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Software As A Service Delivery Model - Make Your Business Switch From On-Premise Software To SaaS

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 12, 2022

?Technology is best when it brings people together,? said Matt Mullenweg, a social media entrepreneur, ?But we believe that it has much more in the satchel. Smart homes, electric cars, voice assistants, and the Internet of things ? these mentioned technologies aid human life by simplifying our daily routine. A similar situation is encountered by the businesses, for instance, the involvement of AI and ML in the software or solutions, making it easier for the software development companies.

In between this complete evolution of the industry, a new phenomenon has been raised. Over here, we are talking about ? software as a service, famously known as SaaS. SaaS solutions are taking a hit and penetrating every sphere of business. In this article, we will be talking about software as a service delivery model. There are reasons why we are keeping this business model in the spotlight.

#1. Some businesses got hit by the mega truck of COVID 19 and are still licking their wounds.

#2. The software as a service delivery model is still untapped and holds a lot of potentials to skyrocket your business locally.

The first reason is that something we all know is entirely accurate, and some have experienced it. Talking about the second reason, it is likewise true; Hyperlocal Cloud has always been the go-to solution for your delivery business as it unlocks the innovative era with some cutting-edge ideas. If still not satisfied, you can also take a 30-day free trial and revamp your approach in a go!

Software As A Service Delivery Model ? Blend In The Success

Let us warm you up with the concept of software as a service. SaaS is a distribution of the software in which the applications are hosted by the cloud provider and available on the Internet. The software will be working on native platforms and devices with a network connection. One massive benefit to this software as a service delivery model is that there is no such headache for the setup and maintenance of the delivery software. All the client has to do is pay up every month to have access to their delivery solution. The software as a service delivery model excels at leaving room for improvement and innovation to deliver customer satisfaction and retention at once.

It is essential to study why one should adopt the software as a service delivery model for their local business. Give a slight look at the reasons mentioned below ?

Scalability and Flexibility

Enables to pick from any delivery model and upgrade it as per the business requirement.

Stacking Up Of Time

Software as a service delivery model deploys faster and brings down the installation and administration efforts.

Improved & Updated Functionalities

No hassle of upgrades and gives time to delivery businesses focus on new capabilities when available.


Software as a service delivery model also brings down the cost percentage due to lower infrastructure and maintenance.

Still on the hook regarding which software as a service delivery model to opt for. Quit worrying as we offer you different applications based on software as a service delivery model.

Use Cases For Software As A Service Delivery Model

Food Delivery

Out of all the industries, the food industry has experienced the utmost rise. Therefore, if you are an owner or a startup, software as a service delivery model will fit the best. It is time to be part of the vast segment of the industry with high-performance technology powered by AI and ML. There will be no use of good food if it does not reflect the personality of your brand.

Grocery Delivery

With such substantial profitable numbers, it is easy to guess that the competition has also been on the verge in the grocery industry. By taking care of the six feet rule, users are dependent on the grocery delivery app. At this time, strike the software as a service delivery model in the piping hot grocery delivery trend.

Flower Delivery

Like other verticals, even the floral industry has picked up the pace, and surprisingly even in the age of tech, many of us are in love with fresh flowers. The competition in this industry is a bit low; going in with the software as a service delivery model will make a win-win deal. Attract and deliver meadow flowers with cutting-edge technologies and bloom up to the height of success.

Medicine Delivery

Pharmacy owners couldn?t resist using their traditional brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products until they encountered the virulent coronavirus. It has completely transformed the need for software as a service delivery model into a necessity. One can go with this vertical and give unprecedented traction to the medicine industry.

Pizza Delivery

Delivering pizza has been the only industry that has not encountered any losses due to COVID -19 pandemic. It might be vertical with tough competition but offers more significant ROI, unlike other models. The software as a service delivery model fits best with the pizza delivery startup. It is not only cost-effective but allows you to analyze the progress of your pizza delivery business.

Fuel Delivery

This delivery may not be in the news yet, but we can say this will be one industry turning heads of gigantic platforms. There has been a surge in developing software as a service delivery model for fuel. By deploying a fuel delivery solution, you can measure and control many critical things making it more manageable. Apart from that, one can also manage the demand by controlling the inventory operations and getting access to richer insights by making major business decisions.

Software As A Service Delivery Model ? An Option To Opt Or Neglect!

We can assure you that software as a service delivery model is ready to offer promising growth potential. Due to which it makes it highly important for you to invest in building a delivery platform with software as a service delivery model. By opting for this model, one can seamlessly expand and enhance their business operations. Developing an application may indeed seem scary in this throat-cutting competition. Due to which the introduction of software as a service was there in the industry. Without investing an extra penny, make a shift from on-prem software to the software as a service delivery model keeping the competitive edge sharper.

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