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How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Same Day Delivery to Compete with Megacorps?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 12, 2022

Small businesses may find it difficult to compete with big-box retailers for a variety of reasons. Small businesses often feel like small fish in a sea of huge shops due to higher prices, lower budgets, and restricted resources, to name a few factors. When you look at e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, you?ll see that they prioritize faster delivery. They do so because they recognize that it has a significant impact on individuals who purchase online and contributes to a positive shopping experience. The benefits of introducing the same-day delivery arena aren?t limited to large retail firms. It is also beneficial to small enterprises.

People have wished for same-day courier delivery since the days of the first mail-order catalog. Today, parcels go around the world at a fast speed, despite the weather, holidays, and political climates. The impressive task of ensuring that your item reaches its intended recipient is not one to be taken lightly. However, with everyone using these channels, it can be tough to gain a competitive advantage as a company. That is one of the reasons why your organization needs the same-day delivery, business model.

For a good reason, same-day delivery is referred to as the ?holy grail? of online shopping. Amazon, for example, could knock brick-and-mortar retailers out of business if it could find out how to offer a large assortment and transport purchases anywhere in a few hours for a low price.

Not losing hope as per the studies, it is shown that consumers expect their things to arrive faster now than ever before, and the demand for same-day delivery services is increasing, as more customers choose same-day delivery choices for accelerated delivery. Small business owners may be intimidated by the prospect of delivering same-day order fulfillment and delivery because it appears to necessitate more capital and manpower. By partnering with a same-day delivery service, on the other hand, your staff may focus on other high-value duties within your company while you reap the benefits of increased future sales.

Same Day Business Model ? Trends & Statistics

  • More than half of shops (51%) offer same-day delivery, and 65 percent expect to do so within the next two years. According to 49% of buyers, same-day delivery encourages them to shop online.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 34, 56 percent of internet shoppers demand same-day delivery. Consumers are eager to pay more for same-day delivery, with 61% willing to pay more.
  • According to 49% of buyers, same-day delivery encourages them to shop online.
  • Customers interpret ??rapid delivery?? to mean ??same-day delivery?? in 96% of cases.
  • According to the survey, 80 percent of buyers desire same-day shipment, and 61 percent want their products delivered within 1-3 hours of making an order.
  • If the same-day shipment wasn?t available, more than a quarter of online customers would abandon their carts.

The above-mentioned figure states that the demand for same-day delivery applications is gonna keep increasing and is the best opportunity for small business owners to move ahead from the big fish in the market. Moving forward, let us have a look at the advantages small business owners can have after opting for a same-day delivery strategy.

Benefits Of Same Day Delivery Business Model

Competitive Benefit

Every consumer desires to acquire the items the same day they bought them; this is the only reason why physical retail is still and always will be the best option. Giving your users the boon of taking advantage of the same-day delivery service would help you to stay ahead of your rivals. The addition of same-day delivery in placing an order gives your audience an option they can use at the time of any emergency or experience the fastest delivery. This way, your business will have gained trust in the eyes of the users and a great reputation for your brand.

Lessen the Defective Goods

Many business owners struggle with thousands of complaints regarding the damaged goods the users received. We are aware this happens because delivery takes more than two days, and it goes through the whole process where the sorting and processing of the parcels happen at several levels. By the time it reaches the user, there is an increase in the chance of a particular product being damaged or may also get lost.

But by opting for the same day delivery strategy, the placed orders can seamlessly start their journey from the sender location and end up at the user?s doorstep without experiencing any sort of processing or sorting. This way, one can easily reduce the costs to replace the whole order just because of unnecessary tampering.

One can also go with the third party same day delivery business by avoiding handling the whole process on its own. Plus, it can ensure that the items that are dispatched will be received in good condition, and there would be liability coverage if anything at all wrong happens.

Loyal Customers

In order to expand your online business, all you need is a way to grow and retain more users so that they can keep on buying from your store every time they make sure to visit. As per the research, it is difficult to gain more new customers instead of maintaining the retention rate of the existing ones. It is important to give your users and customers an experience that would be memorable and make them visit your platform like a flame to the moth. Giving them an interactive same day delivery app will help them to get their parcel delivered faster, just as they expected. Standing on your customer?s expectations is one of the best things for your online business.

Boost In Revenue

When you are opting for the same day delivery model, it is necessary to come up with a smart strategy. If not used sensibly, one can experience a certain loss in the sales, and if the situation is vice versa, then you can also boost up the sales. The possibility of such a thing is to improve the conversion rate for hiking up the average basket value. People shop online because they want instant satisfaction. Adding free same-day delivery is an excellent way to boost conversions. They will not be charged any additional fees, and their order will be delivered today.

You can establish a threshold if you?re worried about absorbing the costs of free same-day delivery. Only orders worth more than RM200, for example, will be eligible for free same-day delivery. In that manner, you can boost sales without sacrificing too much margin by increasing the average basket value. This can also be considered as the case study of same day delivery as well.

Avoid Stressing On The Overheads

Although the cost of the same day business model is more than ordinary delivery, this should not deter you from giving your consumers a better experience.

The cost of deploying same-day delivery solutions is outweighed by the benefits. Here?s an example of a viewpoint: A 2% improvement in client retention has the same effect as a ten percent reduction in costs. And, as previously stated, acquiring new clients is 6-7 times more expensive. When you start adding same day delivery in your business, you will not only increase your revenue but will also save money in the long run.

Preserves Time

Same day delivery business model saves time for both the shopper and the business, and it is also handy. For example, the same-day option can ensure that a life-saving drug reaches its intended destination in time to save the patient?s life.

It can also assist in ensuring that a time-sensitive document reaches its intended recipient the same day. But that?s not all. When sending perishable items like flowers, the same day option can be beneficial.

While it may appear complex, and businesses must overcome obstacles, it motivates them to act wisely.

Small business owners, particularly owning stores and warehouses in or near urban centers, have a ?sweet spot? for same-day delivery using their current local infrastructure. Because of their proximity to the end client, they can supply delivery on the same day as the purchase, ideally with the option of a time range. The majority of businesses have already included an e-commerce component into their traditional brick-and-mortar sales strategy. When combined with the same-day delivery business model, it may be possible to reclaim some of the clients who have been lost to online shopping at the time of the pandemic.

In Conclusion

Lastly, due to the existing network and scale advantages, small business owners are the natural partner for same-day delivery on a large scale, which presents both an enormous opportunity and an operational problem. The underlying trends of increased e-commerce usage and urbanization will produce a significant push for B2C delivery to move from the present next-day standard to the same-day. Providers of logistics services must prepare for the imminent revolution by shifting their networks from overnight sorting and next-day delivery to same-day delivery. Furthermore, given the necessity for short pick and pack lead times, there is a chance to develop into fulfillment services.

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