Delivery App Vs. Aggregator App: A Comparative Study

Mike Wilson

May 19, 2021

Did you know?

In 2020, two in five restaurants began offering food delivery services because of the COVID-10 closures. 

At present, the world is going through a transformational phase wherein people are embracing different ways of buying and consuming food. And the above quote mentions the form of change that the world is experiencing. Through this blog post, we will provide insights on food delivery apps Vs. food aggregator apps. Allow us to furnish you with the most appropriate information. Let’s get started!

What Is An Aggregator App?

An aggregator serves as a middleman between customers and restaurants. In simple words, it procures orders from the customers and transmits them to the business like restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacy businesses etc. Let’s take an example of a restaurant, an aggregator app displays a restaurant to customers in their area browsing the app. However, they charge commissions for every single order that passes through their app. In return, they get the convenience and traffic of the aggregator. 

A aggregator platform offers perks of low investment, low operational costs, high ROI, customer base expansion, vendor commission management, and unified panel control. The platform allows restaurateurs to expand their business and make it grow across other cities. 

Benefits Of A Aggregator App

  • Low Investment

A delivery aggregator platform demands less investment from the customers as compared to delivery apps. business owners can reap maximum benefits by spending less and can attract more business to a platform that can maximize its revenues.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

When we talk about aggregator app Vs. delivery app, the significant difference that comes under scrutiny is the operational costs. In a food delivery aggregator platform, the operating costs are low because the food delivery businesses do not have to invest in getting a unique app developed to cater to their customers. 

  • Wider Scope Of Personalization

Customers can personalize their orders as per their taste & preference and can choose a restaurant with the lowest delivery time. Besides, customers can add instructions like carrying extra cutlery.

  • Highly Scalable

A delivery aggregator app is highly scalable because it allows restaurants and other eating outlets to expand their businesses to other cities and attract more customers. 

  • Unified Control Panel

Business management gets easy because a unified control panel manages everything right from when the customer places the order to the last-mile delivery. You do not have to set up different platforms for different activities. 

  • Vendor Commission Management

You can also manage vendor commission based on current market conditions and keep a check on the costing aspect.

qr code for restaurant menuWhat Is A Delivery App?

SaaS based delivery apps provide convenience for ordering and getting delivered system. Again if I talk about the restaurant owners develop their own food ordering apps and deliver orders to the customers at their doorstep. These businesses hire their own couriers to deliver food to the customers. 

The best example of full-service food delivery services is Domino’s, which bakes its own pizzas and takes care of the last-mile delivery, too.  

Benefits Of A Delivery App

  • Business Generation

By having a branded app for your business, you can make conditions favorable to generate more business. The customers will know you by your brand’s name and will spread word of mouth. Consequently, you will get more customers placing orders from your app and getting food delivered.

  • Easy & Smooth Customer Experience

Food delivery apps enable restaurants to render an easy and smooth customer experience by bringing the least waiting time for them. There is an enormous scope of customization, and customers can exercise control over their orders. 

  • Enhanced Visibility

With a food delivery app, you get enhanced visibility in the competitive marketplace. Moreover, customers begin preferring your brand over others, and it further exposes you to a more extensive customer base. 

  • Massive Customer Retention

Every restaurant owner aspires to retain loyal customers and generate repeat sales. Food delivery apps can allow restaurants to retain customers in multiple ways by developing a solid connection with the customers. 

Aggregator App Vs. Delivery App: Why Choose One Over The Other?

Having discussed the benefits of aggregator and delivery apps, it’s time to learn about the factors that can make you choose one over the other. We have dedicated this section to discussing the factors that can determine your decision. Read on!

Why Choose A Food Delivery App?

  • Brand Loyalty

What if your brand is not listed with a third-party delivery partner? There are chances that customers would not stick to your brand. However, having your own food delivery app will earn you more customers and make them stick with your brand.

  • Signature Menu

Listing your brand on a third-party delivery vendor platform can limit your menu options. On the other hand, having your own branded app will let you display a wide variety of dishes that you offer. Consequently, it will bring in more customers whom your restaurant’s menu would lure.

  • Controlled Pricing & Cost

The involvement of a third-party vendor comes at a cost, and the delivery cost is almost 30% of every order. Admittedly, it is not feasible for many restaurant owners. Taking cognizance of the fact, it is better to have your own food delivery app to exercise control over pricing and cost. 

  • Efficient Delivery

Restaurants can adopt best practices to serve their customers by rendering a better delivery experience to their customers. A food delivery app can help you prevent delays in delivery, delivery of stale food, and other constraints.

  • Effective Communication

Restaurants and other eating outlets having their own food delivery app are more efficient at communicating with their customers. It strives to satisfy every customer by delivering quality services.

Why Choose A Food Delivery Aggregator App?

  • An App Like UberEats

Are you planning to flourish your business like UberEats? If yes, then the best option is to go for a food delivery aggregator platform. It comes with integrated features that can make your food business walk on the right path. You can claim your success spot just like UberEats did and is continuing to do so. 

  • Greater Exposure

A food delivery aggregator app offers more significant exposure to restaurants as the platform is highly scalable, and you can serve across cities by leveraging its potential. In simpler words, you will not have to restrict yourself to a specified region. This factor gives more credit to food delivery aggregator apps in food delivery apps Vs. food aggregator apps situation.

  • Low Budget

A food delivery aggregator platform comes at a low investment as compared to a food delivery app. You can obtain all the features of a branded platform and attract a large customer base while reducing your business’ operational costs. 

  • High Returns

You can earn higher returns with a food delivery aggregator app because you get to expose your brand at a massive level. 

Future Of Food Delivery Business

As per a report, the CAGR of the global market for on-demand food delivery will reach 32% in 2021. 

Surprisingly, the study is proving to be right this year. Some trends that will impact the coming years and make the food delivery business soar higher and the most prominent trends ruling the year 2021 are:

  • Small Meal Delivery

In the recent past, it has been observed that people are ordering light snacks and small meals, too. The trend is expected to rise in the near future, and new delivery options will flourish in the market.

  • Multiple Orders From Different Outlets

The current scenario allows users to make multiple orders from different outlets in a single delivery. The scope of delivery options is expanding due to this rising trend.

  • Subscription Programs

Subscription programs benefit both customers and businesses. While it offers perks like free delivery and reduced price to the customers, the businesses witness an increased sales and profit. 

In a nutshell, the given trends will witness massive growth and will continue to impact the on-demand food delivery business. It all depends on the businesses to opt for what they require the most. And when we have shed light on aggregator app Vs. delivery app, you must have obtained clarity on which suits your current requirements. 


The food delivery apps Vs. food aggregator apps discussion can go a long way because the topic is vast, and comparison needs in-depth knowledge of what is an aggregator app and how a food delivery aggregator app stands apart from it. 

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