The Need Of Digital QR Code For Ordering | Get Free QR Code Menu For Your Restaurants

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 12, 2022

The Need Of Digital QR Code For Ordering | Get Free QR Code Menu For Your Restaurants

The Quick Response Code, or also known as the QR code, is gaining popularity as a convenient way of quickly accessing information. They function similarly to barcodes, which are commonly seen in stores, but they have the advantage of being able to store more data.

At Hyperlocal Cloud, you can seamlessly have access to free QR code but also you can take advantage of our robust features such as Real-time tracking, Push Notifications, Fulfilment and delivery, Uber-like in-app chat, Multiple Payment Methods, and many more.

Many new businesses or emerging owners find it a bit costly to invest in a QR code menu for your food delivery startup or for your restaurant. Along with that, a new normal has emerged in which people practice social distancing and are concerned about their hygiene. This presents some challenges for restaurants, but it also presents numerous opportunities. The perfect solution to these challenges is QR-based ordering. This is why. Customers and staff have minimal contact with a QR-based online ordering system. Customers appreciate this even more because their chances of contracting COVID-19 are lower when they have limited person-to-person contact. Another significant benefit of QR codes is that they allow restaurants to process more customers.

In fact, between 2018 and 2019, QR usage increased by 28%. Yet, many of them still avoid using the QR codes. Therefore, in this article, we will help you to know how you can acquire a QR code menu for your restaurants free of cost. And what are the advantages that you can savor by having a QR code?

How Hyperlocal Cloud Can Help You To Boost Your Sales?

Hyperlocal Cloud is an online SaaS-based platform where its potential customers in a particular geographic area can easily be targeted. Focusing seamlessly upon customers who search near me and meet their requests via digital platforms via local restaurants or shops. With Hyperlocal Cloud you will get a white label application/website, real-time insights get better growth opportunities, and much more.

Now Lets us Assume A scenario where you get

Total Number of orders = 200/ per day

And you have to give = 0.50 $ / commission per order

Which in total saves you half of the total amount you earned by giving 100$/ monthly to the third-party aggregator.

But what if you can ignore all of this, by just going with our monthly subscription-based plans without any commission rates. Have a look at the top features that you can relish with our robust solutions.

Top Feature

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Easy Upgradable
  • Uber-like delivery management system
  • Route Optimization for Drivers
  • QR Menu & Contactless Payments
  • Uber-like in-app chat
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Advanced Analytics and many more.

Moving forward, as you select our SaaS-based delivery solution, all you have to do is allow technology to make your life easier while you sit back and relax. And to save you from all that fuss Hyperlocal Cloud presents you inbuilt QR code feature for just 79$. Manage deliveries, inventory, and supply chain needs with ease using your own branded application/website for your delivery business. Moving forward let us now look at the advantages of having a QR code menu for restaurants.

QR Code Benefits for Restaurants

The QR codes are Hygenic ?

Seasonal SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) outbreaks are expected to recur in the future, according to research groups all over the world. It is impossible to bring it to heel once and for all. It?s here to stay, just like any other seasonal illness.

The primary reason for the current surge in interest in QR codes is hygiene. People are realizing that contactless commerce isn?t just a handy way to get out of this one bind. Going touchless is the way to go in the future if we want to consistently reduce the risk of infectious disease.

Having a contactless menu QR code is a great example of this. QR codes on tables in restaurants and bars have replaced the filthiest thing on the premises: a paper menu. On the order of 185,000 germs per square centimeter, this is the filthiest. Unfortunately, that?s about as filthy as a well-kept public restroom.

These are the kinds of things QR codes make it possible for us to do now. Businesses can work toward germ-free experiences by strategically embracing QR codes. Customers are aware of this and appreciate it.


Inventory fluctuations affect bars and restaurants more than any other type of business. This is due to the fact that they must record their inventory in menus. Menus are a snapshot in time, and seasonal changes and unforeseen spikes in traffic and demand can make them inaccurate. However, the QR code for the restaurant menu, allows the restaurant owners to make changes to their menus on the fly. There will be no more reprinting and dragging old menus out of the dining room.


QR codes have a wide range of applications. From simple business cards to more complex touchless payment systems, they can encode anything. WiFi authentication, event check-in, and ordering systems are all powered by them. Once you understand what a QR code is, you?ll notice that the format is somewhat of a blank canvas. A QR code can be used to encode almost anything. In addition, the QR code?s small size makes it ideal for environments with limited space. As a result, the use cases continue to expand.


Three points, when considered together, demonstrate how accessible QR codes are and why they are important.

  • According to statistics on smartphones and QR codes, 91 percent of iOS devices have a built-in QR code scanner. The Android platform isn?t far behind. As older devices are phased out of circulation, this number will only rise. In most people?s pockets, they have the ability to scan a QR code.
  • On their mobile devices, 94% of mobile users look for local information.
  • QR codes can be used in a variety of ways.

Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost everyone uses it to lookup local businesses. People can use a QR code to lookup local businesses. You?ll fit right into the behavior pattern and see engagement if you place yours strategically.


QR codes, especially dynamic QR codes, have no limitations in terms of size. Want to share your entire 10,000-bottle wine list with as many people as possible? Make a QR code menu out of it. Do you want to include your company?s origin story or mission statement in a print ad or an email? Include a link to it in a QR code.

QR codes enable not only more content, but also better content. You can include audio and video content in the URL you encode in your QR code. Surveys, review requests, social media accounts, and comment sections are all examples of interactive content. Your QR code campaign becomes a conversation with interactive content, and you can quickly build a social media following. Take a look at the restaurant QR menu and see how useful they can be. The majority of today?s consumers expect businesses to address the factors that influence their purchasing decisions: well-being, sustainability, and social responsibility. Businesses that lead these discussions develop long-term relationships. And QR codes make it a lot easier because of the breadth and quality of content they can deliver.

Easy to Use

QR codes aren?t scanned by horizontal barcode scanners like those found at checkout counters. 2D optical scanners are used to scan them. An optical scanner is similar to a regular camera. That?s why scanning QR codes with our smartphone cameras are so simple. It?s as simple as pointing a camera at something to scan a QR code. For good measure, here?s how to scan a QR code. QR code scanners also allow us to scan barcodes from a greater distance and from a variety of angles. As a result, the barcode is remarkably simple to scan. It?s a no-brainer to choose QR codes over barcodes.

In the end, the advantages of QR codes for both businesses and consumers are undeniable. And it?s finally catching on with everyone. Customer touchpoints that are both affordable and contactless can now mean the difference between success and failure. By having SaaS-based restaurant solutions brand loyalty can now be built through meaningful engagement around wellness, sustainability, and social responsibility than through savings. The advantages of QR codes are yours to take no matter what type of business you have.

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