication between doctor-patient, helping them seek medical advice online with secure messaging.

Document Sharing

Helps patients upload their medical documents to the portal and share them with their healthcare providers.

Instant Alerts

The push notifications tell patients about their upcoming appointments and their routine healthcare reminders.

Health Monitoring

Allows patients to keep track of their health-related activities, monitoring diet, physical exercises, symptoms, etc.

EHR Admin Panel
User Management

Helps admin seamlessly manage patient information alongside healthcare professionals, like their personal and medical information.

Manage Categories

Allows the admin to add, edit, and delete the medical treatment categories listed on the platform.

System Access

Allows admin to create multiple sub-admins and properly define their roles as per the requirement.

Content Page Management

Enables admin to handle the entire content available on the website, like adding, deleting, or modifying content.

Accounts Handling

Helps check the transactions with intricate information like time, type, amount, earnings, etc., from pharmacy stores or delivery agents.

FAQ Management

Allows admin to manage all the questions mentioned on the FAQ page by adding, deleting, and editing questions.

EHR Healthcare Panel
Profile Creation

Allows healthcare professionals to create profiles showcasing their experience, qualifications, and specialization.

Risk Assessment

Enables health care professionals to enter the pre-admission risk assessment by checking medical histories, substance use history, etc.

Intake Admission Assessment

Enables professionals to take intake admission assessments by answering the admin's predefined questions.

Search Patient History

Allows doctors to check for the patient's name, medical history, vital signs and symptoms, and more.

Appointments Viewing

Allows doctors to view the appointments scheduled by the patients, which helps them maintain and manage their availability slots.

Smart Prescriptions

Helps practitioners to digitally prescribe the medications that the drugstore or pharmacies could directly access.

Benefits Linked With Our Comprehensive EHR Software Solution

Our fully tailored EHR software allows cost savings, boosts patient engagement, improves efficiency, eliminates medication errors, and increases data security.

Patient-Centric Perks

  • Round-the-clock access to the healthcare facilities
  • Smooth appointment bookings without any hassle
  • Getting instant reminders related to their health/diseases
  • Active involvement in their personal healthcare decisions

Provider Specific Perks

  • Optimizes productivity by developing unified patient records
  • Reduces paperwork, enhances quality care, and bridges communication gaps
  • Complete view of the patient’s medical history
  • Offers improved patient care and coordination with better medical quality

Hospital Centric Perks

  • Optimized coordination among various hospital departments
  • Seamless inventory management and coordination with pharmacies
  • Automated tasks resulting in lesser staff exhaustion
  • Superior, quick, and one-step ahead appointment management

Looking For A Personalized EHR Software?

Enjoy huge traction and elevated business growth with a contemporary EHR software fit for all healthcare industries. Time to capture the leads and dominate the market.

Why Choose Customized EHR Software from Hyperlocal Cloud?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading software development company helping entrepreneurs worldwide achieve their business goals and objectives. We are a fantastic team of experts with relevant expertise and skills in building intuitive and scalable platforms.

24*7 Availability icon
24*7 Availability

The software offers round-the-clock services to both patients and healthcare professionals.

Affordable Prices icon
Affordable Prices

It only charges for the initial investment cost, so the total expenditure remains cost-effective.

Advanced Features icon
Advanced Features

Our EHR software has top-tier features that improve user satisfaction and convenience.

100% Bug-Free icon
100% Bug-Free

The software is free from bugs and errors, increasing performance and responsiveness.

Cutting Edge Technology icon
Cutting Edge Technology

Modern technologies give the software a unique edge and advantage in the market.

Seamless Integration icon
Seamless Integration

The software can be integrated into multiple devices, enabling effective workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EHR software?

    EHR software helps patients to get access to healthcare facilities digitally and allows doctors to get hold of the patient's data instantly.

    How much does it cost to develop EHR software?

    The price usually starts from $15k, depending upon the level of customization and complexities involved.

  • Can EHR be integrated into the already existing systems?

    Yes, it is possible to integrate EHR software into the existing ones.

    Which tech stacks are used in EHR software development?

    React, AI, AWS, Mongo DB are a few popular tech stacks used in the development process.