Client Testimonial


Bojangles'​ Restaurants, Inc.

Hyperlocal Cloud has helped us to kickstart our online delivery business in a few weeks and their delivery admin panel has proven to be a great help in managing every section.

Client Testimonial

Robin Wolf


Starting an online delivery business demands liquid funds which are a bit hard for a startup business to generate. With the subscription model and one-month free trial, Hyperlocal Cloud made it quite easier to manage and generate funds at the same time.

Client Testimonial

Ralf Wiper

GIANT Food Stores

Hyperlocal Cloud has been one of the best SaaS-based solution providers. They made it easier and smoother to operate my online food delivery app and website altogether.

Client Testimonial

Mark Damingo

Walgreens Express.

I was in search to build my own app without stressing over the commission rates to the 3rd party. Luckily Hyperlocal Cloud helps to eliminate the transaction fee on every order. And that has been extremely great for me.

Client Testimonial



Hyperlocal not only provides you your own branded app but also aids to acquire your customer’s loyalty through marketing and email campaigns. Which is a mark of reliable fellowship.

Client Testimonial


Dairy Queen

We were in need of a restaurant management system as we hold the specialty for home deliveries. Hyperlocal Cloud helped us to monitor and track home deliveries that helped us make quick and effective strategic decisions.